Chapter 5:

005 – DATA the Second

Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World

April 13, 2018; Friday.Bookmark here

I can’t believe that this is already the thirteenth day of our stay in this country. The early mornings have gotten more usual and typical, and I wake up just like normal.Bookmark here

Today is not an exception. This year’s spring is truly a pleasant season. The weather is nice and the sun shines brightly while the cold weather makes us a prison in our blankets. In a way or another, the mornings are similar to the first spring at home, but this experience is just indescribably different.Bookmark here

So, another day is about to start with the usual scenario.Bookmark here

I lifted my upper body up, stretched, yawned and blinked my eyes. For the rest of our mornings waking up, there was not a day when Rin woke up earlier than me. It always turns out that I will have the role of waking her up.Bookmark here

Really, this girl is just spoiled. Just the other day, she proudly told me that she’s now used to sleeping on ground level but never distanced our futons ever again. I’m not really against it so I did not make a fuss over it but it sometimes pose a problem to my roommate.Bookmark here

A few days back, I regained my habit of sleepwalking and tossing and turning around. She told me that whenever I sleepwalk, I always bring a glass of water for myself to drink and went back to sleep. Thankfully, I don’t run wild like a beast anymore.Bookmark here

So much for that, I just realized. Well, let’s just continue.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

And yes, my beginning of the day is always filled with silence and peace.Bookmark here

Just like this one beside me. Look at her while still having her peaceful slumber. She is like an innocent child sleeping soundly.Bookmark here

There’s one thing that I learned with being together with Rin. The little things about her are the ones that captivate me the most. I might sound weird, but that is how I truly feel.Bookmark here

I don’t even know if I will ever be like this when I still had my quasi personality. I always wonder if this little relationship of ours will ever bloom if I am still just a fake existence.Bookmark here

Over the course of the recent eventful months of my life, I realized that the things that we might think were unpleasant can be a way or a reason to what lies in the future.Bookmark here

There are fixed tomorrows and there are those which are not, theoretically. The future is ever changing, and that is due to our acts. And it may just be that the ever-changing future led me to the present.Bookmark here

“Ahh… Just one look at you and you made me think a lot. You’re really amazing, Rin.”Bookmark here

I removed my blanket and stood up. After a decent stretch, I took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote a note that I dropped on my futon and went out of the room silently.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Fifteen minutes later…Bookmark here

“Yawn~”Bookmark here

I (Rin) finally woke up.Bookmark here

It does feel like I have slept for quite longer than usual.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes and got up just to see that Gin woke up earlier than me.Bookmark here

“Uhh… Did he not… wake me up…Bookmark here

Yawn~”Bookmark here

I subconsciously felt an aroma wafting on my nose and it automatically made me stood up as my stomach silently rumbles from hunger.Bookmark here

Just as I was making a sense that this is a new morning, I stepped on something and I heard something rustle.Bookmark here

“Paper…?”Bookmark here

I picked up the piece of paper and noticed that there are things written on it.Bookmark here

“Didn’t wake you up so please fold my futon too. I’ll make breakfast so I’ll wait for you!Bookmark here

Much love from your Gin-kun.”Bookmark here

“Hmm…Bookmark here

What’s up with him, I wonder…”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

‹Gin›Bookmark here

I have been in front of the kitchen for quite some time now and I just realized that this is my first time making breakfast for us two.Bookmark here

Kamichi-san will be away for the most of our time here starting today, so it will be our turn now to take care of the house we were lent with.Bookmark here

It has been a while since I last felt the pleasant air of making our own meals with a new variation of ingredients compared to what I mostly make. This is Japan, indeed.Bookmark here

Just the thought of having a lovely start this morning and me making house meals again makes me smile in happiness.Bookmark here

“Good morning, 'Potato.'”Bookmark here

“Good morning, Rin.”Bookmark here

“You’re really cheerful today, which is a rare sight.”Bookmark here

“Well, it’s nice to be on a good mood sometimes, and I enjoy this change of pace.”Bookmark here

“Oh, right. Kamichi-san won’t be around. What are you making by the way?”Bookmark here

“Smoked salmon and fried rice with a whole egg as a topping.”Bookmark here

“Not even holding back, Gin?”Bookmark here

“Seizing the time while I’m still in this mood.”Bookmark here

“…Bookmark here

You’re totally out of character but seeing you like this cheers me up too,” she graciously spoke with a bright and refreshing smile.Bookmark here

