Chapter 1:

Red, Then Black Follows(1)

The Nameless Traveller

Chapter One: Red, Then Black Follows

He—or is it? The figure before me was waving just moments ago. No eyes, no nose, no ears—just a charcoal darkness, smiling eerily. Even without knowing where I am, I shouldn't approach it. I stand there, gazing at the figure, wondering if it's looking at me, though it has no eyes. A part of me wants to speak, but my instincts scream against it.

Running seems like a tempting option, but also a reckless one. What if it starts chasing me like some crazed monster? With my feet sinking into the snow, escape would be even more challenging. My only defense against the biting cold is my brown coat and the sight of the small, fragile trees, partly coated in ice, fills me with unease.

Summoning a bit of courage, I asked, "Um, hi. I don't know my name or where I came from. If you're able to speak, could you please tell me your name?"

It tilts its head in response. Are we speaking different languages? I can't be certain. But one thing is clear: I'm trapped here until real panic sets in and forces me to run.