Chapter 167:

Eisen’s Bitches

Mad God

Inside the wolves' village, on a cleared field, eight youngsters were gathering together. They stood straight as a rod, and they were led by Kago. Some older, more curious wolves were standing nearby, watching them, as Eisen stood before the group with a grin and crossed arms.

"Well, well, well… So you eight are going to be my little toys for the foreseeable future, eh?" She looked at them with provoking eyes.

"We were assigned under you, that is all," Kago answered with a cold voice, not looking into her eyes. He was watching Vex, who stood a few meters off to the right behind Eisen, acting as vice-captain of this newly formed squad.

"Ahaha, well, sorry, my little bitches~" Eisen clicked her tongue, walking closer to him specifically.

"We are all males." His quick answer arrived just as she finished speaking.

"Really?" Eisen stopped before Kago, looking into his eyes. "To me, you look like a bitch. Aren't you one?" She reached out to touch his face, and it was the trigger that sent Kago into a fury that he was trying to hold back.

At the back, Vex remained silent. He knew Kago's body language like the back of his hand. Seeing the signs that he was going to blow his top at any moment, he was waiting to see how the human was going to handle the situation. He was curious as to why the human was always provoking the youngsters, and he also wanted to see her suffer some setbacks for how she addressed them. As soon as Eisen's hands touched Kago's head, the young wolf grabbed onto it and wanted to drive his knee into her stomach.

"Ohoho~" She laughed, stopping his knee with her other hand. She was going along with it all and simply headbutted him as hard as she could.

With a loud yelp, Kago stumbled backward, but it was followed by an enraged roar. His eyes became bloodshot, and he jumped on Eisen, following only his instincts. All of his punches and kicks were aimed at her vital points.

"Good, that is a lot better!" Eisen smirked, dodging every attack, returning only one kick and sending Kago flying backward. He stayed collected as he flipped in the air, and by the time he landed, he was in his original wolf form, rushing at her once again. "Nice fur!" She licked her lips, and her body flickered with bluish lighting. She was now using even more strength to dodge the attacks that shattered the ground and threw mud and rocks into the air.

The rest of the youngsters cheered on, seeing the human only dodging and seemingly on the run from Kago's assault. On the other hand, Vex just softly sighed, shaking his head. He was sensing the power that Eisen wielded, and it was stronger than his own. If she wanted to do so, she could trample all of them at once. She was only playing with Kago.

"You can only dodge now?!" Kago laughed after missing a bite as the tattooed woman slipped away from him once again.

"Mmm? No, I'm just having fun with my little girlfriend here~" She licked her lips and punched out so quickly that Kago could not even see it. What came next was the jarring feeling at his side. A stabbing pain entered his body from the left, forcing a whimper out of his mouth. "Awww, you are so cute when you moan like a bitch!"

"Shut up!" He barked with almost a foaming mouth after regaining his balance. His energies rumbled out with all that he could muster. His paw swiped quickly at her, leaving behind a reddish mark in the air, hitting Eisen for the first time. She skidded backward as her lightning-covered arms blocked Kago's attack. "You are the bitch…" Kago groaned as he just flopped forward, gasping for air. Eisen said nothing, just grinned, walking forward and crouching down before him.

"How are ya' feelin'?" She asked, looking into his eyes with a grin.

"Hmf…" He answered with only a snort, blowing up dust from the ground as he pushed himself up, transforming back into a human form. His eyes were already much, much calmer and less cold than ever before. "Next time, I'll get you..."

"You can try! Until then, you are my little bitchboy~" She laughed, patting his head and scratching the back of his ears. It was making Kago groan, but he had no energy to draw away his head. "Listen well!" Eisen shouted as she stood up, turning towards the rest. "From now on, I am your leader! I don't care about your opinions towards me, none at all… but prepare yourselves! We are going to do things differently! I'm here because you are in a tough situation. If you think you know it better than me, then get the fuck out of my sight and go fight with the tigers on your own! I see it has gone well so far, hasn't it?" She asked, but her face remained calm and indifferent. "Hiding here, between your elders' legs like little bitches!" Her words made the youngsters close their mouths immediately, making sure they could not argue with her. Even Kago watched her solemnly. "Now…" She opened her arms wide. "Come at me, ya' all! Let us decide the rankings inside my little pack of bitches! Kago is going to be my main bitch, and you are all nothing but side bitches~ The question is, who is going to be the bottom bitch~" As soon as she finished, a chaotic brawl ensued between seven wolves and one human.


"Was it necessary to humiliate them?" Vex asked Eisen, who was now cleaning herself with a towel. Not far from them, on the ground, the rest of the youngsters were gasping for air, barely able to move. They were helped up by Kago, who had regained most of his own energies by now.

"Yeah." She nodded without thinking, "Especially my little whitey!" She said as she picked out a cigarette, lit it up, and blew out a big cloud of smoke. It was making Vex cough and avoid it as quickly as possible. It was the most dreadful stink he ever experienced in his life.

"What the hell is that?" He groaned, and it was the first time that he lost his composure.

"Ahaha, a cigarette! Want one?" She held it towards him, but Vex just shook his head quickly and vehemently. "Anyway, you all have gone and fucked it up!"

