Chapter 2:

The deep diver

The ones under the bed

When it rains, do you feel like your room becomes wetter and colder when you try to sleep? Perhaps, that is because the deep diver is gazing down at you.

The deep diver only comes out either during or after a rainstorm. His appearance resembles that of an old diving suit. While the glass on his helmet is thick and difficult to see through, his face is nothing but a green skull. Like with the periscope, he will quickly retreat to under the bed should he sense you gazing at him. Unlike the periscope though, he can float through the air. The deep diver prefers to float around your room as if he's swimming through the ocean. He prefers to float and move slowly, though will move faster than the eye can see in order to retreat to under the bed.

The deep diver has no malintentions and is simply enjoying himself as he floats through your room. While he doesn't summon an entire ocean to swim through, his presence does cause the room to feel colder and wetter. Once the dawn begins to crack, he will slowly return to under the bed, and wait for another stormy night before coming out to float around once more.