Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Teen Boy from Village Town

Isekai no Kimetsu Vol. 1 (Webnovel Series)

During the day, on the road. Two men drive a horse carriage as an massive ant-like monster with long antennae, large claws and bloody eyes known as Devouring Roach from the ground.

"It's the Devouring Roach!"

The Devouring Roach aims for the cart. The two men screamed, but the Devouring Roach's arm got sliced by an teen 21-year old boy with dark brown hair and with dark blue green eyes named Shunsuki with a sword. Then Shunsuki looked at the Hell Beast.

"Class-1 Hell Beast. This should be fun." Shunsuki smiled.

The hell beast let out a mighty roar, causing a smirk to spread across across Shunsuki's face. "Aww, don't be mad." Letting out another roar, the Devouring Roach smashed its fist into the ground where Shunsuki had been standing. However Shunsuki had been prepared for this, and had jumped into the air; dodging the monster's attack. Shunsuki landed on the beast's giant arm, and sprinted towards its head. "I'll take care of ya!" With several precise slashes of his sword, Shunsuki had decapitated the colossal danger beast.

"H-Holy shit..." One of the men breathed out in shock, as he watched the headless hell beast crash into the ground.

"That was amazing kid!" The other man cheered, as he ran towards Shunsuki.

"I can't believe you took out that danger beast all by yourself." The first man exclaimed, following behind his friend.

"But of course." Shunsuki said with a cocky smile. "Aww, it was nothing! Kinda like taking candy from a big, scaly baby." Shunsuki never noticed the men's deadpanned looks, as he continued to gloat. "My name's Shunsuki by the way. Better remember my name, because it's gonna become real famous in the capital soon enough."

"I guess that means you're trying to make a name for yourself in the capital then?" The first man questioned, quirking an eyebrow.

"You got it!" Shunsuki exclaimed with a wide grin. "I'm going to make it big in the capital! That's the dream of any country boy!" Shunsuki was surprised to see the two men share a skeptical look. "What?"

"Look, kid, the imperial capital isn't some perfect dream land." The second man answered in a serious tone. "It's lively for sure, but it's full of monsters even more grotesque than that Devouring Roach."

" hell beasts come into the city too?" Shunsuki asked in a confused tone.

"I'm taking about the people." The second man explained, unconsciously clenching his fists. "People with the hearts of monsters...that's all you'll find in the capital."

"Yeah...yeah I'm fine." Shunsuki replied, as he scratched the back of his head. Neither man noticed the subtle uneasiness in Shunsuki's voice. "Well I appreciate your warning, but there's no way I can turn around now. I...We...Are going to make money in the capital to help save our village. Well I better get going." With one last wave, Shunsuki continued on down the path towards the capital.

(30 minutes later, enterance of the capital)

"WOW! This place is amazing!" Shunsuki exclaimed, as he gazed at the expansive city before him with wonder in his eyes. "So this is the capital." Shunsuki grinned like a child, as he began to walk through the city streets. "If I do well here I might be able to buy the whole village. All right, I’d better get to the barracks."

As Shinsuki walked past a small cafe, he never noticed a busty gold-haired woman sipping her tea. The woman had been listening to Shunsuki the whole time, and she couldn't help but sigh as she set down her cup.

"Hmm, so another country boy has been lured in by the capital's charms." The woman said, as a hidden smirk spread across her face. "Okay, I tell the chief for can do to use."

After asking for directions, Shunsuki finely found himself at the capital's military barracks. Noticing the large line, Shunsuki patiently waited his turn. After waiting for almost two hours, Shunsuki finally found himself at the front of the line.

" want to join the ranks too..." A rather bored looking officer asked, handing Shunsuki a form. "Then fill out this form and give it back to me."

"Does this mean I'll start off as a grunt?" Shunsuki asked, earning a groan from the officer.

"What the hell do you think?" The officer asked in an annoyed tone. "You'll likely be sent off to a remote region for your first assignment."

