Chapter 1:

001 – April's Fools

Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World

April 1, 2018, a Sunday morning.Bookmark here

‘Tis the day I fly away.Bookmark here

‘Tis the day I spread my wings.Bookmark here

‘Tis the day I find my way…Bookmark here

Today I-Bookmark here

“Gin!!! Can you please stop making poems and pack your remaining things?!”Bookmark here

“Ahahaha… I’m very sorry Rin-ojou-san.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

We’re going to Japan. Yeah.Bookmark here

Hiro and Sean told us that it will be a vacation, but I know that I’ll just be working just like usual… but in a very different environment. The only thing I know is that we’re going to the North and that’s it. I don’t even know what part of Japan we’re going to.Bookmark here

Anyways, this all happened for the reason that the restaurant is undergoing renovations and Hiro and Sean, as my bosses, have decided to open a new branch somewhere in Japan.Bookmark here

The greatest conflict that I personally have in mind is the certain demographic in whatever place we are settling in. I may have studied the North’s culture by books and articles, but that is nothing when it already comes to the palates of those we will serve our food.Bookmark here

“Goodness, I finally packed everything.”Bookmark here

But amidst of the things that are bugging me, I am just too excited.Bookmark here

“Gin~ Can I borrow your bathroom? My hair’s so dry and I still have bed hair. Ah, I might as well take a shower if that’s okay,” Rin suddenly came to the door of my room as she’s scratching her head with a somewhat annoyed face.Bookmark here

“You can use the bathroom next door. The guest’s bathroom below is just for those that needs to release. I haven’t really spruced that up and I had the pipeline on the shower closed there.Bookmark here

You have a change of clothes?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I have. Sorry for this.”Bookmark here

“We still have time anyways. There’s no need to rush. I’ll help you dry your hair.Bookmark here

…!”Bookmark here

“Oh, Sis…”Bookmark here

Our departure time will be around one in the afternoon and that schedule is definitely bad news. Right now, Orio is once again enveloped in despair.Bookmark here

Well, not despair, but summer.Bookmark here

However, the flight duration will only be around two hours or so from the Capital to Tokyo. That just shows how close we are from the North, but we were experiencing a tropical climate until last year which the snow finally fell for the first time in the history of this country.Bookmark here

And it just got to me. It is April and the season is around spring in Japan. I guess I wouldn’t really be bothered by the cold anyway. Wait, that last sentence was somehow familiar for some reason.Bookmark here

I stood up and went out as I suddenly remembered something after hearing some ambient sounds from the outside of my room.Bookmark here

“Hey, Rin. Do you need a shampoo? You might not like what I have there.”Bookmark here

“It’s okay. Sis uses these sometimes in our house.”Bookmark here

“If you say so.Bookmark here

Is your luggage below in the living room? I’m about to place mine down.”Bookmark here

“Ah, it’s probably blocking some space.”Bookmark here

“Aight. I’ll move it somewhere.”Bookmark here

With that, I came back to my room and carried the container of my belongings down to the bottom floor as I sweat crystals that probably evaporate as soon as they drop to the floor.Bookmark here

As every box is pretty much ticked, I checked every room, appliances and miscellaneous things inside my house for one final inspection. It has been coming back and forth in my mind that I will be spending more or less a month away from my abode.Bookmark here

“Not being able to see this place makes me somehow emotional.”Bookmark here

“Gin. Where are you? I’m done in the bath.”Bookmark here

“Ey. Just stay put and I’ll dry you hair.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

And just like that time from our graduation, we are once again in front of a mirror.Bookmark here

“It’s kind of weird to see someone dry my hair since I usually dry mine.”Bookmark here

“Really? Then I’m quite proud to do this for you.”Bookmark here

“I’ll be bringing the hairpin you gave me, Gin. It’s so hot that I’m kind of uneasy with my hair.”Bookmark here

