Chapter 24:

Hagemi's first match

En Passant Grandmaster

As Okisato arrived at the station, he noticed Hagemi, still clad in her muddy clothes, getting food from a vending machine. "Not gonna change your muddy clothes?" he asked as he approached her.

"Huh? Oh, it's you. I'll shower when I get there."

"Say, do you know a guy with a red hat and a bunch of toy gyroscopes?"

"Gunnerson? What about him?"

"He seemed frightened by you. I was wondering if you knew why."

"Oh, that's a story. Well might as well tell ya- Er, it's 5:15, I'll do the brief rundown version so we aren't late."

"You're taking the same train as us?"

"Might as well, we're headin’ to the same place. Anyway, here's my story. So back when I was in highschool, I ran away from home because the lousy bastards were tryin’ to get me in a forced marriage. So anyway, I ran away and before I knew it, I was surrounded by a gang..."


A young Hagemi glared as she was surrounded by three men. The three were none other than a young Inojin, Cypress, and Gyro.

"She looks quite hot, I wanna make out with her," Inojin snickered.

"The hell!? F*** off ya creeps!" Hagemi yelled as she assumed a combative position.

"Now you two know the rules of the club, we settle things first with a game," Gyro chuckled as he motioned everyone towards a chess board.

"Huh? What's that?"

"A chess board. You see, I'm actually a grandmaster and these two young men have joined my club. They tend to be rough, but we are primarily underground chess players."

"Underground what?"

"Well, you'll understand once we play, sit down now."

"Why should I?"

"We'll reward you with what you seek if you win."

"Like what?"

"Help against your family perhaps? Being a grandmaster does give me some sway, but only if you can win the game."

"Never played this before."

"Then allow me to teach you all the moves."

As Gyro explained the fundamentals of chess, something inside Hagemi clicked. She was unable to describe the feeling at the time, but in retrospect, she claimed it was the moment she realized she had a talent for chess.

"Wow, this shit's easy to understand," Hagemi nodded as Gyro finished his lesson.

"Yes, and now, you will play against me."


"Because my chess lessons aren't free. Don't worry, all you need to do is win. Do that and I shall make your wish come true."

"But loser has to have sex with us," a young Cypress snickered as he wrapped his arm around Inojin.

"Disgusting, but I'll kick your asses and make you all eat shit!" Hagemi glared as she moved her pawn to e4.

"A standard opening," Gyro smiled as he moved his pawn to d6.

Hagemi then moved her pawn to d4, followed by Gyro moving his knight to f6.

Once Hagemi moved her knight to c3, Gyro let out a chuckle. "Standard Pirc defense, just like I taught, well it seems the boys will be having some fresh meat tonight," he thought as he moved his b-knight to d7. However, Gyro's smile soon faded as Hagemi moved her pawn to f4. "Lion’s defense: Aniti-Philador variation!? I never taught her to do that. No, it couldn't be," he thought as he moved his pawn to e5.

Gyro's fears were confirmed when Hagemi moved her bishop to e3. "That formation... no, I still have control," he thought as he moved his pawn to c6.

Hagemi then moved her queen to f3, while Gyro moved his pawn to b5. Next, Hagemi moved her pawn to a3 while Gyro scowled and moved his bishop to e7.

"This is how castlin’ works, right?" Hagemi asked as she castled on the queen's side.

Gyro begrudgingly affirmed her as he moved his queen to c7.

"Oh good, then I'm gettin’ the hang of this," Hagemi smiled as she moved her pawn to g4.

"No, now you're going to experience the might of a grandmaster," Gyro glared as he captured the pawn at f4 with his e-pawn.

"Bring it," Hagemi grinned as she captured the pawn at f4 with her bishop.

Gyro then moved his knight to b6 followed by Hagemi moving her pawn to e5.

"You're an oblivious fool," Gyro scoffed as he captured the pawn at g4 with his bishop.

"Really? I just don't see what you're tryin’ to do," Hagemi shrugged as she moved her queen to g3.

"You're a fool," Gyro scoffed as he captured the rook at d1 with his bishop.

"Nah, rooks are shit, pawns are easily the best pieces on the board," Hagemi snickered as she captured the pawn at d6 with her e-pawn.

"A desperate struggle, you will not recover from this," Gyro scoffed as he moved his queen to b7.

Hagemi immediately captured the bishop at d1 with her knight as Gyro castled on the king’s side. She then captured the bishop at e7 with her d-pawn before Gyro captured that very pawn with his queen. However, Hagemi's smirk didn't vanish as she promptly moved her bishop to d6 causing Gyro to grit his teeth in frustration as he moved his queen to e4.

"Well, guess you're feeling good about yourself," Gyro scoffed.

"Yeah, everything's just clickin’ ya know," Hagemi smiled as she moved her bishop to g2.

"Then it should have clicked that you are doomed," Gyro glared as he captured the pawn at d4 with his queen.

"Nah, I see victory," Hagemi grinned as she moved her knight to f3.

"Your greed for my queen will be your undoing," Gyro scoffed as he moved his queen to c4.

"Nah, I saw that coming," Hagemi grinned as she moved her pawn to b3.

"Think I didn't!?" Gyro shouted as he moved his queen to e6.

Hagemi then moved her knight to d4, once again forcing Gyro to move his queen, this time, all the way to c8. She then confidently captured the pawn at c6 with her bishop, prompting an angry snarl from Gyro.

"Happy you finally made back a rook!?" Gyro scoffed as he moved his rook to d8.

"Nah, I told ya before, rooks are shit," Hagemi grinned as she moved her knight to f5.

"Oh no," Gyro mumbled as he was forced to move his pawn to g6.

"Check," Hagemi grinned as she moved her knight to e7.

