Chapter 1:

The Law of Rense and The Common Flower Erased From History

Rense's Law

Nestled atop a rolling hill, with commanding views of the surrounding electronic citadel, stood the illustrious Lawrence Castle. Its towering turrets, constructed from weathered grey stone, reached skyward like giants' fingers, casting imposing shadows upon the lush technology below. Encircled by a formidable curtain wall, punctuated by battlements and watchtowers, the castle exuded an aura of strength and protection.

Though aeons had passed and code now reigned supreme, the towering citadel still bowed to royalty. It was here that the governing algorithms, led by the wise and just von Taxiarchos family, oversaw the functioning of the kingdom. Every piece of information, every transaction, and every interaction within the Kingdom of Rense was meticulously monitored and regulated to ensure harmony and efficiency.

Inside the castle walls, a world of opulence unfolded. Magnificent halls adorned with rich tapestries and intricate frescoes depicted scenes of valor and grandeur from the realm's storied history. Marble columns rose to meet the vaulted ceilings, illuminated by the warm glow of flickering torches and the soft radiance of stained glass windows.

You could say that the castle itself was a sight to behold between past and future.

A young man with silver hair and golden regalia all over his clothes stepped in, his high-heeled boots echoing the tips and taps. Golden eyes full of confidence alongside a charming smile complimented his composed and lackadaisical demeanour, exuding an aura of wisdom and power. Knocking his rapier on the ground, he drew all attention to himself.

At its center, upon a dais of polished marble, sat two ornate thrones, carved from ancient oak and adorned with gold leaf and precious gemstones. Upon them, the king and queen expressed astonishment, seeing that their precious son had made a lovely performance as a way to make his presence known.

“I’ve returned, father, mother,” he said, bowing down as a common gesture. His light wisteria-colored fringed scarf draped over his left shoulder, where many badges were pinned alongside a brooch. “Good tidings. I pray you have been in good health during my absence.”


Clair Lawrence wore a royal blue gown, with long tulle elegant sleeves and a bodice embellished in azure beads that slightly flowed into the skirt of the dress with a deep V neckline. 

She ran, going straight to hug her son. 

“It’s only been four years, mother,” he replied nonchalantly, with a honey smile.

“Four years without knowing your whereabouts. I know you wanted to see the world before assuming the throne, but hijacking the electronic devices monitoring your safety? Really now? How could you not expect me to be overwhelmed?”

“Leave the cheeky brat alone, Clair” 


Huffing and puffing, a man with white as snow colored hair, grey eyes and wearing a red suit with a blue undershirt, yellow tie, and white boots was crossing his legs on the throne. 

“Just because you’re my son, it doesn’t mean you’ll go unpunished. Your mother was worried sick about you. You should know better than that, Elyon.”

“Yes, King Bernard. I understand your concerns, but there is no time for our usual family banter.”

“Prince Elyon Lawrence, your timing is too impeccable for this to be a coincidence. Going straight to the point of a conversation instead of indulging in pleasantries is unusual.” His father raised an eyebrow, curiosity growing within him from the unexpected spectacle that was unfolding.

The prince was known for taking one thing at a time, as well as being a tad irresponsible when it came to his duties. However, he proved himself as the years went by. When he was needed, he acted per commands and followed rules properly, which is why his sudden reappearance caused such awe.

Queen Clair sat down on her throne, watching them both with a concerned look on her face.

“Of course, I knew you’d say something like this.” Elyon chuckled, the tense atmosphere leaving the room. “During these four years, I saw the incredible technological advances our Kingdom of Rense has to offer. I desired to understand how our people lived their daily lives and worked to sustain their lifestyles. It opened my eyes to the crucial inequality of classes regardless of these new technologies that do not reach everyone, and my burning desire to build a new place where no one will go hungry.”

Taking a deep breath, the prince swayed his hair before proceeding.

“Which is why, before such a big commitment, my heart desired to know if I could find that special someone during my travels.”

His mother gasped; King Bernard stood up in fury.

“What are you implying here?” He asked.

“Oh, nothing too fancy, father.” Elyon rapidly moved his hands frantically. “How shall I put this…? I may have… fallen for a damsel along the way…”

“You what?”

“Or I might not, haha!” The prince cleared his throat.

“I don’t care if you fooled around as long as there is nothing after the fact, you get me?”

“Of course, of course I do! That’s why I’m here to—” He turned around, just to notice something was amiss. “Huh?”

“Don’t act all stupid now and just speak!”

“Well… it seems I lost my companion along the way…”

With an apologetic look, Prince Lawrence could do nothing but accept his father's berating.


“Oh dear, oh dear… How could I get lost? This castle is way too big!”

A girl was making her way through a maze of hallways, completely puzzled by her surroundings. Everywhere she went felt like an endless labyrinth. She could swear she had seen the same painting over twenty times already.

Her hair was as waves of pure earth, softly reflecting the light of the sun that made its way through the windows; each strand moving freely in an ocean-born breeze. In contrast, she stood frozen in place, too nervous to move. With eyes of river water, in glossy serenity, her aura seeped into the humid air of the castle. And at that moment, her smile was in every God-given feature.

