Chapter 55:

Chapter 55 Vanishing Into The Night

Hermit's Diary

The guard's menacing gaze swept over the gruesome sight before him, the poor hatchling nailed to the wall like some gory trophy of the guards' sadistic amusement. With a cruel smirk etched across his twisted face, he turned his attention to Kaka, the miserable goblin slave who dared to defy his authority.

In a swift and brutal motion, the guard delivered a backhand across Kaka's already grotesque mug, the force of the blow sending him reeling backward with a sickening crunch. Kaka's head snapped to the side, a spray of blood and spittle erupting from his split lip as he tumbled, unable to remain on his feet.

But the guard was not finished. With a stern warning dripping with hate, he leaned in close to Kaka, his nasty breath hot against the goblin's mutilated face.

"Listen here, you pathetic excuse for a shity slave! If you so much as think about lifting a finger to help that worthless hatchling on the wall, I'll make sure you and every one of your precious little runts suffer the same fate! You're nothing but a worthless maggot, and I'll crush you like one if you dare to defy me again. I'll have you know that I hold your miserable life, and the lives of your precious, shity hatchlings, in the palm of my hand!"

"You see, shity Kaka," the guard continued, his voice low and menacing.

"I have no qualms about nailing every last one of your pathetic little hatchlings to that wall if you so much as think about defying me. And trust me when I say, I take great pleasure in watching you suffer."

To drive home his point, he delivered a vicious kick to Kaka's prone form, the impact sending waves of agony coursing through his already abused body.

Kaka's heart sank at the guard's words, a cold dread settling in the pit of his stomach. He knew the guard was capable of unspeakable cruelty, and the thought of his hatchlings suffering because of his actions filled him with a sense of helplessness that was almost suffocating. He had no other choice but to do as told or the hatchlings suffer.

The guard sauntered along, a jaunty tune escaping his lips as he felt great pride in the aftermath of his sadistic handiwork. But for Kaka, the nightmare was far from over.

Kaka's bloodshot eyes bulged in horror as he witnessed the ghastly scene unfolding before him. The poor hatchling, nailed to the wall like a sacrificial offering, became the prey of a flock of ravenous crows. With hungry eyes, the feathered fiends descended upon their helpless victim, their beaks and talons tearing into his tender flesh with savage brutality.

With each merciless peck and slash of the crows' razor-sharp beaks, the hatchling's cries grew louder, mingling with the sickening sounds of tearing flesh and splintering bone. Kaka's heart clenched with unbearable misery as he bore witness to the horrible demise of the innocent goblin hatchling he so desperately tried to nurse back to health.

Through tear-blurred vision, Kaka watched in helpless horror as a murder of crows descended upon his beloved hatchling, their sinister caws mingling with the sounds of tearing flesh and splintering bone. With merciless nibbling, the birds pecked and clawed at the tiny goblin's face, ripping away chunks of flesh from his skull and plucking out his eyeballs and delicate tongue with savage tugs.

Meanwhile, other crows set upon the hatchling's belly, their sharp beaks slicing through skin and sinew as they tore into his abdomen spilling his tiny guts and leaving them hanging like some nasty worms. With each tug and pull, they ripped apart his insides, gorging themselves on his entrails and devouring them with ravenous hunger.

Watching this horror Kaka's mouth opened in a silent scream, his lips parting to release only guttural, pained gurgles that tore through his throat like fiery daggers. The heart-wrenching cries of the poor hatchling echoed in his ears, each squealing a dagger to his already shattered soul. His mouth was agape in a grotesque display of agony, yet no sound escaped his lips save for guttural gurgles choked by the weight of sorrow that bore down upon his throat like a suffocating vice. 

Kaka pressed his meaty ears against his skull, desperate to drown out the agonized squeals of his beloved hatchling as he was torn apart alive by the relentless assault of the savage crows. Tears streamed down Kaka's cheeks, mingling with the blood that splattered the ground at his feet. He felt as if his very soul were being torn asunder, his heart breaking with each tortured cry that pierced the air.

In mere moments, the hatchling's body was reduced to a grotesque sight of carnage leaving only his limbs dangling limply nailed on the wall like ghoulish ornaments, his blood splattered across the wall in a disgusting tapestry of death and despair. 

Kaka knelt frozen in shock and horror, his heart shattered into a million pieces as he mourned the loss of his innocent hatchling, taken from him in the most brutal and senseless of fashions.