"I don't have time for that!" Shunsuki shouted, as he slammed his fist down onto the officer's desk. "See what I can do!" Shunsuki unsheathed his sword, and performed several flashy moves. Thrusting the sword, and twirling it in his hands. "I'm way too good for that! I was thinking something more along the lines of a… say, captain?" Before Shunsuki had time to react, the officer shot out of his seat and threw Shunsuki out of the barracks. Shunsuki growled as he turned to glare at the officer. "What the fuck!? You can't even give me a chance!?"

"Get real you fucking brat!" The officer shouted in an angry tone. "You have to enter a lottery before you can even become a soldier!" A tic mark formed on the officer's head, as he angrily pointed at Shunsuki. "There's a depression going on! I already got more applicants than I can handle! I'm not gonna waste a spot on some stupid kid!"

" that so?" Shunsuki asked with a sweatdrop.

"Now get outta here! Beat it!" The officer screamed, slamming the door shut behind him.

'Maybe I could make myself know by causing some trouble.' Shunsuki thought, as he crossed his arms over his chest. 'But then I might get arrested...Hmm, what to do...'

"Hey there~" A sultry female voice said from behind Shunsuki. "You seem to be in tough spot kid. Can I lend you a hand?" Shunsuki's leaned his head back to get a better look at the woman behind him. The first thing Shunsuki spotted was the woman's large breasts; which were barely being held in place by her black tube top.

"Try to focus your body." The yellow-haired asked, as Shunsuki gets up, as she said to him. "So, let me guess. You came in from the countryside in search of fame and fortune, didn't you?"

"H-How did you know that?" Shunsuki asked in a shocked tone.

"When you've lived the capital as long as I have, you can spot country boys from a mile away." The woman replied, placing her hands on her hips. "So...I know a way to get you into the military real quick."

"Really!?" Shunsuki exclaimed, as his lit up in excitement.

"You want me to tell you?" The yellow haired asked, earning several rapid nods from Shunsuki. "If that's so...then treat me to a nice meal." The yellow-haired woman flashed Shunsuki a smile that made his heart beat even faster than before.

'S-She's beautiful.' Shunsuki thought, as a slight blush spread across his face. 'I guess I can buy her lunch if she's willing to help me.'

(Five Minutes Later; Bar Down the Street)

"Aw man!" The yellow-woman cheered, as she slammed her empty mug of beer down onto the table. A ruddy red blush covered the buzzed woman's face. "Having a drink in the middle of the day is the best!"

"I think you might be overdoing it just a little." Shunsuki said, observing the bottles of alcohol that were littered across the table.

"Drink up kid!" The yellow-girl exclaimed, leaning forward in her seat; giving Shunsuki a very generous view of her exposed cleavage. "Let's live it up a little!"

"*Gulp* S-So you mentioned a way to get me into the military." Shunsuki said, as he tried to control his raging blush.

"Oh right...that." The woman said, as she poured herself another drink. "For that you'll need money and connections."

"Money?" Shunsuki repeated, raising an eyebrow.

"I've got a buddy in the army." The yellow-girl explained, stopping to take a sip of her drink. "Grease his palms a little, and you'll be in the army in no time."

"I see..." Shunsuki said, as he began to root through his bag. The yellow-woman's eyes widened considerably when Shunsuki dropped a large bag of money onto the table. "Will this be enough."

"Oh, that's way more than enough." The woman said, her eyes seeming to change into dollar signs. "You've got a ton of cash on you."

"Well I've been collecting rewards for the hell beasts I've killed on the way here." Shunsuki explained, showing the woman his sword.

"Hmm, you must be pretty strong then." The yellow-girl said, grabbing ahold of Shunsuki's money. "With this cash you'll be a captain in no time."

"Oh thanks!" Shunsuki cheered in a happy tone.

"Four-fifths of this should do it, I think." The yellow-blonde woman said, making her way towards the bar's exit. As the blonde walked, she put a considerable sway in her hips. "I think you'll learn a lot from meeting me kid. Bye now. I'll go talk to him now. You just wait right here." The woman gave Shunsuki a sultry wink before she walked out of the bar. "Maybe when I get back we can continue our fun in some place a little more 'private.'