“Hmm…”Bookmark here

She said that, but I don’t see it anywhere. I saw her put it on her bag as we were packing. So instead, I took a red hair tie coincidentally and carefully tied the back of her hair without ruining it in front.Bookmark here

“G-Gin…?”Bookmark here

“I heard you used to tie your hair once or twice.Bookmark here

And I am telling you… your big sister is one weird woman.”Bookmark here

“Eh…?”Bookmark here

“How was it? Did I tie it properly?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yes… Thanks…”Bookmark here

I stepped back as she stood up from the chair I made her seat when I tied her hair. I slowly walked onto my desk and rummaged through the containers I had and found my headband lying in one of those.Bookmark here

I stretched it up to my forehead, but then put it down and shoved it on my back pocket.Bookmark here

“To be honest, there’s a reason why I am growing out my hair. Part of it was to make me remember of the time I was inside the Room, and to grant one’s request.Bookmark here

Aah… You know, it’s summer. But I’ll have to endure.”Bookmark here

“Uhh… Why are telling me that now, Gin? Anyways, do you even have a plan on cutting it? It’ll look so weird if your hair is even longer than mine.”Bookmark here

“I’ll probably have this cut after this trip. I’ll look dumb with a long hair in June.”Bookmark here

“You know, before even thinking about the future, you should probably take a shower. You're starting to smell burnt (lol).”Bookmark here

I looked down, left and right. I pulled the collar of my damp shirt and realized that the smell of the summer raided me.Bookmark here

“Woah, I really smell burnt. The sun’s too great.Bookmark here

Oh well. I have nothing much to do anyways. Can you keep guard of the house, Rin?”Bookmark here

“Mmm. Sure. Just reminding you that Hiroomi will fetch us at 11.”Bookmark here

“I don’t feel like going Super Saiyan. This won’t be long.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

After a clock’s full rotation, it is almost time for us to leave.Bookmark here

My unlocked door opened and the voice of someone calling me from the outside echoed to the unusually empty living room of mine.Bookmark here

“Gin. We’re just checking up on you. Is everything ready?”Bookmark here

“Mom, Dad. Here to pick up Haku? He’s asleep as you can see.”Bookmark here

“Before we even forget… Hand your keys to me, Gin.”Bookmark here

“Oh, yeah. Here," I placed the greatest treasure of my house to the hands of my mother. "Ah, Mom. Should I turn my power off?”Bookmark here

“No, don’t. It’s way too hot so it will be a trouble if your house isn’t kept in check. Though I think I’ll have to turn your AC if it’s time to do some cleaning here.”Bookmark here

“Well, that’s okay. As long as my bills won’t go up.”Bookmark here

“Alright, if everything’s ready, we should all go out now. Better bring out an umbrella for you two, Gin. Sun’s really exposed.”Bookmark here

“Can you get the black umbrella at the back of the door, Rin? I’ll go carry your things.”Bookmark here

“Thanks. I’ll give you shade.”Bookmark here

The heat truly is like walking inside an oven. It’s just a plain wave of heat continuously grilling our skin. You can literally cook an egg under this heat of the sun.Bookmark here

I’m sure of it since I have done that in our yard.Bookmark here

“Woah… This is deadly…”Bookmark here

I dropped off the luggage I was carrying and took a hair tie from my left pocket. I have expected that to happen so I might as well keep my hair at one place.Bookmark here

Actually, I’ll just tie what’s on the back. I don’t want to turn my forehead to a skillet.Bookmark here

“R-Ringo?! Gin?!”Bookmark here

And there, the big sister goes. As expected, her antennas will definitely detect some “abnormalities” in her surroundings.Bookmark here

“Ah, Sis. Are you seeing us o-Bookmark here

Wha?!”Bookmark here

Without even taking a breath, Yuna strongly landed her two hands in both of our shoulder. Dramatic as it may be, Rin still took the jump anyways.Bookmark here

“Do you…Bookmark here

Do you know how happy I am seeing you two right now?!” she said with tears flowing from her eyes and snot coming from her nose.Bookmark here

