Chapter 1:

The Start of High School for Nerisu Himenomiya

Caladria Chronicles

The year was 2036. Two girls were busy studying in an average-sized room. The room in particular was adorned with various types of flowers; roses, daisies, petunias, tulips, sunflowers, and more. The walls were filled with paintings of these flowers, looking very bright and vibrant compared to the rest of the house. The rest of the room was still simple, however. There was a small bookshelf next to the door, with a bed nearby, and the opposite wall housed a study desk and a television. The flowers were put in vases on various tables, some were near the window which was located on the same wall showcasing the television. All in all, every single wall had something in front of it, giving the room an equal sort of appearance. Even though the two girls were studying, it turns out that one of them was being tutored instead.
A tall, buxom, purple-haired girl sporting her hair done up in a wavy ponytail with two ringlet curls on the bottom, her shoulder-length leftover hair being spread out on both sides, was sitting down and looking over the other girl’s school work. Her blue eyes looked over it, dashing back and forth at the words on the page. She was grading it, telling her what she did wrong so she could fix up her answers. The current topic was English. The other girl had short, dark blue hair in an intake hairstyle, while the bottom was spiky. She was shorter, sporting an average bust, with maroon eyes.
“I see… So that is what I have done wrong. Thank you for helping me, Ojousama. I truly appreciate your help.” The dark blue haired girl stated, smiling a little.
“Oh, it’s okay! I’m always happy to help people!” The purple haired girl cheerfully replied, grinning at her.
“I must say, you are only fifteen years old yet you are helping me study for an exam, despite being my junior by two years… This is normal for you, is it not?” She questioned. This girl was younger than her, yet she helped her study. She must’ve been rather intelligent for that to happen.
“Yes! Ever since people had heard about my intelligence, I had been scouted for universities and asked to attend seminars and lectures, and they were easy for me to understand! That started happening when I was about… ten years old? I never actually attended university though, because my parents didn’t want me to feel alienated by the other elders! So, they wanted me to stick with friends within my age group.”
“That does make sense. Are you okay with this? You could have done some truly amazing feats if you had attended university.”
“It’s fine! I have plenty of time before I get to attend university…Besides, I just want to have fun for now! And this is easy peasy!”
“That is good to hear.” The girl continued studying as she looked over the notes that were written for her, trying to understand English. She had only started learning it recently, she was fluent in Japanese but struggled to learn English.
“I’m really glad I was able to befriend you, Mizuki! Along with the rest of our group!” The two girls were in a close knit group that formed when they were in elementary school, when Mizuki was in year four, making the other girl a second grader by that time.
“Yes, it is a great group. I am glad to have met you all, as well. However… we first met when our parents were spending time together, correct? To protect you after all these years is an honour, Ojousama.”
“Yes, you’re right! Ah, it was a great day! We played together that day and you swore to protect me for the rest of your life! You’re the best, Mizuki!”
“To avoid an argument… We are both the best, Ojousama.”
“Ehehe~” She was starting to remember a memory. Yes, it was back in year four...

“Why do you want to hold her hand? You’ll get cooties if you do that!”
“Shut up, girls don’t have cooties! You’re just jealous that Nerisu won’t hold hands with you!” The boy yelled, growling at the other students.
“Oh, whatever, Iori! Don’t blame me if you end up getting a disease from touching her!” The boys snickered and ran away, going somewhere else before they would get told on by the teacher.
A frown appeared on the short, dark-blue haired boy’s face. His eyebrows curved downwards, and his hands clenched tightly as he watched the boys run away. How could they believe in something like that? If that was the case, he would have already gotten diseases from holding his parents’ hands all this time! The nerve of those kids, he thought.
“I-Iori, are you okay? I-It’s not a big deal, really. But… we won’t get diseases from holding hands, right? It’s never happened to me before! A-And cooties don’t exist!” Nerisu timidly replied, looking at him with a frown on her face. She had medium-length wavy hair that reached her lower back, and looked as if she was about to cry. Surrounding them stood four other students, Mizuki included.
“I’m okay, Nerisu. No, you don’t get diseases or cooties from holding hands. They’re just immature… Uh! Oh no, don’t cry!” He held back his anger so he wouldn’t scare her, and looked at her with worry as she teared up. He wiped her tears away. “Ignore what they said!”
“I agree! I’m going to hold Mizu’s hand right now!!” Yelled a black, short-haired boy as he quickly held Mizuki’s hand for a moment, before letting go of it.