"O-Okay." Shunsuki managed to say in an infatuated tone, as he waved to the leaving woman. "I see. So connections are important here." As Shunsuki sat at the table, he didn't notice the bartender shaking his head in disappointment.

'That kid was quite the looker, but he won't last another day in this city.' The woman thought, as she walked out of the bar; with Shunuski money slung over her shoulder.

(Ten Hours Later)

"Hey kid, we're gonna be closing soon." The bartender said, as he finished wiping down a table.

"Oh, it's fine I'm just waiting for someone." Shunsuki said, turning to face the bartender.

"Yeah I saw that." The bartender said, as he walked up to Shunsuki. "I hate to break this to ya kid, but that woman's not coming back."

"WHAT?!" Shunsuki roared, shooting out of his seat.

"I honestly can't believe someone would be so trusting in the capital these days." The bartender said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"S-She was a fraud!" Shunsuki exclaimed, as gathered up his belongings. "I'll just report her to the police!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The bartender said, stopping Shunsuki in his tracks. "It's technically your fault for falling for that woman's tricks."

"Son of a bitch!" Shunsuki thought, as he angrily slammed the money he owed for the drinks onto the table. After paying, Shunsuki stormed out of the bar back onto the capital's streets. "SHIT! After paying for that meal I'm completely broke!" Shunsuki growled, as he crumpled up his empty coin bag. "Damn that rack! No, wait, better yet, damn that girl! I guess that was my educational experience! Grr!" As Shunsuki continued to walk through the streets, he was spotted by two men.

"Look, it's a country bumpkin walking down the road with a sword over his shoulder." The smaller man said with an evil smirk.

"Hand it over now." The larger man demanded, holding out his hand. "That's an order."

Shunsuki paid the bandits little mind. He simply unsheathed his sword, and quickly smashed upside them head with the hilt. When the bandits fell over unconscious, Shunsuki sighed and resheathed his sword.

"What's wrong with everyone in this city..." Shunsuki said, stopping to stare at the palace that towered over the rest of the capital. "I wonder how Jeanne and Matsu are doing...Have they reached the capital yet?" A few moments later, Shunsuki leaned against a wall and slumped to the ground. With an annoyed huff, Shunsuki pulled out his winter jacket. "Damn it, I guess I have to sleep outside again." However, before Shunsuki even closed his eyes a carriage came to a halt in front of him. Shunsuki eyed the carriage suspiciously, as a blonde girl around his age stepped out. The young girl obviously came from a rich family if her clothing was any indication.

"I don't think that boy has a place to stay...the poor thing." The girl said to one of her guards.

"Are we really doing this again, milady?" The guard asked, avoiding the young girls gaze.

"I can't help it. It's just my nature." The girl said, as she walked up to Shunsuki. "Did you come from the country?"

"Yeah..." Shunsuki replied, getting a strange vibe from the girl.

"If you don't have a place to can sleep at my house." The girl offered with a warm smile.

After dealing with the busty yellow-blonde woman from earlier, Shunsuki was a little apprehensive to take the girl up on her offer. "I don't have any money, miss."

"Well if you did, you wouldn't be sleeping out here silly." The girl named Marima said with a short giggle.

"Miss Marima can't leave a poor boy like you out here to freeze." The first guard said, placing his hands on his hips.

"You best accept her offer." The second guard said, as he felt a chill run down his spine. "If this kid knew what was in store for him, he'd run like a bat out hell."

"Well..." Shunsuki said, as he rubbed his chin. The girl seemed nice enough, but so did the woman from earlier. But she was offering him a place to sleep, and the thought of a bed to sleep in was too tempting. "It's better than sleeping outside."

"Then it's settled." Marima said, helping Shunsuki onto his feet. "Step into my carriage, and we'll take you to my home."

(10 Minutes later)

"W-Wow." Shunsuki knew that the girl probably came from a wealthy family. But the young man was blow away when he stepped into Marima's home; it was more a mansion then a home. The foyer alone was massive enough to fit a normal sized house inside it. Shunsuki was blown away by all the priceless items scattered throughout the house.

