Chapter 5:

And thus, the vampire queen shall take over the world... probably...

Iron Wiedergänger

So a "milf" is an acronym for "mother i like to fuck"... I have no remorse for what cruel fate befalls Fetish man. It is intriguing that this body seemingly has the ability to access knowledge on the world. I can even see clear images of people and places. It's like using water divination, but the quality's better, and I don't have to risk falling into the water and having my skin sting. 

Ah, I now remember why I despised my vampire half so much. While I had no qualms about the power I got from it, the weaknesses were too great. Even though vampires had evolved to the point where we wouldn't instantly die from things like sunlight, water, and garlic, we weren't yet immune to them. As such, I was unable to swim in the watering hole. I also hated how all the bullies would splash water on me whenever they wanted to  pick on me.

But now, I had evolved... sort of. While my mind is the same, my body is not and I still don't fully understand it. Sure I can look and feel similar to how I felt originally, but I'm unable to use mana and can't seem to unlock that magic obliterater canon. Though perhaps I am simply depleted of mana after summoning that black hole. Yes. That must-

"Warning, the second projected black hole flyby of the week will be occurring soon. Please take shelter," a voice rang out.



As I finished combing my "database" for the events that passed after my initial slaying, I discovered something: this is not the world I am originally from. So that explains everything. Well, now that I know that, I just need to find a way to link them and I can rule over both. Though to do that, I'll need an army.


I turned to see a pathetic creature. It was clearly a human male, but he was covered in so many bruises he could have been mistaken for an ugly orc.  His clothes looked familiar... It was Fetish man. Hmm, perhaps I shall add to his suffering- no, he'd enjoy that... YES!

"Fetish man, will you aid me in my conquest to merge my world and yours and rule over them?" I asked.

"C- Can I?" Fetish man groaned.

"Yes, I'll even make you my slave."


As if by magic, his face had returned to normal, or was now less swollen and less orc-like.

"Now come, we have much to do. Though first, kneel and become my mount."


Well, his demeanor may be perverted, but if he is useful, I will use him. And thus, I begin my world conquest anew, though I will need to acquire a proper mount.


Mario Nakano 64