Chapter 1:

Strange connection

Gurren Shinigami volume 5


I woke up.A bedroom?Where am I?

"You are awake."

Someone was watching over me.A tall man with silver hair.And he had blue eyes.

"What happened?"

"You don't remember?"


"I found you laying on ground.You were in a bad shape.You must be hungry.There are some new clothes and you can come for breakfast."


Just who is this man?




Was it a dream?But I felt it was too real.Something happened.I can feel it within my veins.I went to see father.He seemed strange.

"Father...Do you know where Naoko is?"


"I need to help her!She is in danger!"

"In Rome,she disguised herself as a nun to help a friend of Saya,Noelle.Naoko has becomes sister Seth.Noelle will lead you to her."


I saw father being a little hesitant about calling Saya.Saya and I travelled to Rome..So I was in Rome.It would be difficult to find both Naoko and Noelle.We separated to look for them.I was walking to the woods.Until I saw someone.

She was badly injured.

"No...just let me here."

"Who did this to you?"

"They seemed like humans but they weren't.Naoko got away."

"You must be sister Noelle.I am...I know Naoko."

"Oh you are that kid she was talking about.There is an old mansion.She went there."

For a strange reason I couldn't say that I am Naoko's friend.But why?Saya came.She had a last conversation with Noelle.And Noelle died.

Saya burned Noelle's body as she wished.

We went to Saya's house she had in Rome.


Kaien went to Rome to find Naoko.Yesterday I received a message.He said she was missing.I could hardly concertrate.

During the break Soryu approaced me.

"Chisaki?Mind if I sit with you?"

"No.Please feel free."

"Something is troubling you."

"My best friend... she is gone missing and I am worried."

Soryu holded my hand.I wonder why.

"Do you believe in her?"


"I know it is difficult having faith.It's alright to be worried but you can't let despair consume you."



Three days has passed since Kaien left with Saya.I went toRome.Saya gave me her adress.I arrived in Rome.Kaien opened the door.Saya seemed suprised.

"Father Naoko is missing.We have a clue of where she may be.I will look for her by myself."

"Kaien...Don't let your guard down."

Kaien nodded. and left.I saw Saya.She was holding her tears.


I just hugged her.

"I am here."

She was crying.Noelle was a dear friend to her.It is never easy to lose a dear friend.


My clothes were fancy.I looked like a princess.I was embarassed.

"Hey,you need food to gain strength."

"Oh right."

It really was delicious.Was he living here by himself?

"That's a nice necklace you have."

"Thank you.It is a picture of my mother.She died when I was three years old."

"What about your father?"

"I never met him.My grandparents said he died before I was even born.So I used to live with my grandparents until they were killed.But mr Kamui Arima became my guardian and I was living with him and his son Kaien.The breakfast was amazing.And the clothes are amazing too.My name is Naoko."

"Naoko...beautiful name for a young lady like you.I am Issei.And it is a pleassure to meet you."


There is something that I can't explain.Like I have a connection with her.

The way she was embarassed reminded me of myself.Naoko showed me the picture of her mother.So this means...

"Naoko I have to talk to you about something improtant."