Chapter 21:

Chapter 21 – Competition (2)

Crystal Evolution

Kieran quickly crossed the forest with his brother on his back, his movements were so fast that Ryan had to use all his strength to hold onto his back.

"Kieran, slow down, or I'll fall."

He began to slow his steps until stopping in place. Ryan heaved a sigh of relief when a noise made him raise his head.

From behind the trees, three Xunarians slowly emerged, surrounding Kieran and Ryan, raising their tails behind them to prepare their attacks.

Ryan's face paled, his gaze falling on the three Xunarians as his body shook slightly.

"We have to get out of here fast, Kieran!"

"Why? There are points in front of us."

"What are you saying?! We have to leave now!"

Kieran reduced his size before changing shape, knocking Ryan to the ground, his appearance rapidly transformed into the form of a lycan.

Releasing his crystal essence, Kieran stared at the three Xunarians in front of him.

Ryan, who stood behind him, was speechless at Kieran's appearance as the pressure emitted from his crystal essence froze him in place.


The Xunarians howled in Kieran's direction as their tails quickly moved toward him.

Kieran leaned on his legs before disappearing, he quickly appeared above a Xunarian, swinging his claws towards his head.

Green blood spurted out as the Xunarian's head was ripped off, the other two Xunarians jumped back, trying to outrun Kieran.

As the dead Xunarian's body began to fall, he used him as support to move forward.

His pair of claws sliced through the air, and another Xunarian's head was ripped off.

The last Xunarians began to flee but were caught by Kieran before he could run away.

Within seconds Kieran and Ryan's score increased by 30 points.

He turned back to Ryan as he considered those points.

"Looks like an early stage Iron rank crystal beast will give us 10 points each."

Ryan stared at Kieran, still in disbelief at what he had just witnessed. Thinking back to the lycan form he had just seen, he couldn't help but ask questions.

"How did you do that?"

"I used my claws, and they died."

"I'm not talking about that, dumbass. What was that form you took? Your abilities weren't the giant's and wolf's transformations?"

"Are you talking about my lycan form?" Kieran said, taking the appearance of a lycan again.

Kieran stared at his right hand, stretching his claws before forming a fist.

"I use my two abilities in different ways, it takes concentration, but the result is much more powerful than just using my abilities normally."

"Is this possible?!"

"I don't know how your ability works, but it should be possible with your ability too."

Ryan stared at Kieran's lycan form for a moment before looking at his right hand, a cubic barrier formed around him.

"My ability creates a cube-shaped barrier around my body. I don't know if using it differently as you do with your abilities is possible."

"Have you ever tried to form a barrier away from your body?"

"When I activate my ability, the barrier is automatically created around my body."

"My abilities are the same. If I don't make an effort to direct them in my body, my whole body will turn into a wolf without my being able to stop it. Focus on your ability and how you feel when you activate it, then try to create a barrier in front of you."

Ryan nodded before closing his eyes, focusing on his crystal tree and the feeling he had when his ability activated.

Several minutes passed before a small, unstable cubic barrier was created in front of Ryan.

Panting heavily for air, Ryan stared at the small barrier in front of him.

"I succeeded!"

A smile appeared on Ryan's face, as his concentration wavered, the barrier burst in front of him, darkening his face instantly.

Kieran put his hand on his shoulder.

"You did well. You just need some practice now to be able to keep it in a stable shape. You should also try to think of another method to use it in different ways. If it’s you, you’ll have no trouble coming up with ideas," said Kieran with a smile.

"You... You're right. Thank you, Kieran."

"It's nothing, it's the big brother's job to help the younger one!" Kieran said proudly.

Ryan's eyebrows furrowed slightly.

"What, big brother?! You were born a few minutes before me."

"I was born the 13 February 20 980 at 11:55 pm while you were born the 14 February 20 980 at 12:03 am. Which makes me the big brother."

"You're too stupid to be the eldest!"

"Huh?! Who are you calling stupid?"

"Who else is there besides the two of us? You see, you're stupid!"


Kieran grabbed his brother by the head with his hand, slowly tightening his grip on him.

"Ouch. Stop it!"

Ryan grabbed Kieran’s wrist, trying to move it with all his strength without success.

"Who’s the big brother now?"

"It... It’s you! Let go of me!"

"And who’s stupid?"


Kieran tightened his grip again, forcing his brother to make a sound of pain again.

"It's me," Ryan whispered.

"What did you say? I didn't hear it clearly."

"I said it's me!"

Kieran released his grip. Ryan knelt down, holding his head in his arms with tears in his eyes.

"Well, now you know who is the big brother."

Ryan looked his brother in the eyes wanting to say something, but the sight of Kieran's hand making a grabbing motion made him shut up.

Kieran smiles at the sight.

'It's been a while since we've done this. I hope he will continue talking to me this way after the competition.'

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