"Ah, looks like Marima has brought home another guest." Marima's father said, turning to look at Tatsumi.

"Well it's her way." Marima's mother said with a warm smile. "How many does this make it now?"

"Those older guards must be must be really strong..." Shunsuki thought, as he observed the guards stationed around the large manor. "They could only be kind to complete strangers like because they have experienced guards." Shunsuki smiled and let out a sigh of relief. "This at least proves that there are good people in the capital."

"Thank you so much for taking me in!" Shunsuki exclaimed, bowing to show his appreciation.

"Oh, it's quite alright. Please make yourself feel at home." Marima said with a smile.

"Yes ma'am!" Shunsuki said, continuing to bow to his hosts. "I...uh actually have a favor to ask you."

"Well what is it my boy?" Marima's father asked, gesturing for Shunsuki to take a seat across from him. After Shunsuki explained his situation, Marima's father leaned back in his seat. "I see. You want to join the army to help save your village."

"Yes." Shunsuki said, nodding his head.

"What a wonderful dream." Marima's said with a small smile.

" should know. Though the capital is peaceful, three sides of this country are flanked by hostile tribes. You will likely be sent to the border to fight them." Marima's father explained, clasping his hands in his lap.

"I'm prepared for that." Shunsuki said, clenching his fists.

"I must say I admire your courage young man. That's youth for you." Marima's father said with a smile.

"Did you come from village alone, Shunsuki?" Marima asked, causing Shunsuki to gaze at the floor.

"Actually, I left the village with two of my friends, Jeanne and Matsu, however." Shunsuki replied.

The flashblack shows to the snow village, an girl 15-year old girl with long black hairnamed Jeanne and the 17-year old boy with dark brown hair and wore a white martial arts headband named Matsu are with Shunsuki. As they are preparing to head out.

"All right! We'll be on our way, mayor!" Shunsuki said.

"Well, you three have been pushing each other since you were just children. It's time to use that energy to make something good of yourselves." The mayor asked.

"Leave it to us. We'll bring wealth to the village." Jeanne smiled.

"That’s right! Nobody’s gonna starve on our watch! Give it about ten years or so and everybody for miles around will know the name Matsu." Matsu smiled with his thumbs up.

"Sure, as long as you don't get arrested and have your head chopped off before then." Jeanne said nervously.

"Jeez, Jeanne! Do you always have to be so morbid?!" Matsu yelled.

"It seems you all have plenty of energy. Now, Shunsuki, my last parting gift for you. Take this. When in need…" The chief said and he holds out an idol statue for Shunsuki. Shunsuki takes it.

"I'll sell it, right?" Shunsuki asked.

"Like hell you will!" The chief said angrliy, as he calmed and said to Shunsuki. "Look… Just keep it on you at all times. It ensures God will protect you.

"Okay…thank you very much." Shunsuki responded. As he, Matsu, and Jeanne then waved goodbye to the mayor and headed off, the flashback ends.

"We trained for months, and were ready to all join the army together. But we were separated on they way here. I haven't seen them in a while." Shunsuki explains his situation.

"Oh my, that's awful." Marima's mother said, as she gasped slightly.

"They're both strong, so I'm not too worried." Shunsuki said, his hand tightening around the idol in his shirt pocket. "It's just that Matsu is simply awful with directions, so I don't know if he'll be able to find where we all agreed to meet up."

"I see!" Marima's father said, as he slapped his knee. "I'll have a chat with one of my friends in the military. Then we'll try our best to find your friends."

"Thank you so much!" Shunsuki exclaimed, standing up and bowing once again.

"My hunches are usually pretty spot on." Marima said with a warm smile, causing Shunsuki to turn and look at her. "I'm sure you'll be reunited with your friends very soon."

"Miss Marima..." Shunsuki said with a slight blush dusting across his face.

"Alright..." Marima's father said, as he stood up from his seat. "Why don't we call it a night."

" there anything I can help with while I'm here?" Shunsuki asked, causing Aria to clap her hands excitedly.

"Oh! You can be my bodyguard tomorrow, along with there others!" Marima cheered.