At that time, I thought to myself:Bookmark here

“Oh, how I love this chapter will be.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

“Thank you for the food.”Bookmark here

The two of us just finished eating and we are just sat, watching the news in the television.Bookmark here

“I myself am amazed that I can understand what’s on the news. I wonder if I can get better grades if I study with you at that pace. Though, I wonder if my brain can keep up, Potato.”Bookmark here

“Ahahaha. So you’re calling me that now?”Bookmark here

“You don’t like it? I’m starting to wonder if I should call you with something different from what the most people call you. Just like how you call me ‘Rin.’”Bookmark here

“Nah. I like it. It has a unique feel to it when I’m called that. I was just surprised earlier, that’s all.Bookmark here

And well, you know that I love eating potatoes.”Bookmark here

“Hmm…Bookmark here

Now that we’re on the topic, where did ‘Rin’ come from? At that time, you were out of it when you suddenly said that.”Bookmark here

“So you still remember our first meeting, huh.Bookmark here

Truth to be told, I don’t clearly recall but it suddenly popped up in my mind and said it unconsciously.Bookmark here

I’m still trying to grasp it from my head but I can’t seem to remember it, although I know that there’s something about that that is in my memory.”Bookmark here

“So that’s how it is…Bookmark here

Wait, do we have something to do for today?”Bookmark here

“Oh? Now that you think about it, we’ve cleaned the whole house yesterday and restocked our inventory… Hmm…Bookmark here

No, there’s nothing on our list for today, I think.”Bookmark here

Three days have passed since the last time we went and work at Giotto’s and since then, we’ve been hung up on just staying in this house and giving ourselves shares of duties around here.Bookmark here

What we did not realize is that we have blitzed through everything because of being excited and all.Bookmark here

“That’s superb… We really did that much?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah…”Bookmark here

We made some thinking but nothing came out from it. Just as we are about to fall in despair and boredom, my current mood kicked in once again as I suddenly remembered something from our early days in this place.Bookmark here

“Hey, Rin.Bookmark here

You know, it has been five months since the last time…”Bookmark here

“Umm… Huh?”Bookmark here

“Want to go on a date today?”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

After what I have just said, she just sat with her eyes wide open while looking at me with a slight surprise painted on her face.Bookmark here

“What’s with that all of a sudden?” on the contrary, she was unfazed.Bookmark here

“Reflecting the question right back to you.”Bookmark here

“Huh? I’m confused…”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I guess you’ll be very confused since you first asked me out whilst sleep talking and then you suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me down back to my futon.”Bookmark here

“When did that…”Bookmark here

“Our second day in here. And you even had a big smile with you.”Bookmark here

“Ehhh…! That doesn’t count if I was asleep!”Bookmark here

“But it did seem like you were having a good dream.”Bookmark here

“…!”Bookmark here

“What? Are you having dreams of us on a date because we haven’t been going out a lot?”Bookmark here

“I get why you can say that… but it’s kind of unfair that I didn’t even know that I asked you out.”Bookmark here

“So you’re guilty?” slightly annoyed, she said.Bookmark here

“Yeah, right.Bookmark here

But… do you have any idea to where we can go?”Bookmark here

“We should use the whole day, I suppose. And I know great places for lunch and dinner. I asked Ryuu (Hiro’s student) for good spots since he goes off wandering around Kyoto whilst trying out food from many places.”Bookmark here

“Oh, so that’s why I don’t see him a lot in the resto.”Bookmark here

Well… he hasn’t made his appearance yet, actually.Bookmark here

“Should we head out at 10?”Bookmark here

“Hmm… Sounds good. We still have a lot of time.”Bookmark here

And just like that, an hour passed like the wind.Bookmark here

“Ohhh… Your coat suits really well in black. That looks really good, Potato.”Bookmark here

I decided to bring and wear the red coat I received from the clothing shop from the Capital. Surprisingly, it looked well with a black shirt under it and the same color in the bottoms.Bookmark here

“I figured gray won’t be a really good pairing to it which is too bad.Bookmark here

Wait… That’s the first time I’m seeing you wear something like that.”Bookmark here

Setting mine aside, I was a little astonished seeing Rin wear a long coat which is very unusual for her to wear as a layer. It looks like she’s well prepared on her wardrobe and her dislike with skirts is just so very characteristic.Bookmark here

