Chapter 1:

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The Lazy Angel is a Dungeon Master

I'm so mad. I mean, this is the third time I'm working overtime by this point. I, Blanoir, along with several others are on the verge of quitting this job and finding another one that DOESN'T force their employees to do overtime over and over again.

...Alright, I admit, the problem at hand is clearly something that the Reincarnation Role's elites could control. After all, the problem is still technically (literally) what we do as Reincarnation Angels.

There's just been a massive and sudden influx of new souls that we had to deal with, and thirty thousand years later, we are still not finished yet.

I asked some of my co-worker angels if they had an idea about these new arrivals of souls, but no one could come up with an answer. Of course, it naturally had to do with something that will kill a lot of living things like wars or conflicts, natural disasters or stuff like that.

But on this scale..? Something must have occurred. Something big. Like the destruction of several worlds? Wait... don't tell me the dragons did something with the Void?!

The One and Only Creator granted them the power of the 'Void' and are they abusing it by destroying the worlds that we, the angels created?

Well, I obviously did not create those worlds, but those in the World Creation Role did. But I do take pride in them too, as we're all angels.

Hmm. Maybe I'll chat with the demons or spirits in this case. I don't want to work overtime again. Perhaps I will visit the dragons in the Void Realm.

But that's such a pain in the ass to do... I'm in the Overworld, the demons are in the Underworld while the spirits are in the Spirit Realm, and the influx of souls is coming from one of the many worlds in the Middle World...

Maybe I did overthink. Well, I'm done with work anyway~ so I shouldn't think too heavily. It's time to relax for a hundred years and then go back to work. What a pain if you ask me. 

Relaxing is the way to go. I wish I could laze around like this all day, every day forever. 


Why did my break go by in an instant? I feel cheated. Well, back to work I guess. Hopefully not for another long overtime shift. 

When I arrived at my job, there were already more than a million souls waiting to be reincarnated by me. I sighed and picked up the tablet that we use to do our work. I asked the first soul in line, "Name?" and it answered "Nanjue Kan." 

I typed the name in the tablet and it provided me with the soul's information. He died at the age of eighty-seven, with the cause of death being natural old age. He was a pretty good guy during his life, so I decided to give him a pleasant life this time around. 

With some confirmations, he was off. A dim white light surrounded him and he just disappeared. "Next. Name?" I asked. And the soul answered. This is my job as a Reincarnation Angel. It's not the most enjoyable job out there, but it's one of the highest paying so I'm fine with it... unless it's working overtime over and over again. That's definitely not enjoyable.