Chapter 2:

My Geek Knowledge Helps Me In This World

Isekai Chronicles

I sneaked out of the cave without being noticed. But the moment I started following the signs to the nearest town, I heard bandits approaching. I immediately moved to a nearby tree silently, but they rounded the corner before I could hide behind it. So I leaned into the tree, and remembered something from a book. 'If you are hazy and close to something large and unmoving in the dark while remaining unmoving yourself, there are more chances for you to be unnoticed.Bookmark here

I did exactly that. I prayed that they wouldn't find me. They were coming... ten meters… 5 meters... 2,1, …And they were past me!Bookmark here

Suddenly, I coughed. The six bandits turned and stared at me hard for quite some time. Then, an owl hooted overhead ( it was night, in case I forgot to mention.)."Bah," one of them said. "My nerves 'aven't been right since we were attacked in the middle o' the night by monsters. Let's get goin', lads."Bookmark here

And they all went on.Bookmark here

Eight of them. Quite a big bandit party. And judging by the weight of the bags, they had just completed two or three successful raids and were on their way back to their hideout.Bookmark here

Nice, I thought. Now I can get myself some money-and maybe some gear too.Bookmark here

*      *      *Bookmark here

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