Chapter 19:

019 – Escalated Quickly

Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World

Wait, did I hear correctly?Bookmark here

"U-Umm… Uncle? Can you repeat what you just said?"Bookmark here

"Hmm?Bookmark here

I'm suggesting of letting Ringo-chan live in this house while you are still in that condition."Bookmark here

how did it come to thisBookmark here

"W-W-W-Wait. Uncle, what is going on? How come I didn't know this?Bookmark here

Dad? Anything to say? Are you all really okay with this?"Bookmark here

"We're narrowing it down to the best possibilities. We've been here for a while talking this all over. We finally came to this agreement and now we need to hear your position with this."Bookmark here

"I-I-I don't think I can agree with this. I myself am aware that I can't handle myself alone anymore but there are a lot of factors to take in.Bookmark here

Whatever happened in any case?"Bookmark here

"Why is Gin so furious about this?" his father thought.Bookmark here

"We understand what you are pointing at, son. But keep in mind that the variables are also circumstantial.Bookmark here

Like I said, both sides have already agreed on the best possible scenario in which those circumstances are in mind too."Bookmark here

"I understand what you're coming from, Dad. But how about Uncle Shuu's perspective with this? We've already talked about this and came to an agreement when Uncle suggested the similar situation at one time which I greatly opposed."Bookmark here

"I know musuko. It does sound like I'm turning from my word with this. But the situations have changed and no one has anticipated this happening. Your reasoning is crystal clear and I still hold on to our agreement, but this is for your sake too.Bookmark here

We don't want you to… suffer… much more…"Bookmark here

For one moment, Uncle Shuu showed a very sorrowful face as he spoke.Bookmark here

"Little sis, do you have anything to say?"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Of course I'm also surprised with how things went just now. I also do not know about this but I think I have to accept the suggestion."Bookmark here

"…! Rin?!"Bookmark here

"As said just earlier, this is the best possibility to come after assessing the situation. Besides, we've both already lived in a house in Japan together, so it shouldn't be much of a problem. And with enough reasoning, I will support this judgement.Bookmark here

Dad himself told me that not everything a parent says to the child is right, but not to be applied in a bad way. I said that, but I feel that this decision might be for the best."Bookmark here

"But I still…"Bookmark here

"Hahh… Alright, little bro, I didn't expect that reaction coming from you, seriously. You're not acting like your usual self, I'd say."Bookmark here

"Sis…?"Bookmark here

"Honestly, up until you heard what Dad said, I've been testing you. It's not like you to jump to superficial reasoning. You usually think out of the box or assess the situation even faster than us, levelheaded at that.Bookmark here

Well, look. I can't see that from you right now.Bookmark here

If this still doesn't make you agree then who knows what we should do…Bookmark here

Let's alter the proposition then. How about Ringo will temporarily move to your house to check up on you, alongside that, I will also move here."Bookmark here

"…!Bookmark here

Are you sure about that, Yuna?"Bookmark here

"Of course I am. I also get that what Gin is pointing out is that he's keeping in mind the policy that the couple agreed with. That, I guess is one of his positions. I understand his discipline towards their relationship.Bookmark here

But it just so happened that the current being of things fall into what is the situation right now. Thus, leaving us all with this last resort.Bookmark here

Try to think of it, little bro."Bookmark here

Thinking things through, I realized that what Sis told me was right. I am not acting how I used to be, thus, I didn't get to observe thoroughly.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

You're right, Sis.Bookmark here

If I think it through, I suppose Rin is the one that is mostly close to me in a daily basis. And if it comes to Sis also moving, that will not affect her much since she remotely works full time in their house."Bookmark here

My mother added, "Also, there is Kei who is also working and Anna is busy with school works too. Of course I can't just leave the family house since I'm taking care of it and Otō goes to work too."Bookmark here

"It is also the same with Shuu and his wife."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Hahh… Sorry for not using my brain when it was really needed. I think my disorder is affecting my abilities too.Bookmark here

Alright… we've got an agreement. So Rin and Sis will live here in my house until I go back to my normal state of well-being. That is, if only Sis is with her here—she will be Rin's chaperone. If Sis leaves, frankly, Rin is out too.Bookmark here

Then, I need your opinion, Sis. If you two move today, will that be okay?"Bookmark here

"I don't see a problem aside from making an office inside here. So I'll ask you the same question, will that be okay?"Bookmark here

