Chapter 37:

The Life I Once Lived (Part 2)

Afflicted by Snow

I didn't mark the chapter as
18+ since the first half is important and sfw
The sfw and nsfw parts flow together so

     He was led to what he gathered to be a guest room of sorts since it didn’t seem to be used on a day-to-day basis. It only had the bare essentials of a platform bed and a nightstand set, nothing else. The floor was covered with moss and leaves that were surprisingly soft and dry to the touch, while flowering vines and branches interwoven with lights were draped across the ceiling.

His food was already prepared: steamed fish and a mixture of vegetables to go with it. Compared to his previous ‘meals’ it was divine, but just as before he only had a few bites before calling it quits and laying across the bed.

It was…strange. Not just being able to be on a bed–that was in the back of his mind if anything. It was more the solitude of it all. To not be aware of every noise, every shuffle in the dark, every slight of the wind. He didn’t necessarily feel completely safe, but at least much more than he used to when on his own.

“...What do I do now? Sleep?”

Haetia stared at the vines above.

Sleep didn’t seem like it would find its way to him. Somehow the other night he was out in a flash, though maybe that was because of Linias.

“...I wonder if he’ll come by. I doubt it, he doesn’t have a reason to if he says it’s safe here.”

Nonetheless, he waited. It was all he could think to do while he waited to fall asleep.

And he waited. And waited. And waited. And waited.

And unexpectedly, a knock came to his door after what had to have been an hour or two.

He instantly shot up and rushed to open the door, almost finding himself praying that it wasn’t Myrin, and luckily for him it wasn’t.

Linias’s eyes widened at the sight of his master, partially covering his mouth and turning away while looking somewhat through the corners of his eyes instead.

“U-Um…” He cleared his throat and shook away whatever was afflicting him. “Can I…talk to you?”

“Yeah of course. Not in the doorway I hope.”

“N-No. Inside is…fine.”

Once he entered Haetia closed the door behind him, and Linias only sat down after his master had done so and on the complete opposite side to boot–not that the bed was all too big in the first place so the distance between them was closer than either of them would’ve liked.

“Sorry there’s no couch or anything haha…So…What’d you want to talk about?”

“Well, I’m not sure if it’d really interest you in the first place so if you don’t want to hear about it–”

“I told you don’t backtrack on things. Anything you want to say, I’m all ears.” Haetia smiled.

Linias’s eye contact faltered. “I…I gave you my locket back then because I hoped it would help you somehow, but I wasn’t sure myself because like Willowsbeak said, it’s weak. Not just that but I haven’t heard of a birth tree protecting anyone but a dryad before.”

“What’s a birth tree-? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“They’re almost what you’d imagine. If a dryad is born by a tree that tree becomes a birth tree, and birth trees can birth dryads themselves, though dryads can also be conceived by normal means. The bark in my locket is from my birth tree, so I let Willowsbeak have what was left in the hopes that when it grows it’ll birth more dryads.”

“But they can be born either way right? Then did you…” He hesitated to ask.

“Have parents?”


“I did. Though I don’t remember much about them.”

“...Would you mind telling me? About your family I mean. You’ve known me since birth and I–neglected to notice that you haven’t known me for all of yours.”

“There isn’t much to say. I didn’t have any siblings so it was just me and my parents and to my memory they were nice.”

“Well what about where you grew up? Or how you…ended up with me..?”

“That’s…” Linias paused then recollected himself. “I lived with other dryads, there were around twenty of us I’d say. To my knowledge we weren’t very far from Gwyneira but we still kept to ourselves. My parents used to be really cautious with me, never letting me out of their sight and I didn’t understand why until–until our home was attacked by Dharax. He had others with him of course. They–burned everything to the ground. Killed everyone, including my parents. I was with him for a while before I met you.”

“Is that…why you’re scared of fire then?”

The retainer’s eye contact completely broke as he breathed a long inhale and even longer exhale.

“I..didn’t want you to know because it feels pathetic.”

“It’s not pathetic everyone’s afraid of something!”

“But I can’t be–I…I can’t be. How am I supposed to protect you if I freeze at just the sight of fire-?”

“It goes both ways you know! If that ever happens, then I’ll protect the both of us.”

“That’s–that’s not how it works. I’m–”

“Why not? You can’t do everything yourself Linias. Lean on me, even if it’s a little. The more pressure you put on yourself to be perfect at everything the more likely you are to mess everything up–and I mean that nicely. Be good at the things you know how to handle and let me or even Myrin do the rest.”

