Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: An Boy in blue tears world.

Isekai no Kimetsu Vol. 1 (Webnovel Series)

It was an prom night, an 15-boy has an blue eyes and dark blue hair named Rin Keith, he was cynical, coldhearted and responsible boy, with his best friend, an 16-year old boy has an spiky brown hair and red eyes named Yukeno Prada, he was mild-mannered, studious, when they are sitting down on the table.

"Well, if the persons are selected of the prom king and queens. They are the winners." Rin said.

"Okay, I hope our students are Taila and Oliver would be the king and queen." Yukeno asked.

"Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention please! It's time for the moment you've all been waiting for! It is now time to crown prom king and queen!" Ernest announced from the stage. The room grew silent as everyone on stage open the envelope with the ballot results. "And your spring prom king and queen are…" the boy said, pausing for dramatic effect. "Oliver and Taila!"

The student girl prom queen was Taila and the student boy prom king was Oliver, walking on the stage. The students are clapped, applausing and cheering. Rin smiled to that, but he saw something, he shocked that somethins it's wrong to the balcony, there's bucket of blood dangling above the stage, it belongs to the two mean couple: the mean teen girl named Ella and the mean teen boy with a pompadour hair named Oscar appears on beneath the stage.

'Wait the sec, are they going to-?' Rin shocked in thought. Oscar pulled on the rope. The rope caused the bucket of blood to spill, drenching Taila in blood. She gasped as she was now almost completely covered in blood.

"What the hell?!" Oliver yelled.

The students are laughing, except Rin and Yukeno.

'That wasn't good, they laughed at them. I admit to say that was pranks gone wrong.' Rin said in thought.

Ella was cracking up. Oscar was trying to keep her quiet so that no one would hear and catch them. "Look at that stupid little faggot freak! And that's not even the best part! I got my friend Meikun to hook up the laptop that plays the music to the projector screen so that she could play the video of Taila getting beaten up! FREAK! FREAK!!" Chris said excitedly and she stomps hard, causing the floodlight in the rafters and knocks it down. The light lands on Taila and Oliver, instantly killing them. Blood splatters onto the surrounding the students and they scatter, except Rin, when he was shocked to that. The rafters begin to break apart. A pole comes down and impales a fleeing woman. Her flying blood reaches Rin. More lights fall down and a cable is torn from its anchor, leaving a hole in the wall.

The wooden stairs are moving to the some students, killing them once against on the wall, twin girls are running each other on the door.

"Hurry, we have to get to the door." One of the girls said.

After this, they falling to the floor, as the twin girls are get up, but a cable cable swings down and slices the girls in two along the abdomen. The upper halves of their bodies slide off and fall to the ground.

"Oh no, the king and the queen are dead!" Ernest panics, he grabs onto the stage light and is electrocuted. Another man, who was sliced in two by the cable, attempts to gather his insides back into himself. The rafters come down and kill another man, and Ernest finally blows up. More blood lands on Rin. Ella and Oscar are reacted to their "success" as they run away on the school. The students are run out on the school, panic.

"Oh jesus!" Rin becomes utterly horrified after he seeing this.

A man student is trampled to death underfoot by the panic students, the girl was burned by the fire. The man student was electrocuted to death, when Rin runs out on school, he was been surrounded by the panic students. Rin trips for that, and he taps some sort of circle with his hand. The light flashed brighter, and he covered his eyes, but even so the light blinded Rin for a moment. Then, it blacked out.

Few hours later, Rin regained consciousness, he looks arounds that he was in the dark cave.

'What it just happen, Oscar and Ella are did this in the prom masscare? I don't like this prank goes wrong. I see this.' Rin said in thought. 'But now, I have to get out of this place.

Rin runs on the inside of the dark cave, when he rushes on, he finally got out of the dark cave. After he is getting out of the cave, he was on the dark forest.

"I was stuck on the middle on the forest. So, what now?" Rin said in amused. He walks the path, somehow how he was in the another world of the demons and magic? As he knew, Rin spots an cabin, he knocks the door, waiting for his help.

"Hello, it's there any home for my food?"

Rin is waiting for her help, just like for that, an doctor comes on to Rin.

"Oh, you poor little heart boy. you're getting some injuries for a moments, do you want to get inside?" The doctor was suggested to Rin.

"Sure." Rin agreed.

Rin got inside on the house, when Rin served the food on the table.

"Thank you for the food." Rin smiled that he have all foods.

"You're welcome. By the way. Since you got stepped on the magic circle." The doctor said about that he questioned for this reason.

"Yeah. I did it, once. I did, but....what is this place anyway?" Rin questioned.

"It's called the place was Revolution World, is a vigilant place world that it was a revolutional place to be as a warrior or a hero." The doctor told about everything.

Rin knew about his incident of the prom masscare. He did care for his own way, as he finished his food and said. "Thank you for the meal and I would take care for me."

Rin got out on the cabin, the doctor smiled and said. "Wish you luck."

