Chapter 0:

"Lore and History"

The Bear and The World ™

Our story begins in a world called Avelenciya, where humans neither existed nor mentioned in this pollution-free utopia and is instead ruled over by our everyday animals, but with the advantage of magic and sorcery. They retain animalistic traits, habits and demeanour and even walk the same as their familiar counterparts. Bookmark here

However, only creatures such as carnivores and omnivores have gained intellect as similar to an average human and only the ungulate herbivores remain as willing as cattle, but they thrive nonetheless.Bookmark here

This world only conceived one large continent and is governed through large regions, five in total. We have: Bookmark here

the 'Northern Fortress - Ghallahend' protected by the great mountain snow leopards, they hold the power of water and ice to block and hide their location from those that may bring harm to them,Bookmark here

the 'Southern village - Truphia' blessed by the caring pandas, holding the power of earth and healing, a sacred power to heal or cure any injury or ailment that chooses those who are worthy to wield it,Bookmark here

the 'Eastern Empire - Alinidia' ruled by the prideful lions, given the power of fire and light to bring them out of the darkness of night and ward off ill omens and curses from corrupting the hearts and souls of innocent animals,Bookmark here

the 'Western Sanctuary - Rolanne' led by the humble Gorillas with air and primordial magic to protect and nurture plant life and grant fertility and healthy delivery of offspring and..... Bookmark here

the 'Central forest - Basoa' untouched and unclaimed by the ruling regions as it is said to be an impenetrable and uninhabitable forest that even when those who have entered had never came back,Bookmark here

Together, they are the, 'Five Reigning Unions'.Bookmark here

The first four regions were created during the first age of existence they called " The Dawn of Dreads " centuries ago to fight against a common foe they all called, the ' Belaghos '. Bookmark here

A horrid and vile creature with large dirt and vine encrusted horns and antlers, yellowish-black fangs as sharp and jagged as a rusty blade, warty black and purple skin as thick and tough as rock and the body mass as large as three war elephants, only has one eye and no fear,Bookmark here

It appeared clawing out of a large, ominous portal created from dark matter that draws power from both sins of the wicked and the life force of every living being unfortunate enough to cross paths with it, every village and outpost was massacred, leaving a trail of blood and flames in its wake as it consumes everything and anything from plants to animals.Bookmark here

The four great leaders of each region's combined magic and strength, as well as countless sacrifices of each region's greatest warriors, was all it took to wound the wretched beast, leaving it with broken horns and scars. Bookmark here

At that very moment, in its, after many warriors drawing their last breath took the chance to seal the 'Belaghos' away forever.....Bookmark here

But that monstrous entity shall return, as a prophecy was foretold through a tremendous yet humbling voice of an ancient deity that graced their presence: Bookmark here

"On the day when peace has reached its peak,Bookmark here

An army of demons shall emerge from the ends of the earth, Bookmark here

In waves, they shall come,Bookmark here

Each one stronger than the last, Bookmark here

Once the blood moon rises,Bookmark here

The beast shall return.....Bookmark here

The prophecy had cut deep through the hearts of the animals, to the point of breaking out into tears, but just as they had thought that all hope was lost, two weeks later, that very same voice had returned...Bookmark here

"Take heed my downhearted souls, for I bring forth a revelation,Bookmark here

A champion shall be born from you,Bookmark here

One who shall be your salvation,Bookmark here

For this champion shall bring you peace,Bookmark here

Strong, Smart, Brave, Kind, Confident, Honest and True,Bookmark here

This champion shall be your Savior, your Warrior, your Hope, your Beacon, Bookmark here

This.....Shall.....Be.....Your.....Hero....."Bookmark here

* SHALL WE BEGIN *Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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