Chapter 3:

Chapter 3


Continuing my journey towards that fortress, I valiantly battled against ferocious beasts and malevolent demons, wielding my trusty sword. The more I engaged in combat, the greater my sense of fulfillment grew.

Despite not being a knight or an adventurer, I enjoyed traversing unknown lands and embarking on daring quests, acquiring valuable treasures and wealth through triumphing over my adversaries. Furthermore, I honed my skills to a level far surpassing my initial expectations, getting stronger.

However, while traveling alone, I couldn't help but miss my dear mother talking to her daily. Gazing up at the sky, I pondered how my parents were faring in that ethereal realm.

I wished I met my father before he died, to witness his visage and hear his voice. My mother told me stories about him, leaving me with a wistful sigh and a furrowed brow as I imagined their joyous reunion after enduring a long separation.

Nevertheless, as I redirected my focus towards my ongoing expedition, the solitude weighed on me as I yearned for companionship. Yet, I had grown accustomed to my own company, adapting to the solitary nature of my endeavors. That is, until a piercing cry of distress from a woman shattered the silence, jolting me from my thoughts. "Huh?!"

Turning towards the origin of the sound, I scanned my surroundings. Although I failed to locate the source, the harmonious melodies of chirping birds replaced the woman's cry, accompanied by the gentle flapping of wings above me.

The emerald-green, moss-covered water reached up to my knees, while the towering trees observed my presence with an unwavering gaze. Sunlight filtered through the branches, casting golden beams upon the landscape, as wispy clouds drifted across the azure sky. The scent of damp moss filled the air, mingling with the warmth of the sun, causing beads of perspiration to form upon my skin.

I glanced up at the sky and witnessed a multitude of black birds soaring past me from the opposite direction. A sense of impending danger washed over me, compelling me to swiftly come to the aid of a woman who was clearly in peril. Her piercing scream reverberated in my ears, intensifying my determination to rescue her. I redirected my attention towards the origin of the sound and observed it intently for a brief moment.

Realizing the urgency of the situation, I knew I had to act promptly to save her. With a resolute mindset, I forged ahead, diligently searching for the source of the distressing cries. Despite the continuous echoes of her screams, my efforts proved futile as I failed to locate her. In the midst of my search, I even caught faint echoes of mystical sounds emanating from a distance, suggesting the presence of another individual employing magic. It dawned upon me that there was another person, a magician, involved in this predicament. I couldn't help but wonder about their whereabouts and the extent of their proximity.

As I continued my relentless pursuit, a growing sense of desperation consumed me. It was not until a sudden flash of light green illuminated my surroundings, accompanied by a series of screams, that I finally stumbled upon a scene demanding my attention. Enclosed by a cluster of trees stood a colossal, spherical plant monster, adorned with numerous vines that functioned as its tentacles. One of these vines had ensnared a young woman, suspending her upside down, while the creature bellowed menacingly at its other target.

The woman possessed blonde locks that cascaded like sunbeams. Clutching onto her mini skirt, her face flushed with closed eyes, tightly securing her bow's sheath onto her back, evidently attempting to prevent any exposure of her panties. In a distant corner, a dark green glass orb propelled a second woman with a brown, furry tail and pointed ears against a rounded tree. Water surged and receded, carrying away arrows, a bow and a witch's hat.

When the monstrous entity unleashed its roar towards yet another young woman, I swiftly redirected my focus towards her and sprinted towards her location. Upon reaching her side, I halted my advance and firmly embedded my sword into the ground.

When I approached her, my hands reached out to touch her arms, but I took a closer look at her with my shadow casting over her. She was dressed in a similar style as the other woman, but her dress was a deep purple and had a low cut. Her body was covered in moss, and she held a magical staff with a crystal ball emitting a blue light. Her crystal necklace caught my attention, smelling the scent of rosemary perfume in the air as I stood there silently for a moment.

"Excuse me, are you okay?" I asked, gently shaking her.

The young woman with a furry tail groaned and slowly opened her eyes, meeting my gaze. "Yes, I'm fine," she replied. Her purple eyes shot my hazel ones as she offered a smile.

Suddenly, a monstrous roar vibrated the area, and I turned to see the creature glaring at me with its red eyes. Determined to defeat the monster at once, I glared back and clenched my teeth. "Ah!"

The monster extended its vines, wrapping them around the other woman's body and groping her chest, causing her face to blush even more. Pleading for help, she looked at both me and the young woman. "Hey! Don't just stand there! Help me!" She closed her eyes tightly as the vines continued to grope her.

Frowning, my angry eyes witnessed her being violated. I forced myself to keep my focus on the monster, trying to ignore the distressing scene. We needed to end this quickly.

"Right, it's time to defeat that monster," the young woman declared, rising from the damp ground. "My partner’s in trouble, after all."

I glanced down at the young woman with the furry tail, noticing that the lower half of her dress, her tail, and her legs were completely soaked. Looking back up at her, I saw her raising her glowing staff towards the monster, standing tall and determined. I placed my hand on the handle of my sword. "Got it.”

I redirected my attention towards the monstrous creature and retrieved my sword from the ground, positioning it menacingly towards my adversary. Observing the two women, it was evident that they were local adventurers. Once I finished vanquishing the creature, I planned to make a swift exit.

As the creature lunged towards us with its vines, the woman beside me proposed a strategy, saying, "Alright, here's the plan. You attack the monster, and I'll provide cover with my spells, understood?" I turned to her and nodded in agreement. "Good, now be prepared!"

As the vines drew nearer, the woman began chanting her fireball spells, causing the fireballs to engulf and incinerate the vines, eliciting agonized screams from the monster. This gave me a chance to attack.

While the young woman continued her incantations against the vines, I noticed that they regrow each time I severed them. Nevertheless, I pressed on and determined to get closer to the creature despite the difficulties.

Finally reaching the monster, one of its vines struck me, sending me crashing into the moss-covered ground. Rising, I faced the creature with a fierce glare, blood trickling from its wound down my face.

"Hey, are you alright, sir?" inquired the woman with a furry tail as she approached me.

I faced her and slowly rose from the ground. "Yes, I'm fine." I then redirected my gaze towards the monster, a resolute expression on my face, pointing my glowing sword at it. "Now it's time for plan B. Let's make it worthwhile." With a swift swing of my blade, a wave of green leaves surged towards the monster's chest. "Aaaaahhhh!!!"

Upon impact, the magic struck the creature's chest, causing it to emit a piercing scream of agony and release the other woman into the shallow depths. The monster sank into the waters, vanishing in an instant.

"Ah, Liri!" cried the young woman as she hurried towards her partner.

I pivoted and was about to ditch those women, until the sorceress' voice echoed from behind, "Hey, wait!"

I halted my movement and turned back. "Yes, what can I do for you?"

The two youthful ladies beamed at me. "That was extraordinary, sir," the young woman with a furry tail exclaimed.

"Yes, you rescued us. Thank you," Liri expressed, introducing herself to me.

"Oh, where are my manners? I'm Rhiza. What’s your name?" The woman with a furry tail inquired.

"I'm Derek," I reluctantly replied.

"Evening's coming. Would you care to spend a night with us?" Rhiza questioned.

Glancing at the sky, witnessing the sun descended, weariness taking its toll, my stomach rumbled slightly. "Y-Yes."

Without delay, I assisted Liri and Rhiza in gathering their belongings and scouting for a suitable spot. Eventually, we established our camp and rested there for a while. I couldn't wait for the opportunity to leave those two behind once it presented itself.