Chapter 6:


Max Powers: Royal Guard

Ryan charged towards Max at high speed and utilized his power, "Conversion: King's Sword," which enabled him to transform anything he touched into a sword. As a result of this power, a foggy knight's sword made out of air materialized in his hand.

He wielded the air sword with fierce determination, the blade cutting through the air with a menacing swish. Max could see the glint of aggression in Ryan's eyes, knowing that he was about to unleash an attack.

As Max barely managed to evade the deadly swing of the air sword, he felt the rush of wind as it grazed his face, leaving a tingling sensation in its wake. Even though there was no blood drawn from the strike, The air sword was not designed for cutting, but for blunt force impact, much like a colossal baseball bat wielded by an unseen force.

(They are annoying.) Max thought to himself, (I need to hurry and check up on Aurora and Goldhawk.)

"You had better settle down; soon you will join your buddies in a body bag," Griselda said with disgust in her eyes as she looked at Max.

"Shut up!" Max yelled after hearing her statement.

"Don't look away from me, darling," said Ryan slowly as he walked towards Max.

Griselda fired two shots at Max, only to watch as the electricity crackled and surged around him, smacking the bullets away before they could even get close. It was as if a force field surrounded him, impenetrable and deadly. She clenched her teeth in frustration, realizing there was no way to breach his formidable electrical defense with mere physical projectiles.

Max charged towards Ryan, leaping into a dazzling drop-kick that sent Ryan sprawling to the ground. Without missing a beat, Max bolted towards Griselda, his movements a blur of speed and determination. As he reached out to grab her, she skillfully dove beneath his grasp and unleashed a powerful uppercut that sent him reeling.

He crumpled to the ground as Ryan sprinted towards him, the air sword glinting in the sunlight. With a primal roar, Ryan brought the blade down with such force that the very earth beneath them trembled, a loud crack echoing through the air as it struck Max square in the stomach.

Max gathered his resolve and stood up, despite the ache in his entire body from the battle. Summoning his strength, he declared, "I will not give up, no matter how strong or powerful you are! I must protect my friends and this city, so giving up is not an option!" His words radiated determination and defiance, overshadowing his pain. Ryan and Griselda watched him in silence, unsure of what to make of his words, but they could sense his unwavering strength and determination.

Ryan laughs heartily at Max's words. "Oh, you really are full of determination and defiance. How admirable, darling." He seems to have a twisted and demented sense of humor as he continues, "But no matter how hard you try, we are too strong for you to defeat."

Ryan chuckles a little more before continuing, "Your determination cannot protect anyone, darling. It won't stop us from destroying this city or from hurting your so-called friends."

"I will not let you do that!" Max's words carried a newfound determination and rebellion. "I will protect this city and my friends at all costs. I will not hurt them! I won't let you!" Max's voice filled the air with a fiery resolve and determination. Ryan and Griselda stared at him with a twisted grin on their faces; they seemed to be enjoying the fight.

"How irritating!" Griselda growled in frustration. She was completely fed up with this fight and this city. Her mask quickly opened up, showing off her small, kissable lips with red lipstick on.

"Conversion: King's Voice!" Griselda yelled, "Shut up!" As her voice warped the sound barrier, the sound traveled towards and attacked Max, sending him flying back like a ragdoll.

Max struggled to get to his feet, determined to beat Ryan and Griselda so that he could save his friends and the city. "I will not give up," he declared. Before he could reach Ryan and Griselda, Titus suddenly crashed down on Max, holding Aurora and the Golden Hawk under his arm, causing a cloud of dust.

Titus came out of the dust cloud, brushing off the dust as he snickered.

"It's good to see you. I noticed you were having some difficulty, so I took matters into my own hands."

"Yeah, well, Max is no ordinary opponent," Griselda replied. "I was shocked to see him get back up after hearing about my ability. It should have disrupted the electrical signals in his body, paralyzing him. I guess my power really doesn't work on electric masters."

"Who cares about that? You just beat my darling. That was my fight," said Ryan, frustrated about the situation.

As the smoke began to clear, the devastated landscape came into full view. The once bustling city now lay in ruins, with debris from destroyed buildings scattered across the cracked roads. Max, Aurora, and Golden Hawk lay motionless on the ground, their bodies badly beaten and bruised.

"I see you've lost your touch, heroes." Griselda said it with a smirk and a malicious glint in her eyes.

"I may be beaten, but I refuse to give up! I will fight until my last breath to save this city and my friends, even if it means taking you down with me." Max tried to stand up, even though his body was screaming in pain. He refused to give up, determined to keep going. In a fighting stance, he prepared himself for the next round, a burst of electricity sparking from his eyes as he closely watched the commanders.

"You really can't take a hint, can you, hero? Give up before I finish you off properly this time."

Griselda stared coldly and ruthlessly at Max as she smirked, "Conversion: King's Voice." She took a deep breath and shouted at Max, "Don't mess with the king's guards." The sound warped as her voice traveled to Max to harm him.

Max put his hands on his ears, blocking out Griselda's voice, but before he could put them down, Ryan appeared in front of him, crouching.

"Conversion: King's Sword" Ryan gripped his wind sword tightly in his hand. With all his might, he swung the sword at Max, sending him flying back with a powerful force.

As Max was flying back, Titus suddenly appeared in midair, grabbing Max's face and slamming him onto the ground, knocking the air out of Max's lungs. He used his own physical strength to lift Max up and forcefully threw him into a nearby building. "Conversion: King's Shield," Titus grabbed a rock, turned it into a shield, and threw it at Max like a discus.

Max hurtled through the air, violently tumbling along the floor like a discarded rag doll. The world spun around him as he came to a sudden halt, his body slamming into a wall with a sickening thud. Rubble and live wires littered the scene, adding to the chaos and danger that surrounded him.

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