Chapter 1:

My Dream Comes True (Bringing Along A Nightmare)

Isekai Chronicles

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One day (If you wanted a fine day, I'm sorry to tell you, that day wasn't fine because it was raining), I went to our school to write the last examination of the term. Little did I know then that it would be the last written examination on Science. For me, anyways.Bookmark here

I went to the locker and swapped my shoes. Just when I closed my locker, I felt a tremor run through my body. I got an annoying feeling, like a buzzing noise at the back of my head.Bookmark here

Someone is watching me, I realized. I quickly whipped my head around, but no one was looking at me. Yet the feeling still lingered.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a tremor ran throughout the school. How did I know it was only throughout the school, I don't know. It just felt right.Bookmark here

A golden-green light started swirling around the whole school, gradually growing brighter. At one point, I lost consciousness. When that was happening, there was only one thought going through my head.Bookmark here

At last, I'll be free from my teasing classmates. Probably.Bookmark here

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I woke up with a start. What am I doing here, sleeping on such hard ground? Then it hit me: I was brought to another world. Isekai! I thought. The dream of all anime otakus! And for middle school boys!Bookmark here

I looked around and saw all my schoolmates scattered around. And your teasing classmates. A nightmare for all middle school boys and anime otakus. All of them started to wake up.Bookmark here

"Where are we?" asked Mikihiko.Bookmark here

"How would I know?" That was Hana.Bookmark here

My little sister (I say little, but really, we are both around 12, but she's younger than me by 10 months, yet she acts much more mature outside our home), and our class president started calming people down. Suddenly, there was a flash of bright blue light, and five beings appeared.Bookmark here

They were the most beautiful yet terrifying beings I had ever seen. I could feel power radiating from them. Instinctively, the whole class went silent.Bookmark here

The first being, dressed in full white, with patterns of blue and gold woven into his long flowing dress, introduced himself. "My name is Vetdos. I am the God of the Afterlife."Bookmark here

The second being, dressed in blue and red with black swirling designs, introduced himself. "Lenohr, the God of Beginnings."Bookmark here

The third being, and the last male one, dressed in gold and pale peach with priests cloak and an eye symbol embossed on it, introduced himself. "Zoborh, God of Oracles."Bookmark here

The fourth being, a woman dressed in a pink dress with intervening pale green and cyan, and a cloak, introduced herself. "I'm Kiyja, the Goddess of Magic. Pleased to meet you!"Bookmark here

The last one, a woman dressed in a multicolor dress that was bright yet austere, as though you were looking at something that may make you happy or sad in a split second, introduced herself. "I'm Ylthys, the Goddess of Judgement."Bookmark here

Vetdos stepped forward. "You are all wondering who in the world we are, claiming to be gods and goddesses. yet all of this is true. I am the God of the Afterlife.Bookmark here

"What I'm about to tell you now may sound weird or frightful. Yet I request of you to be patient and try your best to hold back any questions that may arise.Bookmark here

"Today all of you were supposed to die."Bookmark here

Pin-drop silence followed his ominous words. The statement itself sounded far-fetched; almost unbelievable. Yet the matter-of-fact tone and his expression told us that he most definitely was not lying. And we all believed him.Bookmark here

"The reason you are all still alive is that us five gods have decided that you should all be kept alive after a long discussion. Else, by now you would have been added to my collection in the Afterlife.Bookmark here

"Let me tell you from the beginning. We knew, from on of Zoborh's prophecies that you would all die today. But, what we did not expect was that you all are going to be the lifeline of a world."Bookmark here

Ylthys continued. " So, we decided to see what would happen for a time being, and we accepted that bringing you to another world wouldn't affect it negatively too much."Bookmark here

"And so we brought you here, to the God Council," said Kiyja. "We wanted you to go to another world and help defeat the Demon Lord."Bookmark here

"This will decide if you are wothy enough to be part of our World Help Task Force, or WHETForce for short," announced Lenohr. "If you are good enough, you may even become a sergeant or greater rank directly.Bookmark here

"The WHETForce we are talking about is actually only a small part of the total WHETForce corps. The gods divided themselves into groups of five, each of which are in charge of 1,000 worlds. Your Earth was also under our jurisdiction-Planet 972.Bookmark here

"The number of the planet shows how new it is. Earth was around for only 4.6 billion years. The world we want you to go is one of the oldest ones, around 132 billion years old. It's Seloria, Planet 97.Bookmark here

"There, you will mingle with the locals as adventurers, learn all you can about the Demon King Ilgizon, grow stronger and within five years, defeat the Demon King. Depending on your performance, and of any locals you choose to help, we will incorporate you into our WHETForce.Bookmark here

"To get stronger, you should all go to the Dungeon- the deeper you go, the better. That world's like a game-the more you work, the greater your stats go up. If you complete certain quests and have all the required strengths, you will get a skill. Skills can be anything-only the Chief God knows the mechanisms behind it."Bookmark here

Kiyja came forward. "We are not going to grant you any special powers except one-we are going to remove the need to sleep. You will only sleep when you want to. You will still get tired, though you won't feel sleepy, you still need to sit down and rest. We only did this to make it easier for you to spend time in the dungeon. Oh, and you need to keep updating your status so as to know how much you have improved and what you did worked in what way, and so on and so forth. So, good luck!"Bookmark here

Black and white swirled in my view, blocking out everything else.Bookmark here

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the ground in a cave. All of my classmates were with me too. But....I didn't want to be with those idiots.Bookmark here

I walked up to my sister. "Hey, Aoi."Bookmark here

"What is it, Brother?"Bookmark here

"I'm...not gonna adventure with you guys."Bookmark here

"What?" She lost her composure and became her usual, lovable self as she did when we were home. "But, big brother-"Bookmark here

"I don't want to leave you either. If you want to, come with me, but I think it'd be better for you to stay here with the others. Just don't lead them to me if they ask for me."Bookmark here

She sniffed. "Got it. But you have to promise to return to me when you're strong enough, and take me with you."Bookmark here

I smiled. "Roger that."Bookmark here

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