Chapter 1:

A Tail...?!

Love Lasts!!!!

"Gosh, she's gorgeous!" June flushed. She flipped around in her chair to face her two friends, Hinami and Hikari Sasagi. Her ears were a vibrant red and her hands covered her bright pink cheeks. This was about the third time in one class period she’d brought up the new girl. Who she didn’t even know the name of….

“God, June. Could you give it a rest?” One of the Sasagi girl’s said.

June couldn’t tell which one of the twins decided to comment, giving them both glare. Hinami Sasagi, the culprit, flicked June in her forehead. “And can you also get off my desk? You’re gonna get your sick germs all over me.”

Hinami wasn’t just talking about June’s love sickness, unfortunately. June had caught a cold earlier in the week and wasn’t wearing a mask or even attempting to stay home. She wasn’t even taking medicine… gross.

“Yanno… you can ask teacher to go home. You wouldn’t even have to say anything. He can send you home by just lookin’ at you.” Hikari said, giggling

“Yeah, it’s not like your girlfriend isn’t gonna be here tomorrow. She hasn’t missed a day.”

June’s face burned red.”Girlfriend? Gosh, I wish! The other day, I caught a glimpse of her lunch and it was all meat! And I hate meat, so we go perfectly together!” June crossed her arms and laid on Hinami’s desk, despite her fussing.

“...Or you could just stop ordering meat whenever we go out.”

“Or stop going out with us in general.”

The twin’s snickered then giggled and finished with a snort. June deflated on the desk, sniffling. “Quit it guys… And I’m not asking teacher to go home. It’s just allergies.” The chilled desk went into combat with her warm face, the desk eventually lost. It wasn’t just allergies and she really should’ve gone home, but what the twin’s didn’t know was that she was one step closer to having a genuine conversation with Haruto. June didn’t know what it was but she’s been feeling more and more drawn to her. It was kinda scary, but she sorta liked the scare.


An unfamiliar voice filled June’s head with that unfamiliar name. Everyone in class knew her pretty well so they all called her June. She sat up in her chair to see Haruto looking down at her, about 5 inches away from her. Remember when I said she was this close to having a conversation with her? That was a lie. June had never seen her from this close before. She smelt like fresh cut wood and her glasses sat at the way end of her slightly arched nose. Her low, nearly black eyes stared in June’s, waiting for an answer. “Um… Oh, yeah!... Uh, that’s me. You’re Haruto, right?” June spouted.

The twins looked at each other but held back their laughter.

“...Yes. The teacher told me to tell you that you’re going home.” She flapped a stack of papers in June’s face. “You shouldn’t come back ‘till you’re well. Here’s the rest of the week’s work.” Haruto held the stack, waiting for a response.

What Haruto didn’t know was that the dust from the copier attached itself to the paper and attached itself to June’s nose when she shook them. As June pulled her hand out from under the desk, the dust tickled what felt like her brain and she sneezed on Haruto’s delicate hand.

The twins practically screamed as they bursted out laughing while Haruto stood in shock. Before June could stand up in her backwards chair, Haruto dropped the papers and briskly walked out of the room.

“W-wait! Haruto, I’m sorry…!”

The twins fell over in the chairs watching June hobble out of the connected desk-chair and run after Haruto.

Haruto pushed through the bustling hallway, June right behind her. “Haruto, please wait! I’m sorry! It wasn’t on purpose, I swear!” The beauty was silent the entire walk down the hallway. The problem with Haruto was that just with June’s spit getting on her hand, she’d sneeze. And she could not afford to do that in front of a crowd. Sadly, it was too late. She felt a tickle in what felt like her brain and just knew. The corner at the end of the hall came closer and closer. Without much time left she ran the few steps left and-


June stopped pursuing, the echo of the sneeze solidifying that she’d gotten her idol sick and that she’d probably never interact with her again, since that was pretty gross. Before turning around to go back to her classroom, a flash of gray caught her eye. Maybe it was her cold making her see things, but June swore she saw a tail.


Trivy Schroeder

Love Lasts!!!!