“Shall we head out now, Gin?”Bookmark here

“Yeah… Who would’ve thought that we’ll have our second date on a different country?”Bookmark here

I seriously cannot imagine ourselves wearing these layers at this time of the year if not for coming to the North. Sometimes it just makes me think that it feels like we are escaping the heat of the summer while I imagine Nagi collapsing from the heat he totally abhors. Well, that season will persist until June and the same fate will just land upon us once we get home.Bookmark here

Swiping that away, my thoughts came back to reality and I found myself walking to the station with this rather excited girl beside me. The time is 10 in the morning and I do hope that the crowd will be less in the carts now that it is past the rush hour.Bookmark here

I am by no means a resident here so I will repeat, I do hope.Bookmark here

“Oh, thank goodness this cart is practically empty…”Bookmark here

“I wonder if this is really the right way as to where we are going… not like I have any idea where, Gin.”Bookmark here

“How’s the arcade, firstly? I heard that game centers here are different from ours.”Bookmark here

And I am sure that someone will ask: 'A date in the arcade, Gin?! Would you even call it a date? Are you dumb?!'Bookmark here

The answers for that are a yes and a big yes. I am and will always be dumb.Bookmark here

“We never get to go to the arcade back home, huh.”Bookmark here

“I guess it really slipped on our minds. All we do when we have free time is either do art or binge watch anime.”Bookmark here

“Now that you’ve said it, that’s all we only ever do.Bookmark here

Well, let’s go anyway.”Bookmark here

“Alright.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Wait, how come we only ever stayed home when we have free time? Wow, I’m seriously asking myself.Bookmark here

Hmm… Let’s see… it’s given that I have work… I dealt with a murder case of my classmate that shook up the school… got involved with faking the death of an old friend… trained Jean… Rin and I separated for a week… and lastly, we dealt with an issue where our lives as Exiles lied within our decision, which broke my arm in the process. And I'm also a clueless guy that doesn't know a thing about being in a relationship.Bookmark here

Oh… I actually have one heck of a history.Bookmark here

“Rin, we’re seriously starting with the grab machine, huh.”Bookmark here

“It’s clichéd and all, but hey why not?”Bookmark here

“Alright. I’ll take another booth too. Haven’t played this for a long time…”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Nice! Got it from the first try!”Bookmark here

“Oh? What did you get, Rin?”Bookmark here

“A potato plushie, of course. This is for you, you know!”Bookmark here

“Uhh…”Bookmark here

In all seriousness, I really love Rin because of how I knew she is.Bookmark here

“Thanks.Bookmark here

Oh? There’s some DDR here.”Bookmark here

“It kind of reminds me of Nagi and Shiro.”Bookmark here

Now that I see it, there’s some guy that has been on the platform and the line behind him is getting pretty long. It also seems like this guy’s claiming to be a king of DDR. Oh, now I’m a bit ticked off.Bookmark here

“Want to play there, Rin?”Bookmark here

“I’ll just watch if you’re going. I don’t really want to get tired.”Bookmark here

”Ok. I’ll just give the guy a piece or two.”Bookmark here

“Don’t overdo it. You might break the machine.”Bookmark here

I think I’m having the gist of the situation now. He’s probably a regular here and it’s possible that he’s challenging people to play against him. And it also seems like he’s playing mafia here.Bookmark here

“**Excuse me, it seems like there’s a competition that is going on here. Can I join in?”Bookmark here

“**Yeah, sure! Just hop on and let’s have a blast! You okay with insane difficulty?”Bookmark here

“**Hmm… I’ll try to keep up.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Basically, we chose the same song and compared scores. Well…Bookmark here

“**Woah…! This new dude trashed him easily in insane mode!”Bookmark here

That “new dude” that the people were talking about was me.Bookmark here

“Hahh… Not even worth a drop of sweat.”Bookmark here

“Congrats, Gin. That’s hilarious though… Hahahaha.”Bookmark here

“Well, time is over in the arcade. The crowd is getting thick.”Bookmark here

“Why not look for a café to stop by?”Bookmark here

“Oh. Sounds good, Rin. There should be a café… nearby…Bookmark here

Of course there’s a cat café here!”Bookmark here

What we did not even see is that there is a cat café just a few steps away from the arcade. This sure reminds me of a lot of things.Bookmark here

“The name of the place is sure is… Heh.Bookmark here

‘NYA—N.’”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“**Welcome.”Bookmark here