“Why my hand, Takataka!?” Mizuki exclaimed, surprised by the sudden action.
“Huh? Why not?” Takataka questioned, wondering why she was so surprised by something like that.
“That was unexpected, that’s all!” She replied, sighing.
“There’s nothing wrong with holding hands~ We always have to do it in two lines, after all.” Said a white-haired girl with long hair that reached her bottom.
“You’re right, Yukino! They’re just silly, don’t mind them!” Said a boy with short brown-hair as he gave a thumbs up.
“We should still tell the teacher… Justice always prevails!” Takataka stated, with a goofy grin on his face.
The group went to tell the teacher, who reprimanded the boys for what they had done, making them look at the group with angry eyes.

“...Cooties really don’t exist! Who made up that rumour, anyways!?” Nerisu shouted, puffing her cheeks.
“Who knows, Ojousama. At least now we are mature enough not to believe in it.”
“Yes, you’re right! Anyways, I think this is the last thing you need to study!” Nerisu looked out at the window, noticing that the sky had gotten dark and night had arrived. The stars were twinkling in the blackness of the sky. “Oh! I think it’s time for me to go home! Well, I had fun helping you! I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” Dashing out of the house, she ran back to her own as Mizuki and her parents waved her off.

The sky was blue, the clouds were out and flying across those very skies, birds were chirping and cars were driving all over as the first day of school had arrived. Nerisu Himenomiya was getting up, wearing her black, moon-print jacket and pants with her wavy hair reaching her lower back. She yawned, stretching her body as she got out of bed. Her bed was large and spacious, it had room to fit four people on it and the mattress was as fluffy as a cloud. It was custom-made with various, random anime characters covering the sheets. Her room was even bigger, storing various anime figurines on surfaces along with a very large bookshelf covering most of the wall. There were many books, along with cases with discs inside of them. There were even CDs, many of them filling the bookshelf as well. A large study desk was placed opposite of the bed, housing a big dual-screened computer that looked very modern. The walls were filled with her favourite anime characters, most of whom were adolescents who looked to be just around her age.
She rushed over to the dining room, which took a while due to how spacious the mansion was. The dining room was just as big, looking as if it was fit for royalty with the elaborate wall paintings and long dining table that stretched from one side of the room to the other. Her parents were waiting for her, sitting down and beginning to eat the bacon and eggs that her father had cooked.
“Good morning, dear.” Her mother greeted her, smiling as she began to cut the bacon and eggs into pieces.
“Good morning, mother!” Nerisu greeted her, smiling as she began cutting up the food into pieces too. The smell was intoxicating, and gave off a sign that the food would be delicious like always. She shoved the combination of the two into her mouth, chewing rapidly as the taste stuck to her tongue and made her grin. “Delicious! Your cooking is the best, father!” Nerisu exclaimed, quickly continuing to devour the meal.
“Ahaha, thank you, Nerisu! Of course, your cooking is just as good as mine! You inherited it from me, after all!” Her father replied, grinning as he ate as well.
Before I continue, I should probably point out that the names of her father and mother were Mikazuki and Kotone, respectively.
They all continued to eat in silence, and when Nerisu finished, she excused herself from the table as she ran into the living room, taking note that the television was on and the news was airing.
“Good morning, Caladria. It is January 30th and today is the day that school will start for students in Dreilune. All students should have their stationery so that you won’t have to use the temporary ones that some schools provide.”
The temporary stationery that the reporter was talking about is a unique kind that has a chip implanted into it so that after six hours have passed, the object will return back into the box where it resides. It’s automatically connected to it, and this prevents the object from being taken home and used by the other person, unless they remove the chip… which ends up rendering the object unusable forever. Some schools don’t have this technology, as they don’t believe in needing such a thing.
Nerisu personally believed that the concept was really cool, and thought that it is really useful even if they tend to highly encourage students to buy their own stationery instead. After watching for a bit, she goes into the bathroom on the bottom floor and removes her clothes, preparing to take a shower.
She turns the hot water on, and soaks her body in the nice, warm water while humming to herself. Shortly afterwards, she starts using the expensive shampoo her family uses and rubbed it into her hair, delicately piercing into her scalp while steam covered the room.
The stream kept hitting her hair and body as she waited for it to wash out all of the shampoo, so she could move onto the conditioner, lathering the rest of her hair apart from her scalp in it while smelling it. It smelt like roses, making her hair stand out compared to other hair products that might have no smell at all.