Haetia closed the distance between them, resting his hands atop his retainer’s to force his eyes back onto him who gazed at him with astonished yet forlorn eyes.


“I...understand what you’re saying it’s just..hard for me to accept.”

“I figured, so I’m not asking you to accept it right away, I’m only asking you to try to.”


“You mean that?”

His master’s probing parental yet puppy-like concern made it impossible to lie, let alone avert his eyes to make it easier to do so.

“...Yes, I mean it. Can you-um..let go of my hand now?”

“Oh, right sorry.” He instinctively apologized, then concocted a tease to try again to establish some friendly ground. “Why, do I make you nervous?”

Haetia playfully smirked but all Linias returned was a trail of his outer ear.

“Kind of…It’s…How do I say this…”

“Now you’re making me nervous.”

“It’s not bad, it’s the opposite really. I just feel like it’s…inappropriate, for me to say.”

“Well..I doubt it’d be worse than anything I’ve ever said to you along the same lines.”

Linias braced himself with a deep breath, then mumbled, “You…look…nice. With the flowers in your hair and your dress. And I’d like to…not do something I’ll regret.”

Haetia knew what he was walking into, but if he was at the very least comfortable enough to say so…


“Don’t ask me that.” The faintest tint of pink formed in Linias’s face. “I can’t ask things like that of you.”

“Do we have to have this conversation again or did you forget already?”

“No I didn’t but–” Linias sighs. “It’s harder in practice.”

“Then I’ll rephrase it for you, do what you want and I’ll stop you if you cross a line.”

“...Are you sure?”

“If I wasn’t I wouldn’t have said anything.” Haetia reassured him.

     Even with that, Linias hesitated to do anything so he started small by reestablishing their held hands then looking to Haetia for confirmation, and since he didn’t stop him nor show any signs of withdrawal…he continued, further shortening the distance between them until they were close enough to hear each other’s bashful breaths. Then, cautiously, he lightly pecked his master’s lips almost enough for it to feel more like a soft tickle. And again he stopped for confirmation, but Haetia’s pining and hopeful glisten in his eyes and flushed cheeks spoke volumes. So the second time he leaned in for a kiss, he endeavored to make it a more fruitful exchange.

They traded several kisses albeit still somewhat restrained, until his hand found its way into Haetia’s white hair and likewise Haetia’s caressed the nape of his neck, prompting them to delve deeper. The retainer’s tongue was the first to break through, and his master happily accepted. In the midst of it all they gradually leaned back onto the mattress below, naturally causing their arms to circle around each other and soon enough there was little room to breathe between each saturated kiss.

And in time Linias’s paw slithered lower, scaling his master’s dress up by the thigh until he was able to reach underneath then finally their lips parted. As he sat up he removed the top half of his clothing and Haetia’s thinly strapped underwear. In one swift motion he pulled Haetia’s rear up against his chest and being practically upside down made the dress slide down past his hips and reveal everything from the waist down.

The proximity - or lack thereof - of Linias’s mouth to his rear immediately ignited some hushed panic within him and he reflexively yelped, “W-Wait-!”

He stopped.

“N-No, I-I don’t mind it I mean it’s just…embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing in a good way?”

“That’s even more embarrassing to say but…sure, yeah..” Haetia covered his scalding shame with his hands, though he still peeked through his fingers. “...Ahhh just hurry up!”

As soon as the words left, his retainer’s wet warmth delicately slid inside and he resumed his tender kisses below. He spared no expense when it came to satisfying his master, even going as far as to stroke his length in the process while Haetia was forced to watch.

The flipped angle gave full view to everything Linias was doing to him and he couldn’t remember how he was able to tolerate such a sight before because now his heart rate was over the roof and the flushed heat from his face flooded the rest of his body as well.

To make matters worse, Linias maintained the same gentle, loving pace that could almost be mistaken for throwing mixed signals his way. Linias had never initiated anything between them in the past, so his choice to be so slow and affectionate when given the chance threw Haetia’s thoughts in disarray if it weren’t for the stimulation doing so already.

He couldn’t bear to stare at how focused-devoted-Linias appeared while pleasuring him so he stayed hidden behind his hands and soon enough arms. His shyness seemed to just motivate him all the more since he more enthusiastically teased his rim and member after the fact.

Precum streamed down his abdomen with a few slim streaks reaching his chest.

Haetia tried to restrain his simmering voice and steadily heavy respirations to not make matters any worse, but it proved to be futile in the end when against the relentless ministrations. “Mmn…” He quietly whimpered, and even more quietly moaned, “Ah-...