"Rin?"Bookmark here

"I suppose we should, while it's still early."Bookmark here

"So…! Now that everything is settled, we'll go back and sort our things right away."Bookmark here

"Then I should prepare a room for you two. Thankfully I haven't been switching off a lot today so I think I can manage until making dinner. Please don't worry too much."Bookmark here

"Well, we also need to go back in the family house so we'll be going, son."Bookmark here

"Also, musuko. This will obviously sound the opposite but…Bookmark here

I'm entrusting our daughter to you."Bookmark here

"Ahahaha…"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

In just two hours, the two sisters successfully moved to my house. With that in mind, I prepared the guest room upstairs to be used by both of them, especially for Sis so I purposely made the room environment ergonomic.Bookmark here

Now the times are coming where I'm starting to think that having big rooms are advantageous. Two beds fitted no problem at all.Bookmark here

But when you think of it, I suppose I will not be alone in this house for quite some time.Bookmark here

Thankfully, I made dinner with no problem. At least for today. I don't know what might happen to me with the next time I make dinner again with my condition.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Indeed I was upset earlier with this decision. But I realize that I'm acting dumb, which is probably affected by the disorder. Usually, I will have a careful assessment of something, but clearly I just jumped the gun earlier.Bookmark here

But on the bright side, it's nice that there is someone in my house aside from me, and at that, I am glad. I'm kind of forgetting how to live with others, as I have been living with myself for a year now.Bookmark here

"Wahhh… That's some good food~Bookmark here

Thanks for the dinner, Gin. I'll be sure to make dinner next. We can't have you working too much with that condition of yours."Bookmark here

"Thanks, Sis. I appreciate it."Bookmark here

"But hey… Now that I'm looking at it, doesn't your house seem like a lot barer than the last time I came here?"Bookmark here

"Ah, that… I did some withdrawing of things I don't need before we went to Japan and I'm used to living minimally because of the Void. So yeah, minimalistic life it is."Bookmark here

"Wow… I wish I could be you with organization and sorting out things. I always clean up every two days since mess quickly accumulates on my desk and room.Bookmark here

At least I'm sharing a room with Ringo so she can help me clean."Bookmark here

"No, Sis. Clean it by yourself."Bookmark here

"Owww… That's cold, little sister."Bookmark here

"Hahaha… This house hasn't become this lively until now."Bookmark here

"It sure is tough living alone, huh."Bookmark here

"I guess…? I pay my own bills and the loans for this house. And now I can only rely on selling prints since I can't work at Giotto's again…"Bookmark here

"That's one depressing face you have there.Bookmark here

Well, don't worry too much about that. I'll be giving my share on the bills. You know, I'm the one that suggested that I too will live here, so that's the least I can do to not be troublesome."Bookmark here

"Again, greatly appreciated, Sis. You're a great help. Thank you."Bookmark here

"By the way, Potato. Since you're out from school, what will you do now aside from making prints and art for sale?"Bookmark here

"Honestly, I really don't have anything to do. I guess I can also sell original works for a higher cost. That is, if I won't drool on the paper."Bookmark here

"Ah, yeah. That sounds disgusting so you better be careful, little bro.Bookmark here

You too, Ringo. Stop your habit of drooling when sleeping."Bookmark here

"Ugh…"Bookmark here

"Ah, Sis. I should warn you in advance that I have an extreme case of sleepwalking."Bookmark here

"Uh-huh. When we were in Japan, Gin was doing push-ups while sleeping."Bookmark here

"Woah, that's amazing in itself!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Well then, I guess we should put our dishes aside so it can get washed. Let's all retire for the day early. I'm pretty tired myself… Yawn~"Bookmark here

"I'm surprised that you can still yawn like that when all you do is sleep, Potato."Bookmark here

"Let's just be thankful that my body clock is not yet ruined."Bookmark here

And let's also be thankful that we all had a good sleep at peace.Bookmark here

Though, Haku got all the coziness.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Thus, the start of the weekend marks the beginning of my long-term leave. The sun rose up again from the horizon.Bookmark here

Being with less switching off since yesterday, I'm taking advantage of it and woke up early as I immediately fell asleep when I lied down last night.Bookmark here

Today is Saturday so I don't expect the sisters to be waking up sooner than 7am. Keeping that in mind, I prepared breakfast while waiting for them.Bookmark here

Realizing it now, Rin from time to time lets herself in the house and go eat breakfast with me, and sometimes even lunch. It's actually rare for me to eat on the dining table with three chairs occupied, is what I had in mind.Bookmark here