She washed her body afterwards, using body wash that smelled like mango as she smiled. She was looking forward to today, school was so much fun! She was surprisingly passionate about it, at least, more so than the average student.
She turned the water off, getting a towel and then wrapping it around her body, heading straight to her bedroom. Now was the time for her lengthy hair routine to begin.
To start, she used a helmet-shaped hair drying device to quickly dry her hair off since it would take too much time to use a towel instead, and using a hair-dryer was somewhat tiring for her, having to move it all around.
She tied her hair up in a bun, put the helmet on, and sat down as she turned it on so it started heating her hair up. The hair tie dissolved, and after ten minutes, it finished drying her hair. This was the sort of thing you would see in a hair salon nowadays, easily drying off the person’s hair in a less exhausting manner. Brushing her hair was next, making sure all of the knots were taken out as she brushed it every day using an expensive hairbrush.
She put the helmet back and changed into her school uniform. It consisted of a white jumper, with a dark blue vest and a red bow on the collar, and a short, red miniskirt. She wore white mid-calf socks and brown Japanese shoes with it, but she wasn’t ready yet. She had to style her hair, of course! It was time to reveal how she styles her ponytail and the rest of her hair, as it wasn’t natural at all.
She begins with using a hair straightener, which worked different from using the handle to pull your hair down while the straightener was turned on. Instead, there were long clips that looked like a hair straightener without the handle, with heat settings on the on/off button on them. Nerisu attached a couple of them to her hair, and turned them all on with the heat settings on high as they went down and began straightening. This took about fifteen minutes to do all of her hair, and when she was finished, it was completely straight. She put her hair up in a ponytail and got out her hair curler, which had a handle this time unlike the hair straighteners. She began curling the bottom of her ponytail, resulting in two ringlet curls that reached her shoulders.
Lastly, it was time for her to style her other bits of hair. She got out some long lasting hair gel and applied it all over her hair, styling the bits so they would stick out to the sides and look like a bushy cat’s whiskers.
Before rushing out of the house, she brushed her teeth properly, and then grabbed her school bag which she prepared the night before and went over to her parents, waving them off before she went. “I’ll be going now!” She yelled as she left the house. “Have a good day!” They both yelled as they prepared themselves for work.

Nerisu headed over to Iori’s house, as it was right next to hers since they were next door neighbors. His house wasn’t as big as her mansion, and paled in comparison, but it was an average building you would see in any neighborhood nowadays. She waited at the front of the door, peering inside the house through the windows to see if anyone was there. There was nobody there, it seemed that Iori was the only one who was in the house as his parents were probably out working their morning shifts. Eventually, she witnessed him running to pack his food inside his school bag and shortly afterwards, he opened the door and walked out to see her there. “Oh, Nerisu!” Said Iori, who sported dark-blue hair with V-shaped and fringed bangs. His eyes matched his hair, too. He had a tall, slim figure, and was sporting the school’s male uniform. It was simply a simple white t-shirt and dark-blue pants. “It’s good to see you. Good morning.”
“Good morning, Iori! Ehehe, I saw you getting ready inside! Are your parents at work?” Nerisu asked, tilting her head at him. It was something she did when she asked a question.
“Yes, they are. As you know, my mother works as a pastry chef and my father is an IT supervisor. We still get a good amount of money that enables us to live pretty comfortably.”
“Of course, of course! I knew that already too, why did you say that?”
The two stared at a nearby tree for a bit, before turning to face each other and not saying a word.
“Let’s not worry about that. How are you today? I bet you’ve been excited for school to start for a long time now.”
“Ehehe~ I’m doing great! Yes, I’m looking forward to today! I think it’s going to be spectacular!”
“If only other students had the same enthusiasm towards school like you did…”
“If that was the case, I think most teachers would be a lot happier!”
The two started walking to school together. Various houses of different sizes would line their way to school, with trees, and animals to boot. There were also various fences in all different shapes, some had animals like cats and dogs sitting on them. Nerisu wouldn’t hesitate to pet them, hoping that they wouldn’t bite her. Sometimes they would, and boy did it hurt.
“We’re heading to Tsukimiya Academy, huh… To think this day finally came. I remember being excited for it when I was younger, actually.” Iori mentioned, smiling at the fond memory he had.