“O… K…?”Bookmark here

“Gin, are you a cat whisperer?” Rin's eyes twitched.Bookmark here

Just as we took our seats, two cats came near my feet, one on my lap, and a kitten just jumped on my head and oh my goodness THE KITTEN IS SO KAWAII.Bookmark here

“Gin…! The kitten might fall! You’re melting!”Bookmark here

Meow.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“**What would you like to order?”Bookmark here

“**I will have a cup of Cappuccino and we’ll both have a serving of Red Pasta.”Bookmark here

“**Strawberry latte, please.”Bookmark here

“That’s the first time I saw you react like that, Gin.”Bookmark here

“Well, kittens have a special place in my heart. But your place is way above.”Bookmark here

“It’s amazing that the things you say don’t embarrass you. Thanks, though.”Bookmark here

“I’m kind of not used to cafes that open early. Usual cafes in Cotona open at 1pm, right?”Bookmark here

"Yeah. But how about the one where you got Haku?”Bookmark here

“It opens after lunch.”Bookmark here

“**Here’s your order.”Bookmark here

“**Thank you very much.”Bookmark here

“Ohh… It’s really red.”Bookmark here

“Dear cats, I ask of you as to not drop fur on our food.”Bookmark here

And they all sat beside us. They’re so adorable.Bookmark here

We ordered “Red Pasta” because it’s no ordinary pasta. It’s like normal spaghetti at first because of the tomato as its sauce but the highlight is the pasta itself. It is literally red.Bookmark here

Though the only red pasta that I do know as of now are ones made from beets. It is however the first time I’ll get to eat one.Bookmark here

“W-Wow… The balance of the flavor of the pasta and the sauce are on point.”Bookmark here

“It has good texture too. I guess it’s rare to see cafes that make handmade ones. What a treat.”Bookmark here

“This is so good I can eat this all day.”Bookmark here

Meow.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

“**Thank you for coming.”Bookmark here

“Man, that was a nice lunch.”Bookmark here

“It sure is… I really can eat there every time.”Bookmark here

“So… I guess it’ll be time for the main part of the date, huh.”Bookmark here

“Mind telling me where we’ll go next, Gin?”Bookmark here

“Hmm… This is something I’ve dreamed of coming to—Bookmark here

Arashiyama.”Bookmark here

“Really…?! We’ll really go to Arashiyama?”Bookmark here

“I got so excited that I already planned this out before we even got here. I really just want to go there if I ever get the chance to fly here.Bookmark here

And this is the perfect opportunity to walk in a path in the middle of towering bamboos.”Bookmark here

“But isn’t it a bit far from here?”Bookmark here

“We have the whole day, right?”Bookmark here

“So that’s why… Well? Let’s go!”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

I may possess an extraordinary physicality and a mental state that greatly surpasses my age, but I am not different to any person. I am normal and at the same time I am not.Bookmark here

I am just like any other teenagers that have dreams of my own. May it be a meager or ambitious one, I have never stopped dreaming and trying to take it to reality.Bookmark here

And so, I am fulfilling one of the many dreams.Bookmark here

Unbelievable as it is, I am here setting my foot on a place I only wished of coming.Bookmark here

“Oh… my word…”Bookmark here

“Gin… It’s so beautiful in here.”Bookmark here

“I’m… I’m just so glad that I chose to pick this place for today. I… I just… I’m…”Bookmark here

“Potato…?Bookmark here

Gin?! You’re melting again!”Bookmark here

I won’t get to see this every day. There’s a rocketing feeling inside me as I walk in the center of the towering bamboos while the leaves sway and slowly fall on us from the gentle blow of the wind up above.Bookmark here

The light of the sun subtly crosses the small gaps of bamboos and eventually touches our skin that is hinted by the tint of green.Bookmark here

My heart continuously thumps over this breathtaking sight along with the never changing warmth of the hand that always holds mine whenever I need someone in times of my loneliness.Bookmark here

I have indeed dreamed of coming here, but I have never wished for this kind of a heartwarming experience. It still naturally levitated down to my palm, however.Bookmark here

Ahh… I am in bliss…Bookmark here

“Rin… you know, this somehow reminds me of our time in the Void. It’s so different and contrasting to that time, but just like last time, it feels like my emotions are uncontainable.Bookmark here