While I was contemplating behind the kitchen counter, I didn't realize that the two already woke up and are now coming down.Bookmark here

"Good morning, Potato… Yawn~Bookmark here

You sure are early even though it's weekend…"Bookmark here

"Oh, Rin. Morning. I figured I'd make breakfast for today."Bookmark here

"Mm. Thanks. But don't push yourself, 'kay?"Bookmark here

"Yes, milady."Bookmark here

Yes… I know the neglected case right now is temporarily disregarded. But I still feel awkward inside, alright? I don't seriously know when I will ever get used to this atmosphere inside my house.Bookmark here

Just look, it has already sunk in to my head that Rin and Sis are living with me in this house, but that's not the problem. One thing is that Rin is my girlfriend, but I'm so not used to this setup, being in a family that houses more men than women. Now it's the opposite in this house! That's just my shallow thinking, though.Bookmark here

How am I supposed to act right now, is what I pondered into myself as I continue to fold the leftover rice on the wok.Bookmark here

"Ungh…! That was a good sleep…!"Bookmark here

"Morning, Sis."Bookmark here

"Ah, morning, li'l bro."Bookmark here

"By the way, Rin. What's up with that baggy shirt? That's so oversized. Lol."Bookmark here

"Ahh, this is actually my sleeping clothes. I just saw this when shopping one time and this caught my attention. This was in the women's section, just saying.Bookmark here

I just found the time to wear this recently since it's getting cold fast."Bookmark here

"Hmm. Yeah. I wonder if it will snow again around the same time next month.Bookmark here

Well, breakfast is ready."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Quite surprising that you're still not working at this time, Sis."Bookmark here

"Not like you're still not used to me procrastinating, Ringo."Bookmark here

"Wooow…"Bookmark here

"This happens a lot back at our house, Potato. Then you will see her ending up putting an all-nighter."Bookmark here

"Hmm. That's to be expected.Bookmark here

Wait, isn’t your boyfriend going to question you, moving here and all?"Bookmark here

"Oh, now that you mention. I haven't told him yet. Oh well, I'm sure that he will 100% understand the situation so no worries."Bookmark here

"Nah. I don't think anyone would believe a story of a guy having a sleeping disorder."Bookmark here

"Yeah, right. You haven't even introduced me to him, let alone know his name, Sis. And it's been a few years already since you started going out."Bookmark here

"It's better if you just meet him in person, Ringo."Bookmark here

Unbeknownst to others, Yuna actually has a lover in which just like Rin, I have not met yet. But I guess it's kind of similar to Kei's case.Bookmark here

What's up with the scary rhyme?Bookmark here

But from what I've heard, the guy is a year older than her and they met in a cafe because of a situation of some sort. Their relationship has already been 5 years. Sis is already 24 so it will be no surprise if the guy proposes sooner or later.Bookmark here

I'm honestly intrigued.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Monday, around the time after lunch.Bookmark here

Oh, well… Here I am waking while my body is prone to the floor of my living room. What a great time to switch off.Bookmark here

"Get up, get up… Heave-ho~"Bookmark here

Just as I got up, I heard a knock on my front door. And as I was just near, I immediately opened the door…Bookmark here

With Shiro and Rin in front of the door.Bookmark here

I guess it is note-worthy to say that Shiro is looking at me with a very suspicious face.Bookmark here

Yes, yes. I get it…Bookmark here

"W-Want to come in and have some tea…?" I said with a somehow frightened tone.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Care to explain, Gin?"Bookmark here

"W-Well… Things happened…Bookmark here

On the other note, classes aren't done yet, right? So why are you with-"Bookmark here

The moment I looked at Rin, only one thought came to mind. I stood up from the couch and gave her a very weak head chop that is comparable to the feeling of a mere touch.Bookmark here

"Silly girl. You keep on telling me not to push myself and here you are getting a fever."Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

"It's expected to see her this quiet, with a fever and all."Bookmark here

"Just a second, Shiro. I'll tell you everything once I go back."Bookmark here

I carried Rin on my back and went upstairs to let her rest in her bed.Bookmark here

"How manly for someone that is also sick," Shiro whispered even when no one can hear her.Bookmark here

"Sis~ we have a patient here."Bookmark here

"Oh, wow. That's a cold."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"So… to put things forwardly, Rin and her sister are living here, as you may have seen when Rin perhaps told you to go here instead of their house earlier."Bookmark here

