Chapter 1:


Istenarte COMPLEX

“Professor, are you sure this is where he live?” is what I asked but he sighs and ruffled his hair, “I thought of that too, but aren’t Harlow County always looks like this?

“Uneven green tapestry, warm sunlight, thin air and lack of catalyst that makes you sleepy and let your guard as you indulged onto this scenery…I bet you didn’t even notice a Djävul stalking us since earlier right?” he’s right, It’s indeed beautiful yet hostile during this season.

Professor glanced to his right as a pebble came rolling rolling down the hill and a gray streak flashed behind us, I raised my staff as I released its limiter with a click of a button.

The tactile noise made professor looked at me with a displeased face, “You should have notice it earlier don’t you think?” I nodded as I glanced to my left,

“I’m sorry, I was spacing out”


I hit the ground below me before ice crystals formed near my staff’s core. It quickly spreads out to seek the Djävul’s Isten trace before it hurls behind, fluttering my long hair off.

I sigh before I turned to my back, its bear-like body still struggling to free himself from the ice crystals that are pinning his paws and feet,

“There isn’t enough catalyst I can use here Professor.” I protested to him, but he just walked past me into the Djävul, placing the bottom of his staff to its spiky skull-covered head before releasing his staff’s limiter,

“That’s alright” he said as he walked away from its carcass,

“I understand that you’re an assistant, it’s your second year too right?” he patted my shoulder as he closed his staff’s limiter, “You can still learn more on how you utilize the Isten particle to cast Istenarte, Kaya. For now, turn to face it and aim for its head, try not to rely on the tracking code.”

“Very well, I understand professor.” He then continued his walk, I follow suit.