Hahh… I am so weird.”Bookmark here

“I’m not any different, Gin… I’m just as weird as you are.Bookmark here

Though it does not remind me of that time, I am just very glad that I am walking beside you while we slowly take a step, and stepped and stepped forward to this path.”Bookmark here

“Ahahaha… Yeah, you’re really weird. Now you’re talking with a double meaning in your words.”Bookmark here

“It just came out naturally that I didn’t even know.”Bookmark here

“Well, that’s just how life rolls. We make actions that we unconsciously do in the course of our life.Bookmark here

It’s just like that time… I may not be straight on my head, but it was still me and I am still the one who did that to the late doctor. But I do not blame anyone for that; not even myself. I have already forgiven them for what they have done to me…Bookmark here

Really… those things just make me a very suitable Exile.”Bookmark here

“You’ve done an excellent job as being an Exile, Eiji.”Bookmark here

“Pfft… I didn’t think that you’d ever call me that…”Bookmark here

“…Bookmark here

You are Gin Sakato, you are 027, you are Eiji, you are Potato, and you are a No One.Bookmark here

But they are what make the whole of you, Gin. Ever since August, time felt like an eternity for me because you suddenly came to my life.Bookmark here

That is, I’m excluding the time when we were a first year.”Bookmark here

“Ahahaha…! You’re really amazing for destroying the mood you yourself made. Ahh… you’re just the best, Rin.”Bookmark here

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”Bookmark here

“Hey, we never had a picture together ever since we came here, huh.”Bookmark here

“Well, let’s take a lot here today.”Bookmark here

O, how I wish this place to be a never-ending path.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

A rather emotional stroll sadly ended and we traveled back to our area immediately after taking a walk on a street full of stalls.Bookmark here

“This day turned out to be really fun. Though I’m running out of ideas as to where we should go next. It’s easy to forget when you absorb yourself in the nature, you know.”Bookmark here

“Ahaha… I somehow get what you mean.Bookmark here

Ah! Is it okay if I use the time to go buy the camera my sister asked for?”Bookmark here

“Go ahead, Rin. I might also find something that I can use.”Bookmark here

“Hmm…”Bookmark here

“Is something the matter?”Bookmark here

“I was just wondering about how much is inside your bank.”Bookmark here

“Oh… You know that my card is supported in the banks here, right?”Bookmark here

“And upon withdrawal, it will automatically be exchanged in the machine?”Bookmark here

“Yep. I’m so glad that I transferred enough since I predicted that there will be a time where we will get to shop on our own needs when Kamichi-san isn’t around.Bookmark here

I made a grand grind around the end of the year, right? I think I saved up at least 90000 Laxes up until today.”Bookmark here

90000 Laxes approximates to nearly 2k in USD, and almost 200k in JPY.Bookmark here

“Ninety thousand?!”Bookmark here

“I immediately transferred it since I don’t like counting bills from my pocket… It’s quite a pain when I hold this much. I’m scared of losing my card.”Bookmark here

“Well… That’s to be expected from a minimalist.”Bookmark here

“That’s why I emptied out most of the house before we left. I’m not going to sell the carpet, though. It’s essential for winter.”Bookmark here

“You know, don’t text me a SOS when you just asked me to clean your carpet even though it really is a pain to dust off.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Camera purchased.Bookmark here

“Oh? I think I hear someone playing piano. Wait… Rin, that’s Hik*ru Na*a by Go*sehouse, right?”Bookmark here

“Yeah. That’s from Your Lie in Apr*l.”Bookmark here

“Agh. The bleeping…!” I covered my ears.Bookmark here

We made our way to the lure of our ears and found out that the music was coming from someone playing a piano in a music store.Bookmark here

We decided to take a stop and listened from the outside. That is, until something caught the eye of Rin.Bookmark here

“Waaahhh~! That violin looks so cool!”Bookmark here

“Hmm… Yeah, it indeed looks great.”Bookmark here

(!)Bookmark here

That reminds me… I sometimes hear someone from Rin’s house playing violin when I work upstairs.Bookmark here

“…Bookmark here

Should we take a look inside? Something might interest me there.”Bookmark here

“Yup!”Bookmark here

The store is packed with various instruments, as expected. There are also traditional instruments which is the first time I’m seeing.Bookmark here

And there are guitars, which I gave up playing because it gives callus on my left hand.Bookmark here

I shouldn’t really be surprised that Rin is ever so fascinated by the violins in display.Bookmark here