I’ll tell you, this comedic short is stupid and kinda disgusting.Bookmark here

“Huh?! Sis! What’s happening with you?!”Bookmark here

“Ahahaha… Look at you two sisters. Sis, you’re aware that you’re crying over a cluster of hair, aren’t you?”Bookmark here

“I-I’m crying…?”Bookmark here

“Oh, for crying out loud! This is why I found you so weird, Sis!Bookmark here

Anyways! We granted your wish. Everything’s good now, right?”Bookmark here

“I now accept you as my brother-in-law.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, right. Do what you want. Thanks… Hahh…”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“I just said something stupid, didn’t I?”Bookmark here

And the world stopped its rotation.Bookmark here

“Anyways, what was that overacting coming from my sister?”Bookmark here

“Remember when we separated? She barged in to my house and mumbled about how we will look like with our hair tied together. She looks like she’s about to drool so I promised her.”Bookmark here

“Is that so…Bookmark here

I already found my sister weird, but I didn’t know she could be weirder than what I had in mind.”Bookmark here

“Hey, you two! Hiroomi’s here to pick you up!” Dad called.Bookmark here

“Yeah! Thank goodness you’re a tad early, Hiro!”Bookmark here

“Make it fast, Gin! Say your goodbyes before I say goodbye to this world because of the heat!”Bookmark here

It seems that I will inherit the restaurant a little too early.Bookmark here

“Yeah, yeah.”Bookmark here

Our things have been placed in the boot and I was poked by Sis from behind.Bookmark here

“How about a goodbye hug?”Bookmark here

“Really… Little sister here will get jealous, but I might as well gave you all one.”Bookmark here

“Take care of my sister.”Bookmark here

“Yeah.”Bookmark here

“Be safe, son.”Bookmark here

“Not a flag.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“All is good, Gin?”Bookmark here

“Yeah…” I answered as I close the door of the vehicle. “We’ll see you all in a month’s time.”Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Finally, after an hour of traffic in the road to the Capital, we arrived at the airport.Bookmark here

“Rin, is that them?”Bookmark here

“I think…Bookmark here

Oh, someone’s waving. It’s Shiro!”Bookmark here

In a distance is seen Shiro waving at us and Nagi is just standing there looking at us with a distressed face.Bookmark here

Nagi hates summer, after all.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Sup, Nagi and Shiro. Are you with Sean and the crew?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, Gin. They’re just here somewhere.”Bookmark here

“Oh, they are there, Gin,” Rin pointed at a group of people.Bookmark here

“Nice spotting.Bookmark here

Also, let’s not forget about the guy sitting leisurely in the chair beside us. So you really came, Jean.”Bookmark here

“Of course, I will. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for training and more so for learning other nation’s cuisine. I can’t afford to miss this, sensei.”Bookmark here

“Now we’re talking.”Bookmark here

“Hey, three people I really do envy, we just came to see you off. You better follow your crew now that you’re about to board.”Bookmark here

Nagi's distress over the heat didn't help in the fact that those two will be left alone while we were in Japan. Akira, show up at least.Bookmark here

“Ah, yeah. Thanks for seeing us off, you two. And sorry for the small amount of screen time.”Bookmark here

“Don’t mind it.”Bookmark here

“Bring us souvenirs, Ringo.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

The airplane we are in is one from an airline in the North and the feel of the inside is surely unique. It was our first time riding an airplane and it is natural for me to be nervous once we lift off.Bookmark here

“Do you want something to drink, dear passengers?” a Japanese attendant came to our seats.Bookmark here

“I’ll have a cup of coffee, please.” Bookmark here

“Then I will have green tea.”Bookmark here

“Just water, please.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Ugh. The Japanese attendant can speak our language. I’m itching to boast what I learned in a week,” I whispered to Rin the moment the flight attendant walked away from us.Bookmark here

“Well, anyone will surely be surprised hearing you speaking their language like it is bliss.”Bookmark here