"Yep. That happened."Bookmark here

"This all happened with the decision of both of our parents. It was only Rin originally but her sister decided to tag along. All of this is because no one is available to watch over me with this condition and I can't be left alone anymore.Bookmark here

That's everything."Bookmark here

"Uh-huh."Bookmark here

"Can you please keep this as a secret to everyone?"Bookmark here

"And if they decided to visit?"Bookmark here

"No choice, then."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Alright. I can't stay long since my time outside school is limited. Though, thanks for the good tea. Get well soon."Bookmark here

"Yes, thanks."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Hahh… That sure was unexpected. Anyways…"Bookmark here

Yeah, right. Forget about my condition. This time, I'm not the patient here.Bookmark here

This could just be the first time that I saw her sick. Thinking about it, she has always taken care of me when I'm the one bed-ridden, and she still takes care of me until this time.Bookmark here

Truly, I have regretted not being able to repay all the things she gave me, and in my point of view at least, that was the reason why we came to an argument in the first place. It was all because of my stupidity that it happened, and I blame myself for that.Bookmark here

But that is to be set aside. It is now my turn to make her mend from her sufferings.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Hmm… 38.7 degrees. You really need to rest this out, Rin."Bookmark here

"Sorry that I can't be of any help, Gin. Work is always on the way."Bookmark here

"It's okay, Sis. You can focus on what you're doing while I tend to Rin."Bookmark here

"What… about your condition…"Bookmark here

"That's not what I or you should be concerned about. Just let this fever pass and you will be well."Bookmark here

"But… your nightmares…"Bookmark here

The sick struggled to speak up what is in her worrying mind. Up until this point in which the one that takes care of is the one being taken care and yet, she still thinks selflessly.Bookmark here

As much as I am astonished, I'm more worried.Bookmark here

"Nightmares or whatnot, I don't care. I can't let your sickness get worse, you know. Please don't worry at my condition as you might be the one to catch my nightmares. You should prioritize rest above all.Bookmark here

If you need to sleep, then go ahead. I'll make you something light to eat and I'll peel an apple for you. Rest well, Rin. I don't want anything to happen to you."Bookmark here

Thus the door momentarily opened and immediately closed with my exit from the room.Bookmark here

Now I can understand what Rin felt whenever she saw me ill. I am nervous… I am worried. My heart does not want to stop beating hard. My sweat is pouring, cold.Bookmark here

I'm scared.Bookmark here

I'm more scared at this than what might happen to me…Bookmark here

…sooner or later.Bookmark here

And so, I realized—this is what it feels when someone you care for is in pain. If this was a few years back, I'm certain as to what I might think.Bookmark here

I will probably say… "How ironic."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Two days after Rin was brought home by Shiro because of getting ill, it does seem that she is now all better with her condition.Bookmark here

I say that all, but I myself fell into slumber the night before this morning.Bookmark here

Finally, the girl recovered from her fever.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Uhh…"Bookmark here

"Hey, morning. If you're feeling well and all now, skip your classes for today so it won't come back."Bookmark here

"Ahh… good morning, Sis.Bookmark here

…?"Bookmark here

Moving out of her blanket, she saw Gin sound asleep with his head rested on the bed.Bookmark here

"Gin is amazing, you know. He nursed you back to health in just two days.Bookmark here

I'm telling you this now, Ringo. He really is a great man."Bookmark here

She then looked intently on the sleeping face of the man and reached out her hand to his head but halted.Bookmark here

"T… Th-"Bookmark here

"Also, he never once switched off while he was watching over you. Yes, not even for a whole day. He was wide awake, looking out for you."Bookmark here

With her hand stiffened, she still placed her hand on Gin's head and slowly strokes his hair back and forth.Bookmark here

"Gin… Thank you…"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Yawn~ Now my body clock is done for…Bookmark here

Yawn~"Bookmark here

"8:18… Slept for a bit long I guess. A little awkward to have woken up on their room, though."Bookmark here

"Finally awake, I see. Come, sit down already. I've prepared breakfast."Bookmark here

"Ohh… Thanks, Sis.Bookmark here

Umm. How are you feeling now, Rin?"Bookmark here

"I'm feeling a lot better. I'm back at 36 degrees."Bookmark here

"Ahh… That's good to know. I guess nursing you paid off, huh. But still, take a bit more rest just to be sure."Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"Are you going back to school tomorrow?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. I feel like I will be missing a lot in these three days of absence."Bookmark here

