Chapter 0:


The Folly of the Sorceress: My Troubles in the Other World

Hello everyone, thank you for taking interest in my story. I wanted to let everyone know a few things before we got into the tale, some housekeeping of you will. Many of the memories herein are not my own, but ones given to me through the Origin Link. Other parts are pieced together from things I heard afterwards or from secondary sources, so I cannot speak for the validity for some of these statements. Lastly, I may add a few flourishes for the flow and sake of telling a better story. While I should rather wish to tell the whole truth, I am still an author, so adding a cool effect here and there is okay, right? Bookmark here

So this story is one of those I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now, of other worlds and devil kings, and of the heroes summoned to fight them.  This story is to honor the memory of those heroes whose fate was left to uncertainty, and to the 9000 souls who now slumber in my heart. It is for them that this tale has been written, and it is with their help that I shall bring to you this tale to the best of my ability. Bookmark here

I’m sorry, Dave.Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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