Chapter 123:

Arrival at Heaven’s Gate

Mad God

It was a warm morning when the Skyshark took off. It was already flying above the Kingdom’s territory, controlled by Aerthus, pushing its speed to the limit. Dermitos was standing beside him with crossed arms as they were communicating via voice transmissions. It was telling as sometimes their brows moved, reacting to what the other just said or maybe joked about. At the front of the ship the disciples, with Frenir at the head, were watching the changing scenery below them. Especially Sylvett, Kirch and Heldi, who were really stunned. They had never before flown this high or at all.

“Cool, eh?” Frenir grinned, “Too bad we can’t make more or we could have a fleet of ships like this!” He sighed as Toobu turned to him with a question.

“Why not? We should’ve enough materials to build an even bigger one!”

“It’s not just the materials.” Ariana answered unexpectedly. “It’s the technique for the ship’s core. Without it, we would just build a normal ship for sailing. Elder Isha had a course about it for the Outer Disciples once.”

“The core?” Sylvette asked as she tucked her hair behind her ears. “Is it a formation?”

“Probably something insane. I once saw a middle rank formation in the library. It was waaay too confusing.” Kirch moaned, shaking his head.

“People… really can make those? Like the rumored Elder Levictus?” Heldi asked with a weak voice, looking shyly at Frenir.

“Not just that! There is a formation, yes... Multiple even!” Frenir nodded, proudly explaining what he knew. He was loving the attention of the others. “They are also protected by secondary formations, disguising the originals! They are like a protective screen and if you try to crack it, peel it away, it’s going to explode and destroy the whole thing.” It immediately raised a ruckus while Ren stepped between them, slapping the back of Frenir’s head.

“Elder Sister… why?!” He groaned, as small sparks buzzed there, making his hair rise upwards, making him look weird.

“Don’t go and scare the disciples!” She scolded him playfully. “Don’t worry, nobody can screw up the core! Only Sect Head would have the strength to do it anyway. Also, beside the formations, there are special CC devices there that are only made, far, far away. If we want to replicate it, first we would need to destroy the Skyshark. We have less than a 5% chance to successfully clone it! So it just isn't worth it.”

“Plus having only one, makes it more prestigious!” Lulu grinned, leaning at the railing. “Think, nobody else has one, only us! It is a symbol of the Sect, a symbol of strength and wealth.”

“It’s good and all… but…” Eisen groaned, wobbling up to them. She looked deathly pale, constantly wiping her mouth, holding a half empty wine glass. “When are we going to arrive…? I feel sick… Not even wine can stop the spinning… uuuugh…”

“I really don’t get it…” Toobu looked at her. “You are someone at Harmony, you can fly. What’s the issue?”

“And you were fine on that boat when we first met.” Ren giggled provocatively.

“This is… different… fuck…” She grabbed onto the side of the ship but seeing the trees go past them under there, with an extreme speed, made her even more dizzy. Soon they left a long, unsavory trail in the sky while the rest of the disciples just turned around, sighing, shaking their heads. Only Ariana walked up to her, rubbing Eisen’s back.

“There, there, it’s going to be okay.” She whispered.

“W-w-w-will i-i-it?” Wyland asked, looking at everyone else. “W-w-we a-a-are g-g-going to… t-t-the S-s-storm C-c-coast.”

“Oh god…” Eisen groaned again while her legs just shook, hearing what he just said. Even with flying at this speed, it would at least take the rest of the day to arrive.

“Well… they are going to have a surprise.” Lulu chuckled. “Establishing their sect where our Junior Sect Head can have a great power boost…” Her words immediately lit up small light bulbs above most of the disciple’s head.

“Stop it! It would be best if we go, exchange pleasantries and go home. As much as I want to massacre some of them, a straight out war would be the worst outcome.” Ren chuckled, shaking her head.

“Also, what I heard so far, it’s not a Sect, like ours.” Leinor walked up to them. “By their structure and what Lulu’s grandfather relayed back to us, it is like an academy. They may call themselves the Sect of Heaven’s Gate but it is clear, Zelig never crossed the Western Desert unlike our Sect Head. He has no idea how ours work or what basis it is built on. They are imitating what they are seeing from the outside.”