“I’ll make it, I know I will! Prince Lawrence must be somewhere around here…” 

While making another round, she stared deeply at the ground to see if she could find a pattern. However, she stumbled into someone.

“I’m so sorry. Please don’t send me to the torture chamber. I’m innocent!” the girl yelled, her long light-ash colored hair cascading down her back.

The girl’s piercing cerulean eyes, which seemed to hold secrets untold, couldn't bear to look at whoever she had bumped into. Her deep blue ensemble one-piece dress was covered by what seemed to be a white apron adorned with teal laces. 

“My my, we have a stray little sheep.” 

She kept her gaze fixed on the floor. Even though the voice that spoke to her was sweet and friendly, the embarrassment was killing her.

“There’s no need to worry, little sheep!” The nameless girl felt a hand patting her head, making her shoulders relax. “I heard you mention Elly’s name. Are you looking for the throne room, perhaps?”

Without opening her eyes, the girl nodded with excitement.

“I’ll take you there, no worries~☆!”


When the throne room doors opened, the King was still berating his son for his lackadaisical attitude. Three pairs of eyes were drawn to the figure standing behind it, timidly looking inside.

Knowing she had just interrupted something by the sudden silence, the unknown girl panicked. She finally turned around to look at the kind person who assisted her reach her destination just to notice they were nowhere to be seen. 

Before tears could start to roll down her cheek due to the anxiety, Elyon spoke loudly.

“There you are, I knew I hadn’t lost track of you, my dear!” With both arms extended, he threw away the rapier and ran toward the girl, hugging her.

“A-A-Ah, P-P-Prince L-L-Lawrence…!” Stuttering, she melted from the exhaustion of everything she had been through.

“Mother, Father…” Elyon turned around, his eyes shining with pride.

As the sun set on Lawrence Castle, casting a golden hue over its ancient walls, one could not help but feel a sense of awe and reverence for this magnificent bastion of royalty and power. For centuries, it has stood as a symbol of the Kingdom's strength and splendor, a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who behold it.

And all it took was a couple of words to tumble it down like a house of cards.

“This is the girl who stole my heart during my travels. The woman who showed me there was much more to this Kingdom. The love of my life and who I desire to marry, Gia Blütenzweig”

Amidst the commotion, Gia remained unconscious while the prince engaged in a battle with a fearsome opponent: approval.

“You dare marry a commoner!?” His father could not hide his anger anymore.

“That so-called tradition is ridiculous! I have the right to marry who my heart has chosen to love!”

“What will the von Taxiarchos family say…” the queen sighed. 

Her husband and son kept quarreling, the unconscious girl was being tossed around like a sack of beans.


Prince Lawrence was finally out of the throne room, his hair and clothes completely ruffled. Gia had been taken to private quarters on the Queen’s orders. Elyon composed himself, standing proud defending his beliefs alongside his rapier once again.

Until he heard a voice he had been expecting ever since he came back after four years. 

“Sounds like it was a fun family reunion, Elly!”

“Took you this damn long to finally make an appearance before my noble self…”

The prince’s smile became twisted, a smug look now plastered on his face.

“Is that how you treat me? After I guided that idiotic lost peasant girl?” 

Elyon meets the voice’s gaze.

“Princess, I’d appreciate it if you refrained from speaking so ill about my fianceé.”

Her insane laughter was contagious, like a virus infecting your whole body in a second.

Despite her carefree exterior, there's a sense of depth and complexity to the Princess.

Her attire consisted of a white blouse paired with a plaid skirt. The skirt was knee-length, with pastel green accents. Accessorized with colourful ribbons and hairpins, her long blond hair with light-blue highlights at the ends matched with her rose eyes. Just like Elyon, she wore a scarf, chartreuse in color, with several brooches symbolizing her royal status. 

Elyon stared into her gemstone eyes, her small beauty mark as captivating as ever. 

“Sure, as you say, Elly!”

Prince Lawrence started to walk back to his quarters, the maiden following closely behind with a mischievous smile. 

“I’m amused you didn’t tease her.” He said, his cheerful voice discarded like trash.

“I had to restrain myself! She’s a scaredy-cat, and those types need to be handled with care. If not, they don’t last long, especially with what’s to come!”

“This is just the beginning. My plan will not fail. I’ll make sure this Kingdom burns to ashes and every trace of royalty, technology, and inhabitant just falls and crashes to the ground. I’ll build a new nation—No, a whole new world—to guide humanity to higher heights. Breaking Rense’s Laws is just a stepping stone.”

“As always, you’re so amusing, Elly!” The girl twirled happily. “But, if you end up falling in love with that silly girl, what will you do?”

“That will not happen, everything is already calculated. Nonetheless…” Prince Lawrence looked at the Princess, ready to make his final declaration. “If that ends up happening, I will not lose sight of my goal and instead make her see my ideals as the single truth. I’ll erase all history of her previous self to see and believe my words.”

“I see, you’re so prepared, that’s stunning!”

“Stop with your fake praises, we have a lot to do.”

“Aye, aye sir. I, Micaela von Taxiarchos, will follow you to the depths of hell ~☆!”