“Do you play the violin, Rin?”Bookmark here

“I don’t have the opportunity to play for a while now, though. But I still know a lot of songs.Bookmark here

How about you, Gin? It looks to me that you’re the type to play the piano. It kind of reminds of your piece in the Art Room.”Bookmark here

“You’re right. I play a lot when I get the chance. But it has been a year (three years) since I last played one.Bookmark here

Man, I realized that it was the only thing I did when I was on a wheel… chair…”Bookmark here

“Oh, yeah. I was on a wheelchair when I left the lab.”Bookmark here

And suddenly, a lot of images were “unlocked” in my mind.Bookmark here

I suddenly recalled that time at Zen Park: “I finally remembered everything,” I said. (NoFutsuu, Chapter 20)Bookmark here

It was the time where I finally got all of my memories back… but I guess I’m wrong.Bookmark here

“I’ll take care of this seriously later.”Bookmark here

“That’s the one we saw from the window earlier, right?”Bookmark here

“I wonder if I…Bookmark here

**Excuse me, can I try playing these?” Rin in her excitement had to ask.Bookmark here

“**It’s okay. It just got tuned too.”Bookmark here

“Ohh… the sound is really good too…!”Bookmark here

“You sure have some knowledge about that, huh.Bookmark here

Is it okay, all in all?”Bookmark here

“This is a nice violin.”Bookmark here

“Really?”Bookmark here

“Really!”Bookmark here

“Alright, then…Bookmark here

**Excuse me. I would like to get this one.”Bookmark here

“Wha-?! Gin?! You’re buying these?!”Bookmark here

“Yeah.”Bookmark here

“But… why?”Bookmark here

It is probably safe to say that she’s the one playing the violin in their house since I always saw it in the few times that I enter her room.Bookmark here

However, it was broken.Bookmark here

“That’s probably why she can’t play…”Bookmark here

“Your old violin got broken, right? Let’s just say that this is a replacement.Bookmark here

And besides, there’s nothing wrong with giving my girlfriend a present, right?”Bookmark here

“…!Bookmark here

T-Thank you… Gin.”Bookmark here

And so, our blissful date ended and we went home.Bookmark here

“Kamichi-san…? Ah, good evening.”Bookmark here

“Good evening, Gin-san, Ringo-san.Bookmark here

What great timing… I was about to message you telling that I’m making dinner for us today. Did you two come to work again?”Bookmark here

“Ah, we went out for the day.”Bookmark here

“Oh? A date? Ahh… I realized that I haven’t been going out with Ryou-kun because of work.”Bookmark here

“…Bookmark here

’R-Ryou?’ Wait, Kamichi-san… you have another work aside from this?Bookmark here

And Ryou…”Bookmark here

“You do not know, Gin-san? I work in the Kyoto branch of Anew-“Bookmark here

“Woah, MY WORD!”Bookmark here

With that sudden shout that brewed from my throat, Kamichi Yuzuri jolted from surprise while Rin’s left eye remained twitching because of some mind-blowing revelation.Bookmark here

Yuzuri Kamichi works in the Kyoto branch of Anew Company and-Bookmark here

“Seriously… that guy never fails to amaze me,” I facepalmed.Bookmark here

“K-Kamichi-san… may I ask your age…?”Bookmark here

“Hm? I’m turning 27 this year.”Bookmark here

“It’s fair to say that Yugare-san sure is an honorable man…”Bookmark here

“Gin-san? Did you just mention the name ‘Yugare?’”Bookmark here

“And Kamichi-san. You just mentioned the name ‘Ryou.’”Bookmark here

“So… you know Yugare Ryou-kun?”Bookmark here

“I guess you haven’t seen the logs of the Kanto branch extension's latest two subjects in Orio under the supervision of their team.”Bookmark here

“H-Huh…? I do know Ryuuya-san, though. Wait, how come you do know ab-“Bookmark here

“Kamichi-san. What Gin is saying that he’s a special case subject of Anew from Orio. He’s also under Yugare-san’s team and a key to Ryuuya-san’s development.”Bookmark here

“W-What…? Actually, let’s just talk about this at dinner… I’m more confused than you two.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“You managed to see through Kaminari-san and Itori-san, but not Yugare-san…?”Bookmark here

“Well, Yugare-san doesn’t really look like a guy with a sturdy spine when you disregard his work,” I whispered.Bookmark here

“Pfft… Yeah. He really looked like that.”

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