“Don’t tell me you studied Japanese before coming here…” Bookmark here

“You’re right, Jean. It was rough.”Bookmark here

How exactly are we arranged on our seats:Bookmark here

In our row, Jean is just before the aisle, Rin is in the middle and I took the spot beside the window. The crew is either in front of us or behind us.Bookmark here

“Hey there, people. I suppose I haven’t explained anything yet,” the head from the front seat suddenly popped up and talked to us.Bookmark here

“Oh, Sean. So you’re seated in front of us.Bookmark here

I don’t get the point of why you need to hide where we will be going to. We’re inside the plane and all, but we still don’t know our exact destination.”Bookmark here

“Hahahaha… Sorry for that. But I know that you’ll eventually know where so I might as well tell you.Bookmark here

Giotto’s second branch will be in Kyoto.”Bookmark here

“Wh- Kyoto?! Dude, you serious?!”Bookmark here

Of all the places I can think of, it was Kyoto. The dream is on.Bookmark here

“Yep! Aside from the restaurant itself, where we will be staying is already set. We’ve been in contact with the guys there and we’ll be riding a van to our destination.”Bookmark here

“A van… Sounds like kidnapping.”Bookmark here

“Gin, you’re probably not listening, but we’re about to take off.”Bookmark here

“Oh, o-okay…”Bookmark here

The plane finally accelerated and I can feel that we are finally off of the ground. It is a weird feeling to see us lift and see the clouds closely in their full glory. As someone with a first experience on a plane, the scene is breathtaking.Bookmark here

It was fun and all as Rin and I gaze through the blue sky but…Bookmark here

“Gin, can I ask you something about the-“ Jean paused in his question.Bookmark here

We were so tired we fell asleep in the duration of the flight.Bookmark here

“Give me a break… You are asleep and all… but you really can’t let go of your hands…?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Now I am curious as to how it is to live as a couple.”Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

“Ohhh… We’re landing.”Bookmark here

“Wahhh~ I’m excited.”Bookmark here

And so, the wheels of the plane finally made contact with the ground once again.Bookmark here

After a bit of time, we got out of the plane and we were met with a reassuring fair temperature. Thankfully, we came to this country in the middle of spring and it was said that this season is the best time to visit Japan. It is a cloudy day, but who cares?Bookmark here

I am finally standing on the land I dreamed of coming to, and I can’t contain my excitement. Seeing Rin full of energy definitely makes me feel at ease.Bookmark here

We were picked up, apparently by the helpers that are currently working to make the Giotto’s like Giotto’s. Our first destination is the restaurant itself, to take a look at the current progress of how it is going to look like.Bookmark here

“Hmm… I can definitely imagine this as a functioning restaurant with this progress.”Bookmark here

“Then let me explain what is going to happen,” Hiro, along with Sean called everyone for a short meeting as we take a rest inside.Bookmark here

“The current completion rate of this restaurant is at 75%. All the utensils, appliances, and furniture are all ready. But as you guys have observed, it’s still quite bare on the inside.”Bookmark here

“With that 75% completion, it is estimated that we can all finish everything and tick all the boxes in the remaining hours of the day.Bookmark here

Right now, the time is around 3… I mean 4pm. Sorry I am still not used in the changes in the time zone. I don’t want to say this but we have to work as soon as possible. I am quite sure that I have informed you all that we have to only drop our things in the places we are staying in and we’ll work right away.Bookmark here

I beg your forgiveness for this and I’ll make sure to give all of you a proper rest.”Bookmark here

The two of them bowed in apology.Bookmark here

“That’s all, and please go back to the van for you to be dropped off of your places. In an hour’s time, we will start work.”Bookmark here

“Hiro, Rin is asking if she could help. I bet she can’t just stay put and just sit in one place.”Bookmark here

“You can absolutely help us, Ms. Ringo. We are currently short-handed and we’ll definitely need as many people as we need to.Bookmark here