"That sounds good to me." Marima father said, turning to a nearby guard. "Torimi, I'll leave this to you."

"Understood sir." Torimi said with a salute.

"You for everything you've done for me today!" Shunsuki exclaimed, earning a smile from Marima's mother.

"We're happy to help. Now you pay it forward to some else too." Marima mother said with an almost creepy smile.

"I sure will!" Shunsuki said, just as one of the guards arrived to escort him towards his room. Once Shunsuki found his room, he quickly climbed into bed. "I'm so lucky. I got saved by a some good people. Next I need to find Jeanne and Matsu. I just hope both of them made it to the capital safely."

(The Next Afternoon; Capital's Shopping District)

"Hurry! Let's go the next shop!" Marima cheered, pointing out another store just up ahead.

"Please wait Miss Marima!" The guards, who were carrying her numerous purchases, exclaimed as they lagged behind.

"Tch, looks like we'll be staying home next time." The guard standing next to Shunsuki said.

"Marima sure bought a lot..." Shunsuki said, as he stared at the mountain of boxes with wide eyes. "The amount is utterly ridiculous."

"It's not just Miss Marima." The guard explained, watching Marima enter another store. "All young girls are like this."

"Really? The ones I know pick out their clothes right away." Shunsuki said in a confused tone.

"Never mind that. Look up." The guard said, gesturing towards the palace that towered over them. "It's the royal palace."

"It's freaking huge!" Shunsuki exclaimed, finally getting a good look of the imposing building. "That's where the emperor lives?!"

"No..." The guard said, causing Shunsuki to raise an eyebrow in confusion. "Not quite...True, the emperor lives in the palace, but he is but a child. He is being manipulated from the shadows by the minister. He's the one responsible for all the corruption and decay of this once great country." The guard's eyes shifted around to make sure no one was watching. "You best watch what you say around here. They'd have our heads if they heard us talking like this."

"Then..." Shunsuki said through grit teeth, as he tightly clenched his fists. "The heavy taxes that are plaguing my village are also..."

"Are common knowledge in the capital..." The guard, as he pointed over towards a nearby wall. "There's also those guys we have to worry about, they are powerful and deadly are the Akunama Drivers." Shunsuki's eyes followed where the guard was pointing. Attached to a nearby brick wall were several wanted posters.

"Akunama Drivers?" Shunsuki asked, turning to face the guard he was with.

"An team of assassins is created and led by the revolution who have been terrorizing the capital, whenever, if the assassins heard that any other person are targeted, they are have kill them." The guard explained, as he grabbed one of the posters. "High-ranking officials and the upper class make up most of their targets. It's only wise to be very cautious. And be careful, before are killed."

"N-No problem." Shunsuki said, trying his best to sound confident and determined.

"One more thing..." The guard said, as he tapped Shunsuki's shoulder. "You're helping with that." Shunsuki turned around to see the other two guards struggling to hold up a massive box.

"What am I supposed to do?!" Shunsuki exclaimed in an annoyed tone.

(The Buliding Base, Akunama Drivers' lair)

Natasha Robin, an white haired woman 20-year old with an eyepatch said. "OK, this is getting hard to ignore, Lanina. What do you know about Shunsuki."

"Who can say? Maybe a lot? Maybe nothing?" The yellow-blonde woman named Lanina questioned.

"I want him taken into custody today. What do you need to get the job done?" Natasha said.

"Maybe...join him the team, for a minute in kombucha on tap." Lanina had her idea.

"Kombucha on tap? Don't push it, Lanina. Just neutralize the threat." Natasha commanded to Lenina.

"Yes sir!" Lanina agreed. As Natasha leaves the room.

"So, this is an great idea, Lanina?" The black haired buffed 25-year old man named Su-Hoo said to Lanina.

"It's possible and we have to complete this mission. This is it, Su-Hoo. Living the dream." Lanina smiled.

Su-Hoo agreed and smiled, as he pulls his mech magical sword and light swallowed him, leaving Su-Hoo with an set of armor began to form on Su-Hoo's armor and he said. "Okay, if it works."

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