“So they are like kids.... Pretending…” Eisen groaned, finally collecting herself a little. “Seeing how you work… you are more like a miniature country. A city-state, made out of cultivators.”

“There are similarities, true.” Aerthus’s voice traveled to them from the back. “But a Sect is a home to everyone who is part of it. It’s a family. A country, a state… it can’t stand up for the individual and never will. It takes its own being into consideration when making a decision. An individual’s problem doesn't matter to the state.”

“Why? Would you step out?” Eisen asked, with a somewhat sarcastic voice, showing no fear towards Aerthus. The Sect Head’s voice silenced the disciples and they immediately cupped their fists, turning towards him. Yet Eisen felt no barriers, voicing her own opinion.

“Yes.” Aerthus nodded, coming up to them. “If one of us faces trouble, the Sect is going to back him or her up. We defend our own and if any of my disciples got ambushed outside, the group who did it can expect retaliation.” He answered calmly, putting his hand on Ren’s shoulder. “I am more than happy if my disciples can defend themselves and you don’t hide behind your elders and teachers when trouble comes knocking on the door. But!” He looked around them with a friendly smile. “When the trouble is something you can’t take on by yourself, don’t be afraid to come to us, your peers. We are going to step out for you. Always.”

“Thank you, Sect Head!” They answered, bowing towards him.

“Don’t. This is how it should be.” He shook his head with a smile. “Of course if you commit evil we are going to be the one to deal punishment! I want you all to grow up and be strong cultivators! Pillars of this realm but still retaining your humanity. In any circumstances. If you turn to evil, the Sect is going to take back what it has given to you. With interest. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Everyone replied at once.

Aerthus just nodded with a satisfied smile before leaving them. They were mesmerized as this was their first time ever to interact with him.

“You are pretty brave…” Kirch whispered to Eisen.

“Mmm? Why? He is just a man like any other, only stronger! Should I be afraid because of what?” She rolled her eyes. “He can fuck off too if he doesn’t like what I say!”

Her words immediately resulted in some of them choking on their own saliva, while Ren just softly laughed. She wanted to say something but the ship started to slow down. Looking at Aerthus he just signaled to stay put and calm. When the ship finally stopped, not far away from them stood a young, slim girl, twirling the cotton-like cloud below her feet with a smile. She was wearing a tight fitting, white, short top, leaving her stomach free. On the bottom she wore similarly tight, white leggings. Her blonde, braided hair was hanging behind her with small, little bells attached to its end, like the ones on a cat’s collar.

“I mean no harm~” She giggled, while scanning everyone with her deep, blue eyes. “Can I come on board?”

“Sure.” Aerthus answered and the girl just pressed down on the little ball of fluff she was standing on, dispersing it, before reappearing behind the disciples. She was already standing between Aerthus and Ren.

“Nice ship! Really nice! Is it strong?” She looked around curiously, gently shaking her butt with excitement.

“Do you want to see?” Dermitos smiled, leaning forward as he stood beside Aerthus.

“Oh, no, no! Just asking!” She giggled, sticking out her pink tongue.

“Can I ask for your name?” Ren walked before her, raising an eyebrow at the sudden visitor.

“Oh, sure!” She nodded but what followed was only silence.

“So?” Ren asked again.

“What, what?” She tilted her head from one side to the other as the rest of the disciples just groaned.

“The name.” Ren smiled, twitching her lips a little.

“Oh! Yeah!” She slapped her own forehead. “I have none!”

“What?! Are you fucking with us, bitch?!” Eisen snorted, taking a big gulp from her wine bottle, almost smashing it at the railing. She was groaning with an angry voice, echoing some of the others’ thoughts.

“Huh? No?” The blondie turned towards her with an innocent expression, blinking her eyes rapidly. “I really wasn’t named at all! My Master usually calls me differently every time!”

“Is she a demon?” Leinor asked Ren with a voice transmission, looking at Ren who just nodded a little, already picking up on the differences in her aura, compared to that of a human. She was masking it really well at the start.