"Good for you, then. Hahh… Says the one that may just be out of education for a month or two…"Bookmark here

"Don't let that get to you. I'm sure you'll be back to normal in time."Bookmark here

"I hope that's true. If only I know how long will this brewing 'storm' last."Bookmark here

"Well… itadakimasu."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

And so the two of us were left in the house as Sis needed to submit her reports in a rather rare endeavor of coming to her office of work.Bookmark here

The natural light has started to dim ever so subtly at the sixteenth hour of the day.Bookmark here

Thus, we are sat on the couch with Haku with the television turned on.Bookmark here

"Hweh… Uhh… I fell asleep again, huh."Bookmark here

"That makes it the sixth time for this day. You still haven't beaten your thirteen times in one day."Bookmark here

"Quite the records, Rin."Bookmark here

"I'll be making dinner tonight, okay?"Bookmark here

"Yes. I look forward to what you can make from the fridge."Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

At random, Rin stayed quiet for reasons that I can't perceive. Her eyes are directed towards what's in the TV, but I am sure that her thought is somewhere away from it.Bookmark here

"Something bothering your mind?"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

I'm just thinking… If ever this lasts for a long time, then you won't get to leave the house at all."Bookmark here

"At least I am not alone and it won't be boring if not because of you and Sis.Bookmark here

But in your point of view, I guess that is already given."Bookmark here

"Yes, I'm glad that that is what you think of our current circumstances. And if this really ever becomes long term, I've been wondering…Bookmark here

…"Bookmark here

"…Hmm?"Bookmark here

"You know what, let's just continue this tomorrow. Don't you agree?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. I think that's much better than today."Bookmark here

"After dinner tomorrow, I guess."Bookmark here

"Awww. Now you're teasing me. But I guess the time is just the best.Bookmark here

You're so accurate in time, Rin."Bookmark here

"Ahahaha. It works better that way."Bookmark here

The next day, Rin came back to school after completely recovering from her fever. The seconds, the minutes, the hours—they all fly away fast.Bookmark here

Another day in the calendar which was encircled came to our lives.Bookmark here

September 20, 2018. 365 days have passed since that drama.Bookmark here

"Sis…! I'm going out for a bit."Bookmark here

"Are you sure you won't pass out outside, lil bro? Don't blame anyone if you switch off."Bookmark here

"I'll keep that in mind. Will try to keep myself from collapsing on the streets."Bookmark here

"Also, let me make dinner later. I kind of fancy ramen tonight."Bookmark here

"Oohhh… I'll look forward to it. I'll be off then.Bookmark here

Seriously, thank you, Sis."Bookmark here

"Hah. You got it."Bookmark here

"Well, I'm kind of happy to have an older sister."Bookmark here

"Now then… should I put them on a vase or something?"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Under the shade of the great tree in the school grounds, there sat three people as they quietly watch over the students walk out of the gates.Bookmark here

"Where's Jean, anyway?"Bookmark here

"He went home without us since he's with Ai-san just like usual."Bookmark here

"Hehh… courteous until the end, huh. I wonder how is he progressing with Ai-san's parents' approval."Bookmark here

"Nee-chan…! Sorry for the wait."Bookmark here

"Well, now that Anna's here. We should all go home now. See you guys tomorrow."Bookmark here

"We'll try to visit Gin some time."Bookmark here

It was obvious that Shiro was trying to tease Rin while the others don’t know of the situation.Bookmark here

"Urk… he'll be glad, Shiro. I'm sure…"Bookmark here

"That's extremely awkward."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Do your friends not know of you moving to Nii's house, Nee-chan?"Bookmark here

"Aside from Shiro, they don't know. But I seriously thought that she could have said it already to everyone, but apparently, that's not the case.Bookmark here

I wonder what has gotten to her."Bookmark here

"How is Nii, by the way?"Bookmark here

"Well… Normal as ever, I guess…? And I already got used to him passing out here and there. It's actually quite funny how he's so fine and then you blink, he's down."Bookmark here

"I kind of want to see that.Bookmark here

I hope… that he isn't getting lonely?"Bookmark here

"Hmm… He's not, I think. He's probably more cheerful than before when he was still living alone. Also, he's really good at taking care of people."Bookmark here

"Wooow. That's news to me."Bookmark here

"I even thought to myself that 'that's rich coming from someone who spent two years of his life in isolation with only talking to himself.'Bookmark here