Thank you for this.”Bookmark here

“I would also want to help in the kitchen, in the same position as Jean. It would be great to have an experience as I will take on culinary as my course.”Bookmark here

“We’d gladly have you in our team, Ms. Ringo.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

We were once again inside the van but something is strange. Hiro and Sean specifically asked us to sit on the front seats and everyone is at the back including Jean. Bookmark here

The people that picked us up are Japanese, but they seem to be quite well versed in speaking the language of Orio so there was not a problem in communication.Bookmark here

Speaking of communication, it was very surprising to know that our SIM cards actually work here in Japan. That seriously blew my mind.Bookmark here

“Alright, folks! This is where you’re going to be staying at!”Bookmark here

“Woah~ That’s huge!”Bookmark here

Everyone in the car started making a racket because of the place we are going to be staying in.Bookmark here

It’s seriously jaw dropping. From the exterior it is like a mini condominium with four floors. Oh, how I am so glad to be staying at such a place.Bookmark here

“Alright, Rin. We’re the last one so let’s head out…”Bookmark here

I can’t open the door of the car.Bookmark here

“…now.”Bookmark here

The two of us both looked at the driver and it is evident that the smile on his face certainly has a meaning of some sort. With us unable to get out of the car, he stepped on the pedal.Bookmark here

Don't queue the eurobeat.Bookmark here

“Whoa…! Hey, Driver-san! Where are we going?!”Bookmark here

“I thought we were supposed to be dropped off there!” Rin started panicking.Bookmark here

“No, no… Please sit tight and let us calm down. I’ll soon drop you off…Bookmark here

Huehuehuehuehue…” the driver smiled wryly.Bookmark here


We’ve been silent for a few minutes and I am obediently sat thinking of how we ended up in this rather suspenseful situation. I tried to rack up my memory from earlier and once again observed whatever I have stored in my brain.Bookmark here

"I knew it when I said we're riding in a van… This is kidnapping!"Bookmark here

“Our things weren’t taken…”Bookmark here

“G-Gin…? What do you mean by that…?”Bookmark here

I have finally got into a reasonable conclusion from the thorough deduction I made.Bookmark here

“Hey, Driver-san… Are these all of our boss’s plan…?” I asked with an intentionally intimidating smile while I still steady this twisted situation.Bookmark here

“Was this all mapped out from the very start? You see, we were asked by boss to sit here in front so that we are separated from the others. And the door of our seat is intentionally locked for us not to come out.Bookmark here

I observed every single person that left the van and they all had their things with them. Our luggage is stored at the back but I did not see anyone taking it with them.Bookmark here

Now… tell me Driver-san. Tell me. Oshiete. Are the two of us staying at a different place, or are we seriously being kidnapped?”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Ahahahahahaha…! I wouldn’t think you would actually get it! So that was why the boss told me to be very careful of you. Ahahahaha…!”Bookmark here

“Those two… I’ll definitely make them regret this…”Bookmark here

“Anyways! We finally reached our destination. You can get out of the car now. I’ll take out the luggage as an apology.”Bookmark here

“Thank you very much.”Bookmark here

I opened the door of the van and just as we stepped out, we were immediately welcomed by a woman wearing a yukata in front of a gate.Bookmark here

“Welcome, Gin Sakato-san and Ringo Akanami-san. This is where you will be spending your stay in this country.Bookmark here

Welcome to Japan.”Bookmark here

It was at that time where my mind almost went completely blank… And the only thing that revolved in my mind was…Bookmark here

“Now I feel like my studying of Nihongo has gotten more and more irrelevant…”Bookmark here

“Oh, yeah. Hiro told me to call him once we got out.Bookmark here

Hello, you one heck of a boss?”Bookmark here

“Oh, Gin! Are you finally there?”Bookmark here

“I demand an explanation.”Bookmark here

“I’m really sorry for suddenly irritating you. Ahahaha…Bookmark here

Anyways, that is indeed where you two will be staying. The lady in front of you is Kamichi Yuzuri, the caretaker of that place. Where you are at is actually a private residence that one of our partners generously lent us to be of use.”Bookmark here