“So what can we call you?” Aerthus finally asked, still looking calm and collected, smiling at her.

“Mmmm… Kitten!” She clapped happily as if a revelation came to her “I like it when Master calls me that! His little kitten, he says~”

“And what can we help you with, Kitten?” Aerthus asked again.

“I’m here to give you a letter! From Master!” She presented one from nowhere and when Aerthus took it, reading it through, he passed it down to Dermitos. His brows immediately shook, recognizing the handwriting, without reading it. After going through it, slowly and methodically, he just sighed.

“And why should we trust you?” Dermitos asked, folding the letter, giving it to Ren who also took a quick glance at it.

“You don’t need to! Master said to me to comply with whatever you ask me to do! The rest don’t know about me! I was raised in secret and I have a ton of different names and alter egos in the outside world!” Kitten laughed, shaking her body, which quickly transformed. Her hair turned dark brown, her skin was now bronze in color and her eyes turned green. “See? This way nobody can recognize me!” She giggled as only her voice remained the same, stunning the rest of the disciples.

“The message you brought is… interesting. We are going to see how it goes.” Aerthus nodded. As he made his decision neither Dermitos, Ren or Leinor protested against it. “But we are going to see how you perform and you are to follow closely behind Elder Dermitos.”

“Sure!” She laughed happily, skipping next to him, sniffing at his body, walking circles around him. “Huh! You smell like Master… How weird!”

“Please stop.” Dermitos sighed, shaking his head, while Ren walked next to Eisen.

“Keep an eye on her.” She transmitted to her, while the tattooed woman just nodded.

“Don’t worry Boss. I’ll choke her out before she can do anything.”

“Don’t go overboard. She is strong. If she does something, just stall her. We will take care of the rest.” Ren said, looking at the carefree demon beside Dermitos.

After gaining another member to their group, the Skyshark was picking up speed once again. By the time the sun started to set on the horizon, they neared the Storm Coast. They were watching the dark, almost blackish ocean with awe. Above it thunder was constantly rumbling. The water was throwing giant waves, sometimes at tens of meters high, against each other. Looking at it was seeing something right out of a horror story. The storm clouds were constantly flashing with bluish and yellowish lightning, mixing and intersecting like the Gods were having a never ending war up there. Sometimes water columns rose up to the skies as black tornados, sweeping across the horizon, taller than any buildings known to man.

The shore they were heading towards was heavily fragmented. It was like the continent’s own steps into its backyard, wild wave pool. It was broken up multiple times in the past by the crashing waves. Right now, giant wave breakers and walls have been built onto the shoreline and into the ocean itself, creating an artificial bay and harbor. Previously, the city itself was under the rule of the Enjin Kingdom. Yet since the announcement of Heaven’s Gate’s, it was completely reformed and renamed to simply; Heaven’s Gate. On paper, it still belonged to them, to the Enjins, but in reality the Naulin’s took over the region. The City Lord was pressured to accept white haired advisors and now it was completely ruled over by them, going by proxy.

“Looking at the sea…” Yanda sighed, “It is frightening. Living next to something that is as violent and dangerous as this…” He shook his head while the Skyshark slowly descended, heading towards the city.

“Nature’s power is incredible.” Ren stepped next to him with a smile, “You are soon going to be ready to take the step to the next level. Then you are going to be closer to it and can feel it much clearer. You are going to be able to harness it even better than now. I am looking forward to it because it is going to mean your body finally caught up to your energy and talent! I can’t wait to spar with you then!” She patted his back with a happy laugh.

“You are expecting a lot from me Master! Please… don’t put that kind of weight on my shoulders!” Yanda joked with her, tearing his eyes away from the ocean, diverting it towards the city below them as it got closer and closer.

“I do expect a lot. So you better strengthen your back!” Ren laughed, while her grin grew extra wide as her eyes looked down. She was watching the group that was waiting there, welcoming them. The famed Zelig, her maternal progenitor and rival of Aerthus, standing at the helm of this… Sect. “Because I expect all of my disciples to shine. Especially at times like these~”