Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 - Before It Happened

A Frozen Wasteland

"ATTACK SOLDIERS!! KILL THEM ALL, DONT BACK DOWN!" The platoon commander shouts.
The soldiers without hesitation run at the enemy, each getting shot down 1 by 1 by 1. Erik hides down in the trenches, the commander notices him and says, "ERIK? WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO FIGHT THEM!" Erik stays still, almost frozen in time from the shock of all the explosions around him. He snaps back and slowly aims his rifle at one of "them". He takes a deep breath and shoots. In his mind, he hit it but he missed. The machine gunner started gunning at the men. Erik decides to run away. "ERIK COME BACK WE NEED YOU!" Erik ignores them and keeps running, bombs dropping all around him. Images replaying in his head, the shock, the trauma, everything. Everything will haunt him for all the time that he lives. Erik thinks to himself, "Why did I do this?" When suddenly, from nowhere, a man shoots his leg with a revolver. "ARGH" Erik screams out in pain. The man comes up to him but before he can react, Erik grabs his knife and throws it in his eye. "Y-You fucking bastard!" the man shouts but before he can get another word in Erik kicks his leg and punches him in the eye. "Don't do that ever again, you understand? You're lucky I left you alive this time. Erik decides to camp out in one of the nearby buildings. He manages to get into one and turns on the radio. "DANGER DANGER. NUCLEAR BOMB WARNING. RUN AWAY AND HIDE." Erik thinks, "What is a nuclear bomb? Is that some new type of bomb I haven't heard about? Maybe the higher-ups don't want to tell us, well whatever it is I need to hide." Erik dashes out and looks for a nearby bunker, fortunately, he finds one and it is... empty? Oh well, time to close the door. As the door is almost closed, the commander runs over to him with the entire platoon and says, "WAIT ERIK, PLEASE, LET US IN!!" Erik decides to let them in.

Chapter 1 ---- Before it happened.

A Frozen Wasteland