Chapter 0:

Team 3086, new beginnings.

Cryonic Revolution

"What we need is to fight back, we need to show the monsters who's the top species. Fellow humans, we need a revolution," said our new farlandian king, Syrus Malkova. He was appointed just 3 days ago. Like all other kings, he will be the Hope of the far lands. "You know what we need, we need a good leader, if our leaders tried a peace treaty, I'm sure we wouldn't be in hell right now," my anti-fighting sister, Lilac, said. Like that'll work.  "Yeah, cause the horrid monsters who trapped us here and kill us everyday would agree to that." Just then an alarm went off that read 6:45. Wait isn't my, my tryouts for cryonics, I'm gonna be late. "Crap, Lilac feed Michael, and do something with your hair, meet me at the ceremony,"

 Like that I rushed out of our broken and crippled house and made my way to the field. I tried my hardest to sneak on and pretend I was there, but that was a fail. "Jeremiah, your late. Ten points off, 90 percent." My teacher said sternly. "But Mr. James, he just got here, you cant take that many points of for being late" Alexis spoke out from the corner of the field. she isn't my friend but we talk. "Alright then, Jeremiah, your girlfriend lost 15 points." I could tell he was annoyed. "She's not my-" "And let the test begin" He said, cutting me off.

30 minutes later, the results were in as we sat in our chairs. "The 3,086th team of the Cryonics institution will be stated now. Alexis Lowry, Jeremiah Taylor, Eren James, Cory Malkova, Aries,  Hailey Lowry, J'keria Johnson, and lastly, Oho Sayve." I made it, I can help our nation, dream come true. We all walked to the platform and I saw Lilac and her lavender ponytail. We all saluted at the horn blowing, and thus started my journey to protect the far lands.

Cryonic Revolution