Chapter 5:

Chapter 5: Help Is On The Way

Can I Even Trust The Level System?


Hold on a minute. I need to take a second to fucking think. Is that even possible?

I walked my rounds around the camp blasting through ideas and scenarios in my head. Trying to rationalize how Charlotte could have gotten to level two.

Is it even possible for two people to receive the same or similar quests at the same time? I mean that could be a possible explanation as to why she thought I was hitting on her. But I didn’t receive that quest until things were practically heating up anyway. Unless she got that quest before me and that was the reason why she was so flustered.

None of this makes sense. Anyway why would this system both give us a quest to kiss each other? I can’t find anything to gain from that. Unless this system god is some creep and is entertained by all this.

“Psst, Rin. It’s time for us to switch now.” Said Shin snapping me out of my spiral.

I guess there’s no point in stressing over questions that I don’t have answers to. Nor do I think I’ll be able to find those answers anytime soon.

I looked around the area that the class has decided to occupy for sleeping. Selecting a spot that was near enough to the group but still away from anyone so I could sleep in peace.

I sat on the patch of grass that I chose and just looked out at everyone. Seeing them all curled up around the fire trying to stay warm. In an entirely alien environment all because I wanted an interesting and fun life.

I couldn’t help but feel responsible for everyone here. Since it does feel like I’ve sort of dragged them into this world with me. So it’s going to be up to me to make sure everyone stays safe.

I took a deep breath and decided I should leave everything aside for tomorrow morning. Since I felt that though I couldn’t do anything if I was tired the next day. I laid down and closed my eyes to sleep. And from what it felt like, a second went by before I was awake again.

From what it looked like I was the first person to wake up. Which was a good thing since I looked over to my right and Charlotte was asleep next to me. I lightly blew some air onto her face to wake her up.

"Good morning. Thought you would prefer if people didn't wake up to you clinging to me." I said softly as she rubbed her eyes.

"O-oh sorry. By chance do you know where I put my glasses?" She said with a slight blush to her cheeks.

"They're right here." I said as I slid them onto her face.

Charlotte smiled and just mouthed back "Thank you".

While most people were still asleep I decided to open up my stats window. To re-familiarize myself with the system and hopefully memorize my stats. Though when I opened it everything was blank.

Where is everything?





Is the system really talking back to me right now?



I feel like some of my questions have been resolved a little now.



Without a second thought I closed the system window to forcefully end the conversation.

"Rin, are you okay?" Charlotte asked noticing my annoyance.

"I'm fine." I responded.

"GAHHH! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Tachibana exploded scaring everyone awake. "It's been a whole damn day! And none of you have done anything remotely useful! Instead we have been rely on the most useless students of this whole class!"

Tachibana is the last person I wanted to make a scene. Stubborn, not the brightest, with anger issues that explode out of nowhere. I heard rumors he used to be a gangster but that could just be because he looks scary. With his red hair and a nasty scar running over his eye.

"And you're suggesting we follow behind you?" Shiro asked.

"Huh!? Shiro tell me why you sounded like that was supposed to be an insult?" Tachibana said marching over towards him.

"Because it was." He responded.

"Listen here Shiro. If I wanted to kill a useless bitch like you, I could. This isn't our world meaning we don't have our laws so I don’t have to pretend to be so innocent like some of you." Tachibana said as he held Shiro by his shirt.

"Gentlemen. Let's all calm down please." Charlotte said trying to deescalate the situation.

"Huh? Why should I listen to someone like you anymore? This isn't the classroom anymore and I think you've learned that last-" Tachibana started.

Before he could even finish that sentence I copied Shin's stats. Quickly flashed over there with high speeds and punched him in the gut. Knocking him unconscious from the impact. The funny part about that is that Shin did the exact same thing and was in perfect sync with me.

"Now that that's all settled. Yanase, would you mind carrying him along with us." Shin asked with a polite smile.

Yanase is a mountain of a man. But what most people don't know is that he is an absolute teddy bear if you get past the fear of seeing a man this large. I also don't think I've ever heard him speak. He usually just nods and waves which is fine because we can get by on that.

"Do you have some sort of plan to get us out of this forest?" Sakura asked approaching us.

"Thank you Sakura for an amazing question. I do actually have a plan. Since now I know that adventurer's come through this area we have someone that could lead us out. But how do we have them find us? Easy! Ms. Gold here will use some fire magic to shoot up a flare." I explained trying to keep the momentum on our side before questions come up.

"This plan might just work." Shiro said talking to himself.

"Do you think you can do it?" I asked Charlotte.

"I don't know. But I'll try, all I have to do is remember last night and use that." She said softly so only I could hear.

"Exactly. Now give it a shot."

Charlotte closed her eyes focusing all of her attention on the magic she wanted to use. This time the flame appeared in her hand faster then when we practiced. She sent the flame upwards into the sky exploding over us in a web of flames.

"I don't remember teaching you that." I said shocked by just how much she improved.

"I mean it came to me a lot easier thanks to you." She said, which reminded me that she leveled up last night.

"You mean the level you got off of me?" I asked.

Charlotte's expression changed in a flash to one of fear. I don't know why but seeing that she was afraid that I knew. It made me angry.

"R-" Ms. Gold started.

"Is everyone alright over here-? Wow. What is going on here." An adventurer said as he entered the opening in the forest that we stood in.

Well that was a lot faster than I thought it was going to be. But it saves me from an uncomfortable conversation.

Hmm, they're all humans. I was kind of hoping to see some other races in this fantasy world. Like maybe some elves or dwarves. Maybe something I never would have guessed but I can't be that picky about who came to rescue us.

"Yay! We're finally saved!" Screamed Sakura sparking others to cheer.

"I don't really know what's going on but my party and I will lead you out of the woods." The adventurer said.

"Oh thank you."

Reflect Charlotte.

Oh yeah she definitely did level up. I don't remember the stat spread being this wide nor her ability giving this much of a description.

From what I could get from Appraising Eye I was able to find out that his party is made up of two knights and an archer. Which I don't know how well that party diversity will work out for them in the long run. Especially since all of their stats are way too spread and none of them specialize really into any role.

However, the most interesting thing is this knight leading us right now. He's the only one that doesn't have an occupation set as Adventurer.