Gyro let out a frustrated roar as he moved his king to g7 and watched Hagemi capture his queen at c8 with her knight. He then angrily captured the knight at c8 with his a-rook as Hagemi gave him another headache by moving her bishop to e7. Seeing no other option, Gyro captured the bishop at c6 with his rook, while Hagemi happily captured his rook at d8 with her bishop.

Gyro clicked his tongue in frustration and moved his knight to e4. "Lets give you a taste of queen chasing."

Hagemi confidently moved her queen to e5, prompting Gyro to move his knight back to f6.

"Guess rooks have some use after all," Hagemi shrugged as she moved her rook to f1.

Gyro let out a heavy sigh. "If she doesn't blunder, I lose," he thought as he desperately moved his knight to d7.

Hagemi chose wisely, and moved her queen to d4. Gyro sighed and moved his pawn to h5 while Hagemi immediately captured the knight at f6 with her bishop, prompting Gyro to capture it with his knight on his next turn. Next, Hagemi captured the knight at f6 with her rook forcing Gyro to capture it with his rook. Hagemi then moved her knight to e3, prompting Gyro to move his king to h6.

"Looks like I've met my match, Gyro meekly smiled as Hagemi captured his rook at f6 with her queen.

Gyro then moved his pawn to h4, followed by Hagemi moving her knight to f5. Gyro let out a smile as he moved his king to h7, while Hagemi moved her queen to g7, winning the game.

"Checkmate, now-"

"Congratulations, you've passed flawlessly. The ultima-master will be pleased to have such a prodigious young woman among us," Gyro clapped.

"Ultima what?"

"The Ultima-master, the greatest chess player ever. With you're-"

"Yeah, no thanks, I just want to live in a comfy beach house in Hawaii or somethin."

"We can arrange that, just swear allegiance to the Ultima-"

"Like hell I'm doing that!"

Gyro's smile began to fade as a worried scowl appeared on his face. "Then you must be eliminated," he coldly glared as he launched one of his gyroscopes at Hagemi.

Hagemi effortlessly dodged it and picked up a nearby brick, which she promptly hurled into Gyro's face, downing him instantly. Cypress and Inojin nervously began to take combative stances until a large man appeared.

"That's enough! Break up the fight!"

Despite clearly being up there in age, the man was large and muscular and had long white hair and a beard. He emanated an aura of power and prestige as he approached the group.

"I saw everything. Young woman, you are a chess prodigy. Would you care to consider becoming a professional chess player?"

"I already told bozo, I ain't servin’ some ultima whatzit," Hagei glared.

"Then allow me to clear up some misconceptions. My name is Raymond Redfield, and I am the current head of the World wide chess federation, the world's largest chess governing body. Those lads are WWCF members, however, they primarily engage in underground chess matches and worship some cult-like entity. They believe that any prodigy that doesn't submit to their master must be eliminated, however, I believe the opposite, that prodigies should be celebrated and embraced. Should you agree, I can provide all the resources you need until you can stand on your own feet again."

Hagemi thought for a moment before smiling. "Sure, if you're legit then I'm good. Playin’ chess was pretty fun and all."

"I'm glad to hear it. As for you, Gunnerson, the punishment for the loser was to have sex with your two underlings was it not?" Raymond glared as he turned towards Cypress and Inojin.

"Whoa man, we're all guys-"

"I don't care, he lost, he gets the punishment, or would you like me to ensure you three never play chess again?" Raymond glared as he cracked his knuckles.

Cypress and Inojin let out terrified squeals as they fell to the ground in terror.

"Now, was there anything else you would like to request from them as spoils?" Raymond asked as he turned to Hagemi.

"Well, I did tell them to eat shit, so have em do that."

"Would bird shit be fine?"

"Sure, but all three of em need to do it."

"And that's how I started my chess career.Ever since then, Gunnerson's always been deathly afraid of me," Hagemi smiled as she finished her story.

"Because of that one incident?" Okisato asked.

"Nah, me becoming an overnight chess prodigy was likely the bigger one. For some reason, that guy just hates it when a new prodigy comes along."

"Why's that?"

"Cause he wants people to join the Desperado league and worship his "Ultima-master" like crazy."

"Do you know who that is?"

"No clue. I'm surprised you don't know, considering you're the only one crazy or not lazy enough to go after the Desperados."

"So you knew?"

"I'm a WWCF ambassador and have lots of clout within the WWCF."

"So then do you know that your son was attacked by Gyro's minion, Zanni."

Hagemi’s smile began to vanish. "Huh!? That bastard WHAT!?"

"Guess I'll explain..."

The full game:

White: Hagemi Shousen (n/a) (at the time) Black: Gyro (Gunther Gunnerson) (2501) (at the time)

1. e4 d6

2. d4 Nf6

3. Nc3 Nbd7

4. f4 e5

5. Be3 c6

6. Qf3 b5

7. a3 Be7

8. O-O-O Qc7

9. g4 exf4

10. Bxf4 Nb6

11. e5 Bxg4

12. Qg3 Bxd1

13. exd6 Qb7

14. Nxd1 O-O

15. dxe7 Qxe7

16. Bd6 Qe4

17. Bg2 Qxd4

18. Nf4 Qc4

19. b3 Qe6

20. Nd4 Qc8

21. Bxc6 Rd8

22. Nf5 g6

23. Ne7+ Kg7

24. Nxc8 Raxc8

25. Be7 Rxc6

26. Bxd8 Ne4

27. Qe5+ Nf6

28. Rf1 Nd7

29. Qd4 h5

30. Bxf6+ Nxf6

31. Rxf6 Rxf6

32. Ne3 Kh6

33. Qxf6 h4

34. Nf5+ Kh7

35. Qg7#

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