His extremities curled as he strived again to withhold himself. Consequently, Linias’s pace became faster and more fervent as if knowing that his master was teetering on a thin line.

Ah-!” A more vocal moan broke through followed by a cut gasp as he tried to pant through his voice. “I–” Haetia barely managed to get a syllable out before his climax took over.

His own spurt joined the mess across his torso with even a few drops managed to reach his cheek, though with the low lighting it was hard to make out against his pale skin. Only after the fact did Linias finally relinquish his hold and set him back down onto the sheets, giving him ample time to gather himself and what sparse respirations he had.

     Haetia’s dress was still hiked right above his abdomen, blush still painted in more places than one. Once he calmed down a little more he looked to Linias who was mildly hovering over, wondering why he’d stopped in the first place.

“Can I..keep going?” Linias quietly asked.

“I told you that you could do what you wanted.”

“I know but, is this pace fine? I know before you’d…ask me to be more rough with you and I know I said I enjoy having sex with you but–if I’m honest–not like that. I don’t like hurting you, it feels too…contradictory to my instincts, if that makes sense.”

Haetia almost donned a pained expression to hear the sentiment, but he knew that’d give the wrong impression. So, he softly smiled, “Yes, you can do whatever pace you want. I wouldn’t have came if I didn’t like it, right? Plus, what’re you gonna do about this then?” He playfully prodded Linias’s bulge with his foot.

“I-I can handle myself.”

“That didn’t exactly spark confidence, but I’ll remember that for another time.”

Linias pouted at the taunt and pulled Haetia close by his parted legs with some miniscule part of him wanting to wipe the smirk off his face. He thought about grinding against him to get him to eventually beg for it but he couldn’t dedicate himself to being nefarious considering he was more desperate than Haetia by now. So, Linias removed his cock from its confines and slowly penetrated, watching his master as he gradually inched inside to assure his comfort.

He held his thighs against him as he started to thrust, with one along his torso and the other spread aside. Just as promised his pace was more moderate to begin with but he soon came to realize how torturous it’d be for him as well. Fast didn’t necessarily mean rough…so his thrusts became faster and in turn his master positively reacted.

Haetia fidgeted in place, his hands finding their way onto the sheets, fists coiling around them until he was clutching them to cope. It’d been an unworldly amount of time since they’d last done anything together and it was starting to show by how sensitive he was to every slam.


He didn’t bother to suppress himself, knowing full well it wouldn’t work with how impassioned the drives were.

Tension built throughout his body with a surplus of clear drops now drenching his stomach, even managing to soak and soil parts of his dress. The fairies must’ve done wonders to keep the flowers in his hair since they remained fixated despite how much they oscillated and jostled against the fabric.

Haetia tried to keep his eyes, albeit slit, on Linias but eventually buried a cheek into the sheets as his retainer’s endeavor escalated and continued. Luckily the bed was on the floor so they didn’t have to worry about any extra noise generating from it, though the same couldn’t be said about the sound of their consecutive colliding which seemingly echoed throughout the mildly empty room.

Linias longingly gazed at his master and his decorated opulent strands that were almost stretched out enough to cover the bed, then almost hesitated to speak.

“Master–Can you..look at me..?”

Haetia’s face peeked out from under the covers and gradually he slid them away although he still kept a firm hold on them, thus obliging the request and revealing his flustered and glistening melted eyes.

Ah–! Why’d you–throb down there..!”

“You look..really cute.”

Haetia’s heart spiked into his throat and worsened the fever scorching his cheeks. He stammered to find a way to respond but Linias didn’t give him an opportunity to as he pounded against his squelching walls with reignited zeal.


“I’m close..-”

The bashful side of him wanted to plead and ask for compassion but his aching desire to climax said otherwise. His fingers steadily threaded with Linias’s until they were held together, resting on his thigh.

Then, Haetia muttered in a hushed tone, “Don’t-stop…

They lasted only a handful of moments after the fact before reaching their limit nearly in unison. As Linias pulled out a web of ejaculate followed with him, though most of it remained nestled inside Haetia.

“Ah-I’m sorry, I should’ve asked. I absorbed with..what you said and..-”

Haetia sighed, more to mask his panting than anything else. “It’s alright, nothing that–can’t be cleaned up.”

They stared at each other in coy silence until over time Linias leaned closer for another lipped exchange, and as they did so he turned Haetia onto his side.

“...It’s fine if we go again then?”

Haetia softly smiled, “Remember what I said?”

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