Rin walks continues on the path, just in time he found a workshop.

'A workshop, I'll find it for my weapons.' Rin said in thought

Rin enters on the workshop.

"Hello there, is anybody there!" Rin called.

The store owner came out on the workshop.

"Welcome here, I am Bill, gotten trapped inside on the mystical world of Revolution World. I have some weapons was Primal Weapons." Bill said.

"What are Primal Weapons?" Rin asked.

"Primal Weapons are mysterious and extremely powerful relics that exist in the world. Long ago, they are rare and only the strongest of warriors are able to wield them. Any Primal Weapons is a superpower granted to whoever, it make that would cause the Primal Weapons becoming powerful or evolution. When, which it made by the Hell Beasts." Bill explained.

"Hell Beasts?" Rin questioned in confusion. As Bill explains. "Hell Beasts are fearsome creatures in the world, after the people are being tortured to death and the people are becaming Hell Beasts by The Entity of Organization. The evil organization are killing any people on the town for the and torture people for the kill, for some that. Entity of Organization is now decaying into the living hell.'

"That's cruel!" Rin worried for this.

"Well, If you having the friend of Hell Beasts, you should bond for that, it could be useful." Bill asked.

"How am I supposed do that." Rin confused.

"Of course, do for now. Despite the capital’s wealth and prosperity, it has become mired in corruption." Bill asked.

Rin was worried to that, until he saw an an colored black katana lay on the wall and he asked. "What is that?"

"GrimmNorina, was a cursed blade that could using some strange attacks slashes or summoning creatures for a long. It's Primal Weapons, you know about it." Bill explained

"I'll take it." Rin took the GrimmNorina with his hand and he sheathed his katana. Bill smiled. "Okay, the GrimmNorina is yours."

Rin got outside from the workshop and he walked on the path.

'I don't get, I transported on the place? Could this be that it was an massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or not.' Rin thinks in thought.

After that, Rin spots a village. Rin rushes to go this place and he knocking the door of the cabin, once open, an villager man came out on the cabin.

"Hello there, kid."

"Hey there, I was lost on the town. Can you guys help me for long?" Rin said.

"Well sure, come in." The villager man suggested.

Rin enters on the cabin and sitting on the couch.

"Okay, Can I was been seen told myself for me. What are you?" Rin asked.

"Taro is my name, who are you." The villager man introduced his name.

"Rin, Rin Akira Keith, only student from my high school and I got trapped inside on the another world." Rin asked. Taro realized to that.

"I see, you been stepped on the magic circle."

"Sure, it is? Maybe taking for a long time to get the worlds out of here." Rin said.

"Cause every people are transported on the another world, I see that you are transported on the world." Taro explained.

Rin nodded. "Sure, Since I got been inside on the cave labyrinth so I can escape on this stupid cave." Taro smiled.

"Well, since your escape. That's why your are stuck on the place."

A loud noise heard from something. Rin looks something.

"What's that sound?"

Rin and Taro got outside, and see a giant deadly muscular Kaiju Monster on the village.

"The deadly kaiju Hell Beast, Tyaroki." Taro feared to the Hell Beast.

Roaring again, Tyaroki begins to move towards them. Then scaring villagers away from the Hell Beast. Taro saws the GrimmNorina is holding with Rin.

"You have an GrimmNorina?" Taro realized.

"Sure, but how?" Rin questioned.

Taro asked. "Use your power of slash with some sort of creature or summon any creatures on your GrimmNorina."

"Sure, and I'll gotta keep it away from the town!" Rin agreed.

Rin jumps on the air, and lands on the Tyaroki's hand. As Rin runs, as he thought talking to himself.

'My job is to slay demons.' Rin said in thought.

Rin glares at the Hell Beast. The sea foam waves came out on the GrimmNorina, Rin was looked to the katana has the sea foam waves.

'Sea foams? That is it was a GrimmNorina!' Rin said in thought.

Rin jumps on the air, and he cuts the Tyaroki's neck with an sea foam wave slash, beheaded it. Now the hell beast is dead, Rin land safety on the ground.

"I did it?" Rin realized that he kill the hell beast. The villagers are cheered.

"Outstanding one!"

"Yeah, thanks to kill the hell beast. All by yourself."

"Oh, you're welcome. Not gonna happen." Rin smiled.

Taro smiled. "Well, now that that's settled, further ado you stay on the village."

"Okay, I would stay in the village." Rin suggested.

At night, Taro's house, Rin was on the bedroom and talking to Taro.

'You sure, you can stay on my cabin?" Taro asked.

"Maybe sure, Taro." Rin said.

"Okay, good night." Taro smiled and walks away.

"Sure, Taro." Rin said happily.

Rin pulls the bed cover over him, as he was asleep. Rin thought to himself.

"Well, that wasn't the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. I hope Yukeno Prada will be okay for long, he survived from the magic circle? Or he was on the another world! Do not tell me he's was now in this place?"