“We sure are! I was excited, too! I’ve always wanted to experience high school!”
“It’s a good thing that all of our other friends are going, too. Just a shame that Mizuki is in her final year, but she said it was a pretty good school, didn’t she?”
“She did! I think she only said that because they have a swimming pool, though. It’s a large place, with a lot of facilities.”
“Wow… She really does love swimming, doesn’t she?”
Nerisu nodded and grinned at him, continuing to walk. Their walk would be rather short as they both lived near the school, which was lucky for them and one of the reasons why they chose it.
“There are a bunch of schools here in Nairilune, aren’t there? We have a lot of selections, especially for a city…”
“Yes, there are! I guess it really depends on where you live, but some people are even willing to travel from far away cities just to attend some of the schools here! Well, given that you can teleport, it shouldn’t be very surprising…”
“Yes, that’s true.”
The two eventually arrived at Tsukimiya Academy, greeted by a large gate that was swarmed by fellow students, rushing through in an orderly manner. The school building was very large, with many buildings and a lot of courtyards. There was also a gazebo, and multiple gardeners were employed to keep the gardens looking beautiful, with their many flowers and trimmed grass.
Nerisu and Iori went inside the gates, heading towards the boards that would display which classes the students were in. A light breeze blew by everyone, giving a bit of a chill and blowing hair around by a little.
“That was nice… You could even manipulate it and make it into a bigger breeze, can’t you? And considering your power, you could do a lot more things than that...” Iori stated, remembering that Nerisu had wind abilities. She was also powerful.
“Yep! I mean, that would only happen if I wanted to cause trouble! But I don’t! If anything, I mainly want to run really fast, levitate and use it to help me pick up heavy objects! I don’t want to make whirlwinds or tornadoes appear! But still, being a level seven means that I am pretty powerful, yes!” She replied, frowning as she mentioned she didn’t want to summon whirlwinds and tornadoes, but then smiling as talked about her power.
When Caladrians or half-Caladrians are born, they are given an ability at birth and the power of their ability is determined by their level. There’s technology used to indicate how powerful someone is, and how strong they will be for the rest of their life. Levels go from one to nine, with one being the absolute weakest and nine being the strongest. The higher the level, the rarer they tend to be, lower levelled beings tend to be more common. Ability users also get a second ability when they turn eighteen, and the level of that is calculated by cutting the level of their main ability in half, rounding it off to the nearest number if the number is odd.
“That’s… a good thing. We can’t have the princess of Dreilune causing havoc, can we?”
“That too! I just want to prank people, not wreak havoc!!” She started flailing her arms around, making herself look rather childish despite being a teenager already. Disregarding what she said, anyway.
“Err… That’s better, I guess. Let’s check the boards.”
They ran up to the boards and looked over for their names, and coincidentally they ran into their other friends, Yuu, Yukino, Takataka and Mizuki, They were all looking for which class they were in as well, there was a lot of students, so it was a bit rough. Nerisu had an idea, however.
She instantly flew up into the air and looked closely at the boards, finally finding the ones they were all in. She flew back down.
“Yuu, Yukino, Iori and I are in Class 1-A! Takataka is in Class 2-C, and Mizuki is in Class 3-B!” She announced with joy, smiling widely at them. Words couldn’t explain how relieved she was, she started jumping up and down in joy as she looked at them all.
“Fuhahaha, the gods have graced you with their presence!” Takataka bursted out, covering his eye for some strange reason while placing his other hand on his elbow. He was a tall, lanky looking male with some muscle. His hair was black, with spiky bangs, reaching his shoulders while his eyes were green.
“That’s great! I’m looking forward to this year, then~” Yukino replied, smiling gently at everyone there.
“This is most fortunate for all of us! Alas, Mizuki-san and Takataka aren’t in the same grade as us… For shame…” Yuu joined in, facepalming.
“Well, we can still hang out after school, at least. And there’s also talking in the group chat… Well, except for Takataka. You should probably fix that.”
“I-I will! I just need some time, it’s tough having to work multiple part-time jobs!” Takataka said in response, sighing.
“Do your best~!” Yukino said, cheering him on.
“Wait, I know! I’ll get you a mobile phone for your birthday! It’s on February 26th, isn’t it?”
“R-Really? You’re willing to do that Nerisu!? I-I’d really appreciate it!” Takataka was dumbfounded. He knew that Nerisu was a really nice girl, but to think that she would give him an expensive gift, it was surprising. Regardless, he was really grateful, this meant he could join in with his friends on their shenanigans.
