Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Isekai'd Alien

It was just like another bright, sunny day for Farmer Pete, who lived in a forest, scaring off crows, attending to the crops near his home, and guarding his home with his bastard sword against any monsters lurking around. Life was not perfect, but he was happy with that.

"Hm, what's that?" He said this as he looked up into the sky and noticed an object of scorching heat hurtling rapidly towards the earth.

(It's maybe another space rock, but why is this one so big?) Farmer Pete stared at the space rock for a while as it was coming down, but quickly realized the space rock was aiming towards his location. Shocked by the situation, he quickly ran inside the house to grab something important in order to abandon the area. However, before he could leave the house, it was already too late.

The space rock had crashed down on his crops, causing an explosion. A barroom sound roared throughout the air, destroying the farmer's house and everything that was near it. The only thing that was left was a giant crater and a space rock that was a boulder.

Hours and hours passed as numerous people came to witness the aftermath of the space boulder, filling the area with their cries, whispers, and examinations.

One man from the crowd said, “Why is this happening? Our food supply is gone."

A woman from the crowd said, “Do you think the gods and goddesses are punishing us?” and continued, “Maybe the tyrant king made a deal with a demon, because we refuse to worship him."

The crowd started whispering, agreeing with the woman.

"I heard from the next town that people from there were disappearing," said the man from the crowd.

“THE SAVIOR IS COMING!" A man yelled out.

Riding on a blue giant dragon, a short-haired, brown-skinned, 5'2 tall woman with brushy eyebrows, eyes as brown as the stone, small lips, and a figure that would put models to shame.

Flew into the city and landed next to the crowd of villages next to the space boulder. The villagers gathered around and jumped for joy.

A man from the back of the crowd rushed to the front by pushing people to approach the savior, who was wearing a black and gold one-piece swimsuit with iron shoulder pads on each of her shoulders. It looked like modified Knight gear mixed with a cropped jacket and a swimsuit.

"Savior, you're here. Welcome back. Please let me carry your stuff if you have any."

The savior spoke to the man calmly: "I keep telling you all to stop calling me savior; I have a name; it's Sushila Aegle."

The man scratched at the back of his head and said nervously, "Sorry, I forgot," giving off an awkward laughter.

"But I am glad to be back." She said, giving off a smile, and continued, "What exactly happened when I was gone? Did a high-class mage enter the village?"

"No, but a space rock has been discovered, and farmer Pete, along with his crops, has disappeared," stated the man.

A moment of silence transpired to honor farmer Pete, but moments after the silence was done, a woman from the crowd yelled out to Sushila, “Is this the work of that king? I have been hearing from the next town that people are disappearing every night."

Concerns began to arise as whispers about the food supply being shorted, the death of farmer Pete, and the king's attempted invasions spread among everyone.

Sushila Aegle clapped her hand to cool down the villagers and spoke in a bold voice fitting for a commander, expressing their concerns. “Please don’t be sadden by Farm Pete's death; he was a great soldier during his time and knew one day he would have died in battle. He wouldn't want you all to be saddened by his death; he would want y’all to continue living and continuing this village even when we might be one of the few villages that isn’t corrupted by the new way of the king. So go on living and being glorious for farmer Pete's sake."

The man who went to speak to Sushila agreed and put his two cents into what Sushila was saying: “She’s right, we shouldn't let this burden us; we will start new crops, and the men will keep watch around the village, so continue living for this village and farmer Pete.” He raised his hand as if he were fisting the sky with one hand and yelled, “As long as the Savior is here, nobody will fall into harm's way. So, believe in your savior and in each one of us!"

Each of the village's members whispered to each other, agreeing with the man and Sushila.

Sushila was happy the villages were now calming down, and she then asked the man, "Could you lead to the space boulder?"

The man nodded and guided Sushila to the boulder. When she reached there, she found two men in a giant hole inspecting the boulder, using magic to scan it. They stopped as they wanted to take a break, with one of them wearing a blue shirt and the other wearing a red one.

"Did you find where the location of the spell was cast?" said the man who was guiding Sushila to the two men.

"Nope, nothing," said the blue-shirt man.

"We are picking up mana inside the rock, but it seems untraceable," said the red-shirt man.

Sushila's guide gave a concerning look and asked, "Are they blocking the detection with a spell?"

The man in blue laughed nervously, "No, it seems that the mana inside seems different, like it has various traits to ours, but this one doesn't feel like the same as ours."

Sushila was worried that if this is a new kind of spell the king is working on, not even village mages would be able to warn them about an incoming magical assault.

The man in red said as he pointed his hand towards the boulder. " System: Tracer level five" the man in red said, as a cyan-colored magic circle formed with eyeballs formed in his hand and round the space boulder, the magic circles round the boulder started rotating around it as if they were rotating around the sun.