Chapter 169:

Moonlight Showdown (2)

Mad God

High up in the sky, below the light of the full moon, blue lightning flashed as Eisen was flying backward. She was shooting bolts of lightning from her fingers, hitting Baagh's figure and chasing her. He was taking them on with his bare chest, laughing with a loud snarl.

"It only tickles, human!" He said with a voice that sounded like a tiger roar as he pursued her relentlessly.

"I know." Her answer came as she flashed once again, rushing further away quickly. She was holding an energy bow in her hands as she turned around, knocking a huge energy arrow onto it.

Baagh's expression finally changed, seeing and feeling it. The attack came as fast as lightning, hitting him before he could dodge it. His huge figure flew backward, smoking, and small blue sparks flashed around his body constantly. Eisen did not stop, already knocking another arrow, now aiming further up in the sky, letting it loose. Her shot quickly scattered, and dozens of smaller arrows were raining down on Baagh's figure. They were guided by their previous 'tickling' strikes of hers, so no matter what he tried, all of them hit him.

"Enough!" Baagh roared, transforming into a saber-toothed tiger. He was huge, almost as big as a house, and he just bit down with a resounding clap. The soundwave alone from his bite deflected Eisen's follow-up shots. "You are weak, human!" He roared as he swiped his giant claws, sending bloody arcs of energies forward. She barely managed to dodge it and watched as the forest below her got turned upside down. It was shattering trees and rocks as it landed behind her.

"Bad kitty, smelly kitty!" Eisen giggled, taking out a little bottle, opening it up, and gulping down its contents. She was shivering while it flowed down her throat. "Ohhh… that is some good shit!" She spat, stretching out her hands, holding them like she was grabbing onto the hilt of a sword, while her face shone with a tinge of pinkish hue.

As she moved her fingers, a giant greatsword appeared before her. It was larger than Baagh himself. She shouted with a happy voice as she swung it down with all her might. The General stood up in the air, grabbing onto the blue, glittering energy blade with his two front paws, clapping it between them. It spewed wild arcs of lightning everywhere, lighting up the night with blinding flashes, even kilometers away. Eisen was trying to bring it down, cleaving him into two, but it was stuck between Baagh's claws.

"Hahaha, this is nothing!" He laughed as a wild, deep red aura surfaced from his body. He was activating the blessing he got from his King when he was named his General. His claws started to sink into Eisen's weapon, cracking it and shattering the whole technique in a huge blast, blowing both of them out of the sky.

As thunder rumbled, Eisen crashed into the ground like a meteor, coughing up blood, feeling like a mountain was pressing down onto her chest.

"Damn… I'm not built for one-on-one confrontations…" She groaned, standing up with a wobble. She was watching Baagh climbing out from his own pit, turning back into his human form. He was grinning at her, shaking off the damage and just spitting out the blood from between his lips.

"That's it, human?" Baagh cracked his shoulders, releasing the remains of Eisen's energy in his body. "I think I'll take you with me! The King would like to tear you apart by himself with his own royal scepter!"

"Bwahaha!" Eisen laughed like a child at his words. "You call it a scepter?! Geez, you fucking idiot, how old are you? Twelve?! Scepter… damn, that is good! Haaah, thanks!" She laughed raucously, enraging her opponent. "It is called a fucking dick, you dumbass!"

"Let us see how you are going to laugh when I drag you through the mud!" He stepped forward, wanting to slam Eisen back into the ground. He was halfway there when a white light flashed, coming from his left. It was Kago, in his wolf form, slamming straight into Baagh. Yet he just bounced off of him like a bullet hitting a steel wall. "Huh? What does a dog do here?" Baagh looked at him without fear, stopping in his tracks.

"Yeah, I'd like to know that too!" Eisen sighed, watching Kago standing up and growling at Baagh.

"Oh, you have nice fur, kid! Are you an Ice Wolf? I thought we killed you all off! Good! I always lamented that I was not there to fight against your kind! Come, come! Show me what you go-" Baagh turned towards him, but just as he did, Eisen was upon him with a punch, aiming at his face.