“Of course! Anything for a friend of mine!” She replied, smiling at him.
“Okay, well… Just pick any phone you like. I don’t mind if it’s one of those Apple phones or an Android either.”
“Got it! I’m looking forward to your birthday this year! Okay, we better get to the main hall now, oops!”
They all went to the main hall, standing up and witnessing the principal of the school give an announcement to all.
“Welcome to Tsukimiya Academy!” His voice bellowed, being able to reach far away even in the large building. “I hope all of you students enjoy your time here, for we are honoured to be teaching such a large variety of people! We have many clubs here, there’s sure to be one that you will want to join.”
He continued going on about the school, it was very boring and some students looked like they were about to fall asleep, before being woken up by the person next to them. Eventually, it ended and everyone started heading to their respective classes, and the year one group was greeted by a young woman with black hair, along with a side fringe. It was done up in a bun, and she looked to be of average height. She looked over at all of the students with a glare, and then stood up.
“I am Aragaki, and I will be teaching you all for the rest of the school year. As long as you all behave, and hand in your school work on time, there will be no problems. Understood?”
Everyone said yes, and some people looked like they were shuddering. Yuu was one of them, he never liked teachers like her. She gave off a standoffish vibe, and seemed like she might badger him a lot if he did poorly on exams. That was the kind of feeling he got from her.
“Now, it’s time for roll call.” She started calling all of their names out, and the students who were present said “Here!”. This included the whole group, who were sitting near each other, in the order of Nerisu, Iori, Yuu, Yukino from left to right in the front. They sat there because Nerisu loved sitting in the front, it made it easier for her to understand the teacher and read the whiteboard.
“You’re all going to introduce yourselves now, please make it short and tell everyone your name, and your hobbies. Starting from the left of the front row.” Nerisu wasn’t near the beginning, so she didn’t start off with the first introduction. It was her turn sooner or later, though.
“Hello! I’m Nerisu Himenomiya, and I love reading, watching videos and drawing! I also have more hobbies too! It’s nice to meet you all!”
“My name is Iori Ishizuka, and I enjoy reading, playing with computers and watching movies.”
“I’m Yukino Suzushiro, and I enjoy looking up government conspiracies online along with hanging out with my friends~” Aragaki-sensei made a weirded out expression when she heard her say “government conspiracies”.
“I am the great Yuu Takamine, and I have been given the power to protect all of you humans by the very gods! I train day after day so I can only get stronger, I am a force to be reckoned with!” She just facepalmed when she heard this, and Yuu saw and looked embarrassed.
“Please sit back down, Takamine.”
“Y-Yes, miss…”
Yuu promptly sat back down, and started wallowing in his own embarrassment caused by his chuunibyou tendencies.

“Hiiii! Aragaki-sensei is scary!” Yuu shuddered as he ate his barbecue flavoured chips he bought from the vending machine. Yukino was eating chicken flavoured ramen, Nerisu ate out of a lavish bento she cooked for herself, and Iori was eating a meat bun.
“Oh Yuu-kun~ It’s so cute how you’re scared of a teacher!” Yukino slurped her noodles up, making sure not to drop any of them or make a mess.
“Didn’t you see how she told me to sit back down!? How rude, totally rude! Nobody interferes with the chosen one who was given the power to save innocent people!”
“Yuu, don’t you think that your “personality” is the reason why you tend to get on their bad side?”
“It is not because of who I really am! That’s ridiculous, Iori, and you should know that!” Yuu yelled, causing a few people to look around as Nerisu began sweating, while the others just sat in silence. Yuu was frowning, and clearly looked upset.
“U-Um… Um… Do you know about that sense of embarrassment you get when you realise someone’s pants aren’t zipped up? Isn’t that really annoying? It’s happened a couple of times to me, and I tend to regret noticing it!” Nerisu stated, wiping the sweat off of her face.
“Oh, I understand. Frankly, I wish I could tell that person that their fly is undone.” Iori answered, sighing a little while continuing to eat.
“What if there was a special person who looked out for people whenever their flies were down!? They could help them out!” She looked as if she was beaming, with sparkles in her eyes.
“Nerisu… That would be really weird…”
“Huh? But I thought it could help…” She looked a little disappointed by this, but not enough to look like Yuu after he was told his chuuni is the reason why teachers are wary of him.