“A-A private residence?!”Bookmark here

“Yes, I just said that.”Bookmark here

“W-W-Wait a damn second. You’ve gotta be kidding me! Do you really think I can stay in a place in such luxury?! Hiro, you are seriously misjudging me! There is no way you can ever lure me in! I’d rather be homeless than-“Bookmark here

“The house has two private onsen.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Onsen… Onsen… Onsen… Onsen… Onsen… Onsen… Onsen…”Bookmark here

“Rin, let’s quickly put our things inside,” I smiled full of anticipation, like I was not even trying to be humble a few seconds ago.Bookmark here

“Pfft… Ahahahahahahahahaha…! I knew you’d be lured by that! Ahahahahaha!Bookmark here

Hahh… My stomach hurts… My goodness…!Bookmark here

Anyways, I did tell you that I’ll give you two a vacation, right? I’m a man of my word. So here it is. That’s my present. After you’re all done with work, everything’s up to you two!”Bookmark here

“Well, what can I say…? Thank you… Hiro.Bookmark here

Alright, I’m going to hang up. We’ll just put our stuff down and we’ll immediately go back there.”Bookmark here

*beep*Bookmark here

“I will help you two with your things.”Bookmark here

“Ah, thank you very much, Kamichi-san.”Bookmark here

The caretaker told us that she will be putting our luggage in and she will also get things ready for when we go back after work.Bookmark here

“What were you talking about earlier with Hiroomi, Gin?”Bookmark here

“He explained that this place is a private house owned by a partner in business of the resto and they lent us this place for us to stay at.”Bookmark here

“T-That’s… surreal…”Bookmark here

"And there are hot springs."Bookmark here

"Waaaaaaaaaaaa…"Bookmark here

"Woah, Rin?! Where did the galaxy background behind you come from?!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Anyways, let’s go back to the resto and get things done there. It seems that Driver-san is waiting for us.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Meanwhile, it has been fifteen minutes since the entire team got to their place of stay. It was at the same time when Gin was about to go back to Giotto’s.Bookmark here

Jean is just walking leisurely while pulling his luggage with him.Bookmark here

“You know… It’s kind of irritating that you two are so quiet after we got out of the van.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Oi! Are you listening to me, Gin?!” he finally decided turn his head to look behind.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Bookmark here


Jean finally realized that Gin and Rin are not with them.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

At the Giotto’s…Bookmark here

“Gin…!” Jean opened the door of the restaurant with such tremendous force.Bookmark here

“Woah, Jean! Don’t break the door. We just arrived here.”Bookmark here

“What in the world happened to you two?!”Bookmark here

“You’re just as confused as we are, so you may want to ask those two nincompoops there,” I replied whilst pointing my thumb to Hiro and Sean.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Alright! Let’s finish this jigsaw puzzle once and for all.Bookmark here

While we’re all cleaning and setting things up, I’ll explain some things to you.Bookmark here

The day after tomorrow will be our soft opening which will last for a week. Seeing that we can finish the interior work in the remaining hours of the day, we could be right in schedule. The only problem is that the logo that is going to be placed in from will arrive at Wednesday, which will be the 4th.Bookmark here

The plan for tomorrow is the interviews for the regular and part-time workers. Everything is finally organized and I will all show you the list of the possible people that will work here. Additionally, our supplies and ingredients will be delivered in our inventory tomorrow. Gin, I'll be putting you in charge of organizing them. Don't hesitate to assign others from Japan team."Bookmark here

"Tsk."Bookmark here

"Gin, at least don't click you tongue. We're already sorry."Bookmark here

"Lastly, every one of us won’t have a uniform for the time being that’s why the Orio team won’t have to be bothered by it in the duration of our work here.Bookmark here

With that, let’s do our best for a successful opening!”Bookmark here

And so, every one of us are currently doing our designated work.Bookmark here

“Is there anyone that is free? Can someone carry those boxes? It’s heavy so at least two people should carry one at a time.”Bookmark here

