Chapter 97:

Royal Princess of Blood Volume 2 Synopsis

Royal Princess of Blood

Volume 2: The Wicked Princess (Part 1)

Now that the snakes have been rooted out, I have finally felt more at ease than before. Pretty great! But there are still plenty of things to worry about, like my social life. Hey, it’s an important thing in life.

That aside, there are still some enemies outside my home. How annoying. Speaking of outside, I am finally going out of the palace! Not sneaky, sneaky, but in public. The people will finally get to see the beautiful me during the Festival! Alright, whether that’s a good thing or not, who knows. Furthermore, I might need to be careful of nobles…

Also, what is this about a woman who had platinum hair and red eyes I found in some documents? Suspicious… What are my parents hiding from me?

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