“It’s probably better to just have someone else tell them instead~ A designated officer might make people wonder what’s up with our planet.”
“Oh, okay then…” Nerisu said, as she continued eating.

The end of the day has arrived, and class is dismissed. “Class is dismissed.” Aragaki-sensei says, just after I said it myself. Everyone started leaving, and the group met up with each other.
“Class was nice, wasn’t it~?” Yukino chirped, smiling gently at everyone.
“Aragaki-sensei is still scary! I could swear she’s keeping an eye on me now…”
“Don’t worry, Yuu. You’ll survive, just think about something else instead. Like your libido.” Iori joined in, smirking a little.
“That… actually helps. Thanks, I guess.”
“Oh, you should be okay Yuu! I mean, maybe if you don’t show it during projects and the like, she won’t be so strict on you!” Nerisu replied, smiling at him too.
“Thanks, Nerisu-chan.”
“Ah, maybe we should meet up with Takataka and Mizuki? Let’s see how school went for them, too~”
“Yes, of course!” Nerisu began texting Mizuki, telling her to meet them at the gates at the front entrance of the school. Mizuki texted back, saying she will tell Takataka to meet up with them there too.
“Come to think of it… Takataka isn’t in the group chat, is he? He doesn’t have a compatible phone!” Nerisu announced, thinking to herself for a bit.
“Yeah, it looks like a clamshell, one of those “bricks”. I read that they were called those on Earth a couple of centuries ago, I thought they were gone by now!”
“Yes, that’s right! As far as I’m aware, most of them were used for recycling now! Maybe he managed to find a really cheap one at a bargain shop?”
“Knowing him, yeah. He’s gotten really skilled at texting on it though, it’s amazing.”
As they walked to the main gate, they saw Takataka and Mizuki, with Takataka waving at them.
“Heeeeeeey!” Takataka exclaimed, walking over to the group with Mizuki following behind. “So, we’re going to go out and eat?” He said, looking eagerly at everyone.
The group began talking about where they were going to eat. There were suggestions, such as a typical restaurant that sells Western or Japanese food, some fast food restaurants including one that primarily sells chicken and the other one that is known for their happy meals. Nerisu suggested a recently built one called “Lucky’s”, which was known for selling both foreign and fast food, with different sections in the rather large building for a fast food place.
“Ehehe, let’s go then!” She giggled as they all agreed on going there.
Everyone suddenly started saying “Ei, ei, ohhhh!” and then put their hands up into the air, bringing them back down and then heading to their chosen destination.

Sooner or later, the group arrived at Lucky’s, the inside of the restaurant was painted a dark blue with a lot of tables and chairs scattered all over the place. Near the entrance, there were “build your own meal” machines that allowed you to make your own happy meals, sushi, pancakes and meals with vegetables. The serving areas looked like your typical fast food area, with a bench that had cash registers and serviettes, screens showing the meals that were available and rotating between breakfast and lunch along with card swipe machines. Paywave was practically used in all restaurants in Caladria, and cash was rarely used unless people were more comfortable that way. There was a gap between the fast food area and the more traditional, foreign delights area which sold Western and Eastern food from Earth. There were some sweets, like a pancake with fruit, either one or multiple, inside them called a fruit pancake. There were monitors on the ceiling that showed the number of the person’s order, as they got one whenever their receipt was given to them. Everyone waited in the large line that trailed from the front of the restaurant to fairly near the back, with three lines in queue. They went for the shortest one.
“It’s a good thing we came here after they finished cleaning up the place, it would be bad if one of us fell down.” Yuu mentioned, noticing that there weren’t any slippery area signs around the whole place.
“The only way to protect yourself from the danger of falling down is by being careful, sadly!” Takataka replied, in a very heroic manner.
“It’s only funny in comedy at times… But otherwise, it hurts pretty bad!” Nerisu joined in, frowning.
“Mizu would be able to prevent that by manipulating the water, riiiight?” Takataka looked at Mizuki while he said that, looking as if he wanted her to say yes.
“I could. But transferring the water to a different area would be the main problem.” Mizuki simply replied, moving forward as the line started to move.
“Ah~ At least it doesn’t always end with someone accidentally grabbing someone’s body, riiight~?” Yukino was trying to tease Nerisu, who got flustered when it comes to perverted scenes and had a tendency to groan at typical “girl runs into boy and gets breast groped” situations.