Hiro pointed at two boxes that apparently need two people each to carry.Bookmark here

“We’ll take care of that.”Bookmark here

“Thanks, Gin.Bookmark here

Woah, wait a second. Are you sure Ms. Ringo can carry those…?”Bookmark here

“Those two boxes only?”Bookmark here

“Ah, yes. The box labeled ‘23U’ is heavier so please be careful.”Bookmark here

There’s one thing that they don’t really know about Rin. She is actually a very strong woman. Of course, I took the 23U box with ease, as I do expect and Rin carried the other box and we walked out of the main room.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“W-What in the world… We are grinding our butts down just to carry one box that heavy… and they just easily carried it like it’s nothing…!”Bookmark here

“Ughh… It feels like my masculinity was defeated…” a worker's morale went down.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Cleaning and anything that requires manpower are all finally done in about five hours, which makes it 10pm—An hour advance from the time of Orio (9pm).Bookmark here

In total, 94% is now the completion of the second branch. The remaining six percent is the target amount of employees needed and the logo.Bookmark here

The adults are now drinking as their celebration, and we are currently being sent by Driver-san to our places.Bookmark here

“See you tomorrow at work, you two. Get a lot of rest.”Bookmark here

“Same to you, Jean.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Ahh… That was fun, but tiring…”Bookmark here

“Yeah… It was so different from the usual work I do back home.”Bookmark here

“Well, we can finally go get some rest…”Bookmark here

“We have arrived. Sakato-san, Akanami-san, I hope you have a good stay in Japan,” Driver-san bid his farewell.Bookmark here

“I do hope so.Bookmark here

Well, see you at work, Driver-san. Don’t drink too much.”Bookmark here

“Goodnight, Driver-san.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“We’re finally here…”Bookmark here

“Now that I think of it, I haven’t really explored the house.”Bookmark here

“You’re right, Gin. We were so busy today.”Bookmark here

“We already had dinner earlier, and I think I’ll go take a bath and sleep. Hot spring will come later. How about you, Rin?”Bookmark here

“Probably the same. Yawn~ I’ll retire for the night.”Bookmark here

“…Bookmark here

Kamichi-san…? We’re back.”Bookmark here

All the stress of my body went away after I took a plunge in the bath. After that, I waited for Rin and we kind of toured the place and discovered a lot of things like paintings and the small things that makes up the culture of Japan.Bookmark here

The only problem that we encountered is…Bookmark here

We don’t know where our rooms are.Bookmark here

We once again walked through the whole house and found one large room which is actually one of those cozy types.Bookmark here

We opened the sliding door and we were welcomed with a traditional Japanese room with tatami floors. It is considerably big as an 8-tatami square room. On the table in the center, there is a note written in Japanese. Bookmark here

They were written in this country's characters which gave me a hard time understanding but thankfully, there is furigana that made it easier for us to read. If I translated the message to our language:Bookmark here

“I apologize for having forgotten to tell you that this room will be the room for you two.Bookmark here

Thank you for understanding, and goodnight~ <3”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

<3…Bookmark here

*insert the lightning and thunder effects and sounds*Bookmark here

In the end, they slept in their futons with roughly a distance of two meters away from one another since they could not find a divider.

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I swear this chapter was written sometime in 2018 and I didn't think that this would relate to physical distancing that is happening in the world right now.Bookmark here

That aside, I really think that this is an anomaly of a first chapter. By convention, first chapters usually sets up the story a whole lot, but I decided to just with the "this is the sequel", but I am by no means not forcing to read NoFutsuu. I tried to make this story as much as a standalone story while still connecting to the prequel, and that it will be unavoidable to have a follow-up context to the predecessor. Thus, the flow would be on its own and might even be confusing sometimes. But a feedback on how this was written will be greatly appreciated.Bookmark here

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002: Why is an 18 year-old a job interviewee...?Bookmark here

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