But aren't you grateful for him, Anna?"Bookmark here

"Y-Yeah… It's been a year since I moved back here and what I saw was completely different from what I expected Nii to be like. Aside from grandpa's death, I rarely see him cry, to be honest.Bookmark here

But if I put things in other ways, I should be the one thanking you, Nee-chan. Because of you, that gloomy brother of mine changed as a better person.Bookmark here

Really, I wish for you two to always be on each other’s side."Bookmark here

"Anna… I will always keep on supporting Gin, now and to the future. What you wish for is what I wish for too.Bookmark here

Seriously, that guy can't just be left alone."Bookmark here

"Hehe… I'm really happy to have a sister like you."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Just as what Sis told, she really did make ramen as the sundown meal. The mood was very bright and the vibe of people having a meal altogether on one table was greatly emitted.Bookmark here

Thus, the quiet night was disturbed by the joyous meal. The dishes are now drying out, and came the time of rest.Bookmark here

"Quite the nostalgic dinner, I'd say."Bookmark here

"Mhm… It truly is. It was like that time exactly a year ago."Bookmark here

"A year ago… indeed. So much had happened that it felt like it's an eternity already.Bookmark here

One year had passed since the embarrassing confessions that I told. But I still missed out with a lot of things even after that.Bookmark here

Well, this is a good example…"Bookmark here

From the side of the couch, I took a vase and placed it on the coffee table in front of us two. It contains flowers that stood out because of the gradient of white, to pink, and to red.Bookmark here

"I don't really know what to get so I went with a simple one. I'm quite proud on how I arranged it."Bookmark here

"Carnations… Thank you, Gin.Bookmark here

Let's hope for more years to come for us."Bookmark here

"Yeah… For more years to come."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Say, Gin… Once you are cured with your disorder, what do you want to do?"Bookmark here

"Uhh… It's so sudden that I don't know what to say…Bookmark here

Hmm… Well, I'm pretty much almost embedded in this house at this point, so I will probably want to go outside a lot. Maybe hanging out here and there, or going to some place."Bookmark here

What I thought to be a decent answer was judged by her eyes that want to know more. I am sitting tight on pause but she has no way of averting her eyes from me.Bookmark here

"I would want to go back to work, I guess. I will definitely do a lot of cooking as I will not be doing that a lot, even at my own house.Bookmark here

Oh… Yeah…Bookmark here

There's something that makes me want to be cured quickly. I promised that I will come visit him in that day…"Bookmark here

"Who…?"Bookmark here

"Even if it snows on me, I will definitely not miss that day."Bookmark here

"Ah… So it's almost that time…"Bookmark here

"He's the reason why I am 'Gin' and I haven't even thanked him for all those years. I really would be overjoyed to see him with my own eyes. But… I know to myself that it will never happen, not in a hundred, or thousands of years.Bookmark here

Hmm… I'm getting emotional again. Hahaha…"Bookmark here

"It hurts me to be seeing you like this, to be honest."Bookmark here

"…?"Bookmark here

"Even though you don't show it, I know so well that you are going under your pain that it has become a part of your life. I want those pain to disappear, honestly.Bookmark here

But you always taught me of the unavoidable cruelty we are all experiencing. That's why I haven't given up with all this time. If I was someone that can't do anything for you, I might not be able to forgive myself.Bookmark here

I'll stay, no matter what."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

It pains me to say… but that is also my line. You're so strong that even you're not scared of this. Because in truth, I'm extremely afraid. With all this memories pouring down like a waterfall, I can't help but be hopeless. It's the same feeling that I had as a kid.Bookmark here

I'm scared that I might disappear someday. Even with all the reasons of my existence, including you, I'm still at the edge of the chasm, about to fall to my bottomless despair.Bookmark here

So… So Rin… I really, really need your help. I want to be strong… so much that I can calm my own despair for good. I want to be strong like you, Rin… I want… to…Bookmark here

…"Bookmark here

Slowly losing his words as his eyes close down with his body falling, Rin caught her and rested her head on her lap as she strokes Gin's sable hair with a sorrowful smile on her face as her tears ever so slowly drip from her eyes.Bookmark here

"I will… I will make you strong… I promise…Bookmark here

Gin…Bookmark here

I will always be here… I will wait for you… I will always wait for the time where you will wake up from all your nightmares…"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I am Gin… I am silver… I am gray…Bookmark here

Hey, Kuro. We haven't had a chance to have a chat. Try to show up at least once, would 'ya?Bookmark here

The piano starts to play once again.

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