Chapter 5:

Chapter 5


During the commencement of our battle against the malevolent lord, each and every one of us collaborated in an effort to combat him. However, he skillfully evaded all of our attacks and retaliated with great force, demonstrating his immense power. Despite our diminishing energy and exhaustion, we persisted in our assault without faltering.

Our determination to vanquish this adversary grew stronger, prompting us to regroup and devise a strategy to overcome him. His agility surpassed our ability to formulate a plan of our own. We continued to engage in combat, but eventually reached a point where we doubted our ability to defeat him, no matter how arduously we fought. I feared we would all meet our demise.

As he unleashed a barrage of shadow balls towards us, we swiftly evaded his attacks. He scanned his surroundings, contemplating which one of us to target first.

When Rhiza directed a frigid gust of wind from her staff towards our enemy, he not only evaded it but also swiftly advanced towards Rhiza, preparing to unleash dark lasers upon her. Rhiza shielded herself from his assault with her staff, while Liri launched a series of arrows towards him. However, he effortlessly evaded each and every one of Liri's attacks.

Unfortunately, our nemesis exerted such force against Rhiza that she was propelled backwards, colliding forcefully with the wall. In unison, Liri and I cried out Rhiza's name, observing her descent towards the ground, her bosom slightly jiggling.

With unwavering determination, we glared at our formidable foe as he brandished his claws and charged towards Liri. Liri swiftly retrieved another set of arrows and unleashed them upon the malevolent lord, while I hastened towards her, intent on defending her.

However, as I neared her side, the malevolent lord had already struck Liri, causing her to stumble backwards and her breasts to jiggle slightly. I witnessed her blood seeping from her abdomen, staining her clothes and spreading across the floor. In a panic, I called out Liri's name and prepared to rush to her aid, but the evil lord let out a sinister chuckle and charged towards me instead.

I swiftly turned towards him, brandishing my sword and glaring at him with clenched teeth. The evil lord's eyes widened, and he responded with a wicked smile. As he approached me, I attempted to swing my sword at him, but he skillfully blocked my attack and engaged in a clash with me. Intrigued, he examined the sword, trying to discern its nature, until it suddenly emitted a green glow.

"No, it can't be... that sword!" the evil lord exclaimed in shock. I alternated my gaze between my sword and the evil one.

"You recognize this sword?" I questioned, maintaining my intense glare.

"Why, yes... of course I do!" the evil lord replied, shoving me against the wall. I crash into the wall and slide down the floor, pain twinging. Hindered by the pain, all I could do was look up at the approaching evil one.

"Where did you obtain it?" the evil lord inquired.

"Somewhere within a cave, why do you ask?" I responded, slightly out of breath.

"Which cave?"

"I cannot recall." After observing him for a moment, a memory from one of the legends my mother had shared with me suddenly dawned on me, causing my eyes to widen in realization. "No way! Are you the infamous evil one from the legend of this sword?" I raised my glowing sword into the air.

"Ah, so you are familiar with the legend, my young friend?"

"I suppose so. But how you managed to return to life remains a mystery to me."

"Yes... it has been quite a long time, hasn't it? I was equally surprised that the legendary hero did not resurrect. How peculiar, don't you think?”

“Yeah, it has happened...and I will not allow you to escape the consequences.” I made another attempt to rise, but my body remained immobile. "Never...argh!"

The malevolent lord extended his hand and let out a sinister chuckle, his grin filled with malice. "Time to surrender, my boy. Your efforts to defeat me are futile."

As the malevolent lord continued his wicked laughter, a dark sphere began to form in his hand. I sat there, fixated on it, preparing myself for the inevitable end.

Mother, I did my best to avenge you, but it seems that soon I will be joining you in the heavens.

"Oh, you won't!" Liri's voice echoed from behind the malevolent figure.

"Huh?!" The malevolent lord was about to turn around when something struck his back, causing the sphere to dissipate into black dust. He leaned forward slightly, exclaiming, "Ah!"

Upon removing the object from his back, the malevolent lord examined it closely and saw blood dripping from the tip of an arrow. He swiftly turned around and found Liri, arrow in hand, glaring at him. Rhiza twirled her staff, which emitted a yellow glow and crackling electricity.

The malevolent lord shifted his attention to Liri and dropped the arrow to the ground. "You will pay for that..." He charged towards Liri, but Rhiza unleashed her thunder spell, causing the two spells to collide. Liri and Rhiza leaped away from each other, narrowly avoiding the malevolent lord's attack.

As I watched the confrontation between my comrades and the malevolent lord, I struggled with all my might to rise from the floor. However, the pain was overwhelming, making it impossible for me to stand. Damn it, how can I avenge my mother's death if I can't even stand up?

Suddenly, my sword began to emit a green glow. "Huh?" I turned towards it, and the glow spread throughout my entire body. Then, the memory of my mother's words filled me with determination to never give up. Once the pain subsided, I finally managed to rise to my feet at long last…

As I raised my sword towards the malevolent lord, a smirk formed on my face while a vibrant green glow emanated from my skin. Memories of the legendary hero's triumph over the evil lord flooded my mind. Very well then, it is time for the grand performance to begin!

With a resounding cry that echoed through the air, both my comrades and the evil lord turned their attention towards me. Relief washed over my party members, evident by the smiles on their faces, while the evil lord's eyes widened in disbelief.

"No! This cannot be!" The evil lord exclaimed, his voice filled with despair, just before Liri unleashed another arrow upon him. "Aaaahhh!" He swiftly redirected his gaze towards Liri, his eyes filled with fury. "You will pay for that!"

As the evil lord charged towards Liri, she reached for another arrow, only to realize that she had run out, causing fear to grip her. Rhiza's blizzard spell slowed the evil lord's advance towards Liri, prompting her to urgently call out to me, "Derek, hurry! I cannot maintain my spell for much longer!"

Pressing forward with my sword still aimed at the evil lord, he turned towards me in fear, attempting to resist Rhiza's spell. "No, no..." His efforts to escape proved futile, allowing me to reach him. Leaping into the air, I brought my sword down upon him. "This is it!"

"Nooooo!!!!" The evil lord cried as my sword struck his chest, causing him to vanish beneath the radiant green glow, his voice fading away. The demons and darkness that plagued the fortress also dissipated under the power of the sword, leaving only ruins in their wake.

Breathing heavily, I withdrew my sword and surveyed my surroundings. A grin of pure joy spread across my face as the realization sunk in that I had finally avenged my mother's death.

Liri gasped and exclaimed, "We did it! We have finally defeated him!"

"I know, right?!" Rhiza exclaimed, as she and Liri rushed towards each other, embracing tightly and jumping up in celebration.

I then gazed up at the sky, a smile of contentment on my face, and whispered, "I did it, mother. I have finally brought justice for your death. May you now rest in peace.”

Upon seeing Liri and Rhiza approach me with joyful expressions, I turned towards them and mirrored their grins. Rising from the ground, I unsheathed my sword and met their gaze.

"Thanks for your assistance, Derek. We would not have been able to vanquish that monstrous creature without you!" Liri exclaimed.

"Oh, it was no trouble at all," I replied. "Let us journey to Celasvastia and claim our well-deserved reward. I yearn for a tranquil life alongside my loved ones."

Liri and Rhiza blushed, and Rhiza chimed in, "Absolutely, count us in."

With my comrades by my side, we departed from the ruins and set off for Calesvastia, anticipating a grand reward. I couldn't help but imagine a world now free from the clutches of any demons, and I couldn't help but wish my mother were here to witness this triumph. She would have undoubtedly been proud of me.