He knelt before the blood-stained wall, his eyes wide and unblinking, fixated on the gory sight of what was left of the goblin hatchling - the tiny, twitching limbs nailed to the wall. His mind shattered by the trauma he had witnessed, seemed to retreat into itself, leaving him in a state of emotional shock.

Desperate to rouse him from his stupor, I hurled myself at Kaka, tugging at his ragged skin and pleading with him to return to us back in the tent. But Kaka was lost in a world of his own making, his soul adrift in the sea of his broken mind.

Hours passed, and the weather turned for worse, the relentless patter of rain drumming against the earth like a mournful dirge. The cold droplets pattered against Kaka's naked form, jolting him back to reality with a shiver. Seeing me beside him, Kaka's eyes flickered with recognition, and he pulled me close, his arms enveloping me in a protective embrace.

Together, we stumbled back to the miserable shelter of Kaka's tent, the rain drumming against the flimsy fabric like a gloomy lament. With a grim look, Kaka gathered the rest of us goblin hatchlings who had sought refuge in his tent, his voice raw with emotion as he outlined our next course of action.

"We must escape," Kaka whispered looking over his shoulder for eavesdropping ears.

 "The tunnel under the wall is almost complete, just a thin layer of dirt stands between us and our freedom. With the rain as our cover, we will slip away unnoticed by the guards, vanishing into the night before the last light fades from the sky. Get ready, little ones, we will escape this unreasonable cruelty today."

With hearts pounding with a mix of anxiety and newfound hope, we gazed up at Kaka with wide, eager eyes, hanging onto his every word as if it were a lifeline dangling before us. His plan, though shrouded in uncertainty, offered a glimmer of salvation from the relentless torment of our daily existence.

With eager nods, we pledged our unwavering loyalty to Kaka, he was our beloved Dada, and Muma, the one who had shown us kindness and love in a world devoid of compassion.

As Kaka peered cautiously outside the tent, his eyes scanning the dimly lit landscape for signs of danger, a surge of adrenaline coursed through our veins. With the guards distracted by the pounding rain and their visibility obscured, Kaka saw his opportunity to make a break for it.

But before he rushed to finish the tunnel, he turned to me, his eyes filled with unspoken gratitude and trust. In that moment, he bestowed upon me the most crucial role of all: to stand guard by the tent's opening and await his signal.

 "Listen closely, little Hermit. I need you to stand guard at the entrance to the tent and await my signal. When you see me give the sign, you must act swiftly and lead the hatchlings to safety in the tunnel. Do you understand?"

I nodded eagerly, my heart pounding with a mixture of fear and excitement. This was my chance to prove myself, to show Kaka that I was worthy of his trust. 

"I understand, Kaka. I'll be ready and waiting for your signal."

Kaka's expression softened slightly, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his lips. 

"Good but remember, our survival depends on your wide eyes. Stay alert, and be ready to act at a moment's notice. Stay low, stay quiet, just as I taught you. We can't afford any mistakes."

With that, Kaka disappeared into the rain-soaked darkness, leaving me alone with my thoughts and the weight of my newfound responsibility. I took my position by the tent's opening, my eyes scanning the area for any sign of movement. The rain beat down relentlessly, obscuring my vision and making it difficult to see more than a few feet ahead.

As I anxiously awaited Kaka's signal, the rain intensified, slashing against the flimsy fabric of the tent and obscuring my vision even further. With every droplet that fell, the world outside seemed to blur into a chaotic mess of shadows and darkness. I strained my eyes, squinting desperately as I peered through the tiny hole in the tent's fabric, hoping for a glimpse of Kaka's reassuring figure.

Suddenly, a deafening roar shattered the stillness, the sound of exploding flames tore through the air like a vengeful god unleashed upon the world. The main gates of the breeding farm erupted into a fiery inferno and exploded, flames licking hungrily at the sky as burning debris rained down upon the goblin farm like hellish meteors from above.

Stunned, I tumbled backward onto my tiny butt, the ground trembling beneath me as the deafening roar of the explosion echoed in my ears. My heart hammered in my chest, a wild racket of fear and disbelief threatening to overwhelm my senses. The sudden brightness of the flames blinded me momentarily, leaving me disoriented and gasping for breath. But I had no time to dwell on my shock, no time to wallow in the terror that gripped me.