Baagh clearly did not expect it, and with a loud crack, his long, right canine tooth broke off. It was flying through the air, spinning wildly while he spurted out a mouthful of blood, stumbling to the sides. Kago acted quickly, jumping forward, grabbing the almost tusk-like tooth in his hand as he transformed and started using it as a dagger, stabbing toward him. Baagh, by reflex, raised his hand, grabbing at it. His own tooth went through his palm the next moment. He ignored the pain and firmly held onto Kago's fist. He was a bit stumped at being injured by his own tooth, but then, with a shout, he just broke the young wolf's arm. He wanted to tear it off completely. He was raging at the fact he was injured. He managed to draw a sharp yelp from Kago's lips when the wolf's arm was bending in the wrong way, with bones sticking out from it. Kago quickly reined in his own pain and transformed his head, and with a howl, he let loose a cold breath, freezing Baagh's face completely. It made the warrior distance himself, releasing his iron grip. Eisen was already upon him, and she tried to punch him in the face once again, but Baagh hurriedly skipped backward.

"Why are you still here?" Esien asked with a heavy breath as Kago stood up behind her, holding his hand, showing his white bone sticking out, bleeding profusely.

"Got lost." He answered, holding in his pain, but his chest was heaving up and down frantically.

"Idiot." Eisen groaned, stepping forward, blocking a fist coming from Baagh, who was rushing at them again. His eyes were burning with pure rage, fueled by the strength buff from his King. The giant tiger's fist made Eisen fly backward, hitting Kago. The two of them only stopped when they hit a tree, sending splinters everywhere.

"I'll kill you for this!" He roared, walking forward, pulling his tooth out of his hand, throwing it away without thinking. Raising his fists, holding them together, he was ready to smash down Eisen's head. It got stopped in the air as a purple hand, made out of purely lightning, stretched out from Eisen's back, taking shape in an instant.

"Boss!" Eisen grinned, forgetting the pain that was coursing through her body.

"Deja vu." Ren's voice resonated everywhere as her clone emerged from Eisen's body. She was looking corporeal but still managed to push back the saber-toothed tiger. Baagh finally realized that something was off.

"Hopefully, he does not detonate himself." Eisen sat up with a chuckle, wiping the blood from her lips.

"He will not," Ren said before looking back over her shoulder. Kago watched on with surprise. It was weird to see another human just emerging from his captain's body.

"How far are you?" Eisen asked, already relaxed by Ren's presence alone.

"I'm not coming." Her Boss answered. "I don't need to." She added quickly with a smirk hanging on her lips.

"I don't know who you are, but you're not real, human! You don't stand a chance!" Baagh shook his body, even though his instincts told him otherwise.

Ren's clone easily kept up with his attacks, dodging them like nothing, watching him with a calm and even bored pair of eyes. Their exchange of moves, or more precisely, her avoiding every punch, kick, or bite, went on for minutes before Baagh stopped, steaming from the top of his head.

"Fight properly, you bastard!" He shouted at Ren.

"I am fighting properly. You are just too damn slow." Ren replied with a yawn. "I'm bored; you guys finish it." She shrugged, stepping forward, already standing before Baagh. She just lit up with a flash, followed by a devastating explosion. When the dust settled, Baagh was charred at multiple spots, still digging himself up from the rubble. 01, 02, and Sezel has already arrived, surrounding him completely.

"Damn, you got your ass whooped, girl!" 02 chuckled while Eisen just smacked her lips.

"You know I like it rough!" She moaned, making the trio roll their eyes. "I'm built for speed, not for brawling. He is strong."

"We know." 01 nodded, not taking his eyes off of Baagh. His hands were already ablaze, an orange flame coating them fully.

Even though Baagh was glowing with the blessing of his King and brimmed with energy, ready to fight, his instincts finally started to affect his brain and thoughts in a positive way.

"You humans really are audacious… this is not your land, yet you interfere with what is going on here!" He spat, watching them with scorn.

"Though luck." Eisen stood up, joining her three friends. "When our Boss tells us to do something, we do it! Lament your own luck, scepter-boy!"

"Let's just kill him." Sezel stepped forward, but as soon as she lifted her leg, Baagh knelt down, punching the ground with such force it created a small earthquake. He was splitting it up in every direction and using the small chance of them losing their balance for a second to escape with his life.