"Huh?" He furrowed his brows, fanning away the smoke that she had just blown out through her nose.

"For starters, you taught a berserker how to reign in his emotions! You did nothing but limit his potential and growth! I'm here to release him from the shackles and let him rampage! His blood is boiling, and if he can't release it, you are going to kill or maim him!"

"Uncontrollable bloodlust is not an advantage. It would endanger every mission he is sent on!" Vex argued.

"Then it just means that you are sending him on the wrong mission!" She replied with a stone-cold voice. "It is the leader's job to identify his or her underlings' potential and send them on missions that are suited to them! It's not his fault if the assignment fails but yours because you misused the weapon in your hands! I am here to correct that. Just watch and learn, old man!" She scoffed as she walked past him. "I'll make these little bitches into such bad boys you are going to piss yourself!"


The sky was filled with thick, gray clouds, ready to shower the forest with rain at any given time. Behind a wooden wall was an old, destroyed village. Now, it was serving as a camp for the tigers, housing not just the 15 tiger warriors but a group of cheetahs, jaguars, and leopards, numbering 30 demons in total.

"I really hate the weather here…" One of the cheetahs groaned, standing at the entrance to their camp, doing guard duty with a jaguar demon.

"No need to mention it…" His partner rolled his eyes. "We have been stationed here for a month now… but we should move to the next target already. It gives me the creeps to live in this village."

“Yeah… knowing what happened here…” He murmured as he looked backward, remembering how they massacred any opposition in this village. Those who survived, young and old, were deported away in chains. "It makes your skin crawl at night." It was that moment when a thunderclap resonated high above them. As the cheetah looked up, expecting the rain to start falling, there was nothing. "Huh?" He tilted his head as he heard the sound of water drops hitting the ground, yet nothing came down from above.

When he looked at his partner, he only saw a decapitated body falling to its side, and the sound he heard came from the jaguar's head. It was sitting on a blade that was floating beside him, all by itself. Before he could scream for help, it moved once again, stabbing through his head and nailing him onto the wooden wall before retreating into darkness.

"Two down," Poli said, standing high up in the air, masked amongst the clouds, controlling his sword from far away while Emi stood next to him. "Are we going to do it?"

"It is the quickest way." Emi nodded. "Weren't you excited to catch up to your Master?" She smiled at him. "This technique would impress even her, I'm sure~."

"Ahaha… hopefully! Let us try it then!"

Emi just nodded before transforming into her fox form, reminding Poli of how they first met a decade ago. He simply smiled at the already distant memory. Emi now had four fox tails swiping the air behind her, starting to glow in a deep orange color as she opened her mouth. She was letting a flaming ball form inside it, getting hotter and hotter. The heat emitting from it started to churn the gray clouds around them, and the energy radiating from it had already alerted the tiger forces below them. They were scrambling inside the camp, trying to find the source of it.

"Let's start it!" Poli clicked his tongue, moving his hand. Down below, his sword swept forward, stabbing itself right into the middle of the camp.

"What is this?!" A tiger shouted. As their captain, he was responsible for this group of big cats. He was grabbing onto the hilt of the sword, which appeared from nowhere and almost stabbed into him.

As soon as his fingers coiled around the hilt, thunder rumbled, and bolts of lightning struck him from the sky. They were drawing a long and deep scream out of his throat. It was followed by another, more feminine roar as Emi let loose her attack. A thick column of fire descended from high above, like a tornado, following the still-raining lighting bolts aimed at Poli's sword. Fire, mixing with lightning, rampaged inside the camp of the tigers in the next moment. It was coming down from the sky like it was the end of time. Panic immediately ensued, but there was no escape as any demon who tried to run for it only heard an explosion behind them. After that, a sword coated in fire, moving at the speed of lightning, decapitated them one by one.

When the raging fire tornado, spewing lightning and balls of flame everywhere, finally dispersed, only the burning village remained, with no survivors. Every one of them was either killed by Poli's sword or the lightning firestorm, burnt to a completely black, charred corpse. From high above, they watched the aftermath as the clouds finally joined in, rumbling on their own. The rain started to pour down heavily a minute later, extinguishing the burning outpost.

"No way…" A wolf scout murmured. He was under Rufus's order to monitor the humans' actions.

"They destroyed a camp full of warriors just like that?" Another asked from the same four-man scouting group.

"If we saw the same thing… yes…" The third nodded.

"We can do this." Their leader gulped, shaking a little. "If we have power like theirs, we can take back our homes!"

Their excitement quickly spread as news got back home. Especially when other groups confirmed that another camp was destroyed by the hands of 01 and Sezel. It was the first time they achieved any victories. Especially two on the same day? It never happened, not since they were pushed this far back.

"Everyone should get ready," Chono said, holding a meeting for their leaders. "This is going to draw the tigers' wrath onto us, and we need to be ready for their response! Which is going to be heavy."

"Good." Rufus nodded. It was the first time I saw him with a smile. "Finally, we were on the offense for once! We are going to not just hold them back but repel them!"

"Yes." Luto agreed with a fiery look. "Let them come! It is time that we push them back to where they belong!"

Soon, the whole room was filled with the howls of wolves, spreading outside, far and wide, making every other wolf realize everything was changing.