Chapter 96:

The Purest of All

Royal Princess of Blood

Vernon took a deep breath as he stood in front of the door to the princess’s room.

A couple of seconds later, he knocked on the door and asked for permission to enter. He was immediately given one and entered inside.

Mera was also inside the room. She had yet to retire to her quarters since the princess had yet to rest. Reason for this was because they were waiting for Vernon since the princess asked for a report after their dinner.

Then he moved his eyes further and he saw the princess leaning out the window, the gentle breeze blowing strands of platinum hair waving in the air. The darkness spread outside and was only lit by the gentle moonlight.

Then the princess spoke to Vernon as her gaze remained outside.

“So, is there anything that you learned?”

“My apologies, but we learned nothing.”


For the first time in this moment, the princess looked back towards Vernon. Her crimson eyes were so innocent, but Vernon felt chills down his spine. Perhaps this innocence of her was what was scary about the princess.

“Yes. We asked why they were trying to kill you, but Allie insisted that she didn’t know. That’s all she said.”

“I see.”

Her voice, she sounded like she wasn’t disappointed at all. Did she perhaps have thought of this possibility? Now that he thought about it, the princess seemed to possess the good qualities of a monarch in his opinion.

She was kind to her subordinates, compassionate, and pure, not to mention her glorious appearance. Then other than that, she had the will to harden her heart to achieve her goal. Like what happened to Mera. Then her methods, she didn’t seem to hesitate to do somewhat cruel methods when it was necessary.

Then there was this excellence from her that Vernon had yet to fully behold. Perhaps… Perhaps the princess would make a decent Queen.

Princess, I think you can be queen. No, I have the feeling that you are worthy of the throne.

He mused.

That was what he began to think. The two princes were fine. Especially the eldest one. However, the bad side of that one was that he was too focused on diplomacy. He would prefer to use diplomacy above all else and would utterly prefer not to use violence. Furthermore, he didn’t get the impression that the eldest prince was willing to make a decision that would be cruel in his eyes, or someone else’s.

He would be limited in his options, and that might obstruct his decisiveness. He needed to be changed.

Prince Estevan on the other hand hated paperwork. He only wanted to be with his knight friends, and preferred mostly to fight. Perhaps he got that most from his father. But because of that, it might cause some issues in his rule if he neglects his other duties.

But the princess was fine with paper work, and was even more enthusiastic with it than Prince Estevan. The princess was even willing to face the enemy head on, like what happened both with Oryn and Allie. She could have brought Vernon along, but she ordered him not to, just for the higher chance that the opposition would act at the opportunity.

“Vernon, what about his colleagues?”

He realized that he was lost in thought when the princess called out his name.

“... She refused to speak about them.”


The princess leaned again on the window.

“She mentioned her friends when we spoke… They must be within the city. Adding the message that came to Oryn’s room, it is made even more certain. However, it’s not a hundred percent sure.”

There she was again, her calculated words that he at first never thought the princess would do.

“At any rate, it is highly possible they are here in the capital. Be careful when you face them, she mentioned they were strong.”

She even managed to get that information!?

Vernon was awestruck.

“It is best to assume that they are at the level of Oryn.”

“I understand, your highness, I will convey this to His Majesty.”

The princess glanced back and smiled widely with a nod.

She stared out again and took a deep breath.

“The moon lights the world from the clear skies above. This is a good opportunity, I wasn’t able to see it.”

“Milady, what is?”

The princess turned around with an excited smile.

“Let’s go to the garden before we sleep, will you come with me?”

“Of course, milady.”

“Yes, your highness.”

“Splendid! Let’s go!”

The princess walked out of the room followed by her two servants. They went down the stairs and shortly reached the door which leads to the royal garden.

The princess opened the door with no hesitation. When the garden came to view, the princess’s eyes widened as her pupil reflected beautiful colored lights.

Vernon had seen this scene several times already. But the princess looked like she had only seen this for the first time. Like a child finally being set free to see the wonders of the world.

The princess seemed to be unable to speak but only slowly walked further into the garden. The gentle light had begun to touch their skin as petals fluttered in the air, but Vernon and Mera were way behind the princess when the glowing fluttering petals of wisteria swirled around her.

The light of the moon descended into the world and reached the earth, and in turn touched the flowers of wisteria. The countless purple wisteria which filled the wide garden illuminated a gentle radiance which made the scene so mystical. Countless petals sparkled like stars, but way more beautiful to behold.

The princess stepped amidst the glowing wisteria, looking all around her, even turning around as though in excitement. Mera and Vernon watched her from afar as their breaths were stolen.

The princess’s long platinum hair seemed to glitter in the air filled with light, it was like jewels reflecting the light of the moon. Her white dress fluttered gently as petals of glowing wisteria swirled around her as though celebrating her arrival.

The Pure Princess turned around with a wide and bright smile. Her dazzling crimson eyes seemed to glow bright as they reflected the radiance all around her.

The two knew for sure what this moment conveyed, what the world seemed to say.

It was that...

The Royal Princess Estelia Vernisia Wisteria was the most beautiful being to walk the land. A being purer than any gold and diamond — the purest of all there was. An existence more valuable than any treasure to be dug and discovered in this vast world.

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