Chapter 1:

Outside a common human but inside

The servant boy

So what are humans actually?

What is humanity? 

If you think about it all of us, any kind of supernatural creatures we used to be human. 

Some of them were pure from their birth. I live in an era which magic is forbidden. 

In appeareance I look normal. In reality, I am a sorcerer. My father was a sorcerer. My mother isn't. 

So this makes me half human. I suppose. My mother told me not to feel ashamed for what I am. She said I should be proud. 

Magic is a gift. And that's true. 

When I was a kid  I started realizing that if you are different from the others they don't accept you. 

I think that what makes you a human is the pain. But the only think that makes humans the same is death. 

So I am working as a servant for the spoiled Prince. If they find out I am a sorcerer then I am doomed. 

Either I will lose my head or I am going to be burned alive. 

So my destiny... I am going to become one of the greatest sorcerers. And the spoiled Prince will become a king. 

And together we will handle the future of a New country. That's what the old dragon told me. 

About the prince... He isn't quite bad. I wish we could become friends. 

I dream that one Day magic won't be forbidden any more. 

That's what all half humans and sorcerers dream of. 

Well I need to finish my chores before his highness comes. 


The servant boy