“That would be terrible!” Nerisu raised her voice a little as she said this, puffing her cheeks.
The line eventually got shorter and shorter, and the group went up to order their food one at a time. Nerisu ordered two happy meals with large fries and cheeseburgers, Mizuki ordered tempura sushi, Yukino bought a happy meal with small fries, Iori bought a fruit pancake, Takataka bought a happy meal like Nerisu’s with a hamburger instead and Yuu bought beef with cauliflower, tomato and broccoli. They all waited for their orders until their numbers popped up on the monitors, and then found a large table with about eight chairs and sat down next to each other.
They all began eating, when Nerisu suddenly started talking. “Mizuki! How did your first day go?” She asked, with an eager grin on her face.
“It was good. It was very ordinary.” Mizuki replied, eating her sushi.
“How about you, Takataka?” Yuu asked this time, munching on his beef with vegetables.
“It was great! Except for how I was laughed at when I introduced myself! How embarrassing!!” Takataka shuddered, not wanting to think about that unfortunate incident.
“How did you introduce yourself again?” Mizuki asked in a straightlaced manner, wanting to show everyone how embarrassing it was.
“Fuhahahaha! I am Takahiro Takamori, the great user of Balmung Mk II, saviour of this world and all planets that have yet to be explored!”
“Chuunibyou really is something, huh…” Nerisu mused as she looked up into the air while eating her chips.
“A-At least no one laughed at me!” Yuu sadly remembered the unfortunate moment when Aragaki-sensei told him to sit down. Honestly, if looks could kill, hers would be one of them.
“Ahaha~ Aragaki-sensei told him to sit down and basically glared at him~” Yukino mentioned as she covered her hand with her mouth.
“Y-Yukino-chan!” Yuu was rather embarrassed, and pouted a little.
“Sorry, sorry~ I think they wanted to know~” Mizuki and Takataka nodded, with Takataka looking particularly triumphant when he did it.
Everyone continued eating for a while until Yukino suddenly spoke again. “Which clubs are we all going to join~? As for Takataka and Mizuki-chan, which ones are you two in~?” She asked, with a smile on her face.
“Art club!” Nerisu replied, happily working on her second happy meal.
“Kendo club!” Yuu and Takataka answered.
“I am in the gardening club.” Mizuki said, as laconic as always, when she can be.
“Art club.” Iori responded, munching on his fruit pancake.
“I haven’t decided~ Reading is nice, though, so I may join the literature club~ Ah… It’s a shame that there isn’t a club where I can discuss conspiracy theories…” Yukino sighed, clearly saddened by this. Everyone just kind of kept eating, not wanting to say anything about it.
“Oh! Why don’t we make a club where we can all hang out!? It would be easier to plan events after school, too!” Nerisu chirped, thinking it was a great idea and wanting to do it.
They all looked at her and mentioned it wasn’t a bad idea, and it makes sense.
“As far as Mizu and I are aware, those clubs aren’t really allowed… It means this doesn’t really feel like a light novel!” Takataka broke the fourth wall, his eyes looking downcast along with his eyebrows.
“Yes, Takataka is correct. Sorry, Ojousama.” Mizuki replied, frowning a little.
“Aww… It’s okay! We should be fine! I mean, we have RINE anyways! Speaking of RINE, I’ll get you a new phone for your birthday, Takataka!” Nerisu joyfully replied as she happily looked at him.
“R-Really!? Tornado Terror is willing to buy me, Dimension Piercer the Seventh, a phone!?” Takataka exclaimed, not as loud as you’d think to avoid drawing attention.
“Yes, sure! I really want you to join in on our conversations! I’m sure everyone else does, isn’t that right?” Everyone nodded.
“T-This is truly something, I must give you my heartfelt thanks on the day!” He replied, truly thankful for Nerisu’s generosity.
“Ehehe, you’re welcome! Let’s finish eating!” She said as everyone agreed, eating away in silence.

Everyone finished and then headed back home, with Nerisu cooking nikujaga for her whole family, with the taste being rich in flavour. Yuu was training in the backyard with his sword, Ame no Tsurugi, Takataka was reading various light novels, Mizuki was watering all of the plants they owned, Iori was painting a picture of the classroom they were in today and Yukino was discussing theories such as John F. Kennedy’s death with the conspiracy theory community she was in. This chapter ends with Nerisu going to sleep, thinking about how she was looking forward to this year.

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