"Stop." Ren's voice resonated in their heads when they wanted to pursue him. "Let him go. Instead of him, go and collect the strange weapons they used. I'm interested in them more."

"Yes." 01 and 02 nodded immediately, flying up, going after the squad that Baagh had left behind. They were leaving none alive, killing them for their cores and seizing the weapons for Ren.

"You good?" Sezel walked next to them, crouching down and giving a pill to Kago. After sniffing it a little, he just popped it inside his mouth. He was surprised at how quickly the pain left him, and his broken hand started to realign itself without any help.

"What was this miracle thing you gave me?" Kago asked, almost salivating, looking at Sezel. He never imagined something like this could even exist.

"Condensed breast milk from these giant juuuuuugs!" Eisen said, butting in, hugging Sezel from behind, grabbing onto her breasts, fondling them with an almost painful force.

"Cut it out!" Sezel groaned, but Kago's face was already beet red. His tail wagging, watching the show, forgetting the death battle they just went through. All were in the past, and only the current scenery mattered to him. "It was only a Tier 3 regeneration pill," Sezel answered in the meanwhile, trying to fight back Eisen's advances.

"Why are you sstttruggliiiing? Let the kid enjoooooy it!" Eisen laughed, trying to strip her naked, but Sezel finally grabbed her hands and pulled her off her back.

"You're totally wasted…" She sighed, twisting her hands to her back, the only way she could keep Eisen still.

"Maaaybe~ I drank a little for extra poweeeeer….! Fufufu… That drug is awsooome, now I'm tingliiiing~" She replied, as her body was already turning pinkish.

"What is going on?" Kago shook himself back to reality. Hearing her words, a concerned look appeared on his young face.

"Nothing," Sezel replied with an annoyed voice. "She was a junkie, and she is relapsing. This is just an aftereffect of taking drugs while doing battle."

"Those orange mooonkaaays got the best stuff!" She said, slurring her words by now. She was salivating everywhere like a real dog, getting weaker and weaker under Sezel's grip. "I loveeeeeee this!"

"Haaah… this is going to be annoying." She rolled her eyes. "Can you walk?"

"Y-yes!" Kago nodded, standing up and following them as they left the battlefield.

Finally, meeting at the agreed location, the rest of the wolves took a deep breath after seeing everyone had survived the sudden ordeal. They were meeting in a cave hidden behind a small waterfall, and when Sezel put Eisen down, she was barely herself. She was mumbling incoherently and drooling heavily.

"Are you okay?" Vex stepped before Kago, checking his body, relaxing only when he found no serious injuries on him.

"Y-yeah." He nodded, still looking behind Vex, watching the drugged-up Eisen.

"We can't relax!" Vex said, turning towards the rest. "Start scouting the area! We were found once; we can be found again!"

The youngsters quickly nodded, rushing out from the cave to follow their standard instructions and keep vigil through the rest of the night. After they disappeared, Sezel just stepped next to Vex with a raised eyebrow.

"We were not followed, and that guy also fled." She said it to Vex, who just nodded quickly.

"I know. But they don't. It's best if they learn to not lower their guard and remain sharp when we are behind enemy lines!" He stepped forward and also walked out of the cave. "Plus, Kago needs rest." He added with a smile before disappearing.

"Heh… he likes you a lot, huh?" Sezel patted Kago's shoulder.

"Mmm…" He nodded with a soft light in his eyes. "He is like my second father…"

"That is good… plus he was right. You two need rest! Look after her, okay? I'll need to go and meet up with my comrades!"

"Yes. And thank you!" He said, bowing towards Sezel, who just nodded as she left.

Now, only the two of them remained inside the dark cave, and the falling water kept out any noise from the outside world… or from the inside. He felt excited and tired at the same time. He was going through the battle inside his head while he sat down beside Eisen. Only a little time passed when Kago was jarred out from his strange, trance-like state as two hands hugged him from behind as a burningly hot, naked body snuggled up against him.

"What-?!" He blinked his eyes, but the two hands were already slipping inside his pants, and he felt a soft lip biting into his ear.

"Come on… be my little bitch~" Eisen whispered before pushing him down, and the waterfall muffled the cries coming from the cave, going unnoticed for even Vex's airs, who was standing guard not that far away.