Chapter 5:


Max Powers: Royal Guard


As multiple tendrils of crackling electricity arced through the air, searing bolts of light against the dark backdrop of Star City, the chaotic energy pulsated with raw power. Max, his jaw clenched in determination, focused every ounce of his will on harnessing the electrical currents at his fingertips to defeat his adversary, Ryan.

The air crackled with anticipation as Max unleashed a volley of electrifying bolts towards Ryan, each one a deadly surge of power aimed to overwhelm and incapacitate his opponent. But as the electrically-charged blasts streaked through the sky, Ryan moved with astonishing agility and grace, dodging and weaving through the tempest of energy with uncanny precision.

"I may not be able to dodge super high-speed attacks, but at least I can predict where your attacks will come from, darling."

"I have told you multiple times that I am not into men," Max declared, his body crackling with energy as he charged up. His fingers sparked with power before he slammed his hand onto the ground, sending a surge of electricity shooting towards Ryan. Reacting quickly, Ryan leaped into the air to narrowly avoid the electrifying attack.

"Lightning form: Arc Spear!" Lightning formed into an arc spear as Max threw it at Ryan, resembling a harpoon intercepting his jump.

Ryan fell to the ground, paralyzed from Max's attack, as he approached him and stated, "For trespassing, assault, and damage to property, you are under arrest. Everything you say or do will be used against you." Max then walked over to Ryan, who was dozing off and lying on the ground.


The moment Max heard the sharp crack of the gun, his instincts kicked in, and he swiftly tilted his head to the side just in time to dodge the speeding bullet that grazed his cheek, leaving a crimson trail in its wake. As blood trickled down his face, he reacted on pure adrenaline, leaping away from the danger and wheeling around to confront the unseen attacker. With his heart pounding in his chest, Max scanned the murky shadows for any sign of movement, his senses heightened and he was poised for whatever threat lurked in the darkness.

To his surprise, the third commander was Griselda Angelia. "Get up!" she shouted as she kicked Ryan and pointed a gun at Max.

"You ruined my plan. I was about to catch my darling with my master plan," Ryan said frustratingly as he got off the ground after Griselda's interference.

"What master plan is pretending to be sleeping so you can sneak attack him? Is that all?"


Griselda knocked Ryan on the head with the gun and said, "That's the oldest trick in the book; nobody will fall for that, you idiot."

(This is my moment to make a move,) Max thought as he charged towards the commanders, feeling electricity coursing through his veins and determined to strike. However, before he could reach them, Griselda's sharpshooter skills stopped him in his tracks with a single well-aimed shot.

Griselda said, while pointing the gun at Max without even looking at him, "Did I tell you that you could move?'"

"Hey, don't go attacking my darling; that's my job. Why don't you handle my other darling, the bird guy?"

"It's really cringeworthy to hear you repeatedly say 'darling' in the same way as an obsessed anime girl who just found out she's engaged to a guy she barely knows." said Griselda, palming her face.

Ryan grasp "That was uncalled for!" He yelled out.

"I will deal with you later, but let us handle him first."

Max stood on guard as Griselda's pistol remained pointed at him. "You kind of remind me of your other teammate who always wants to be heroic, the bird guy. What was his name again?"

"Goldhawk?" Ryan looked at Griselda with a concerned expression.

"Oh yeah, that was his name; I forgot it since we already took care of him. He tried to save his friend, but I got there first. Titus really showed him who's boss. You'd think in a city full of heroes, they'd be a little more savvy."

Max felt a surge of anger rising within him as he listened to Griselda's heartless

words. The air crackled with energy, and sparks of lightning danced ominously around him.

"Titus is probably finishing off that girl right now," Griselda's voice was cold and calculating. "The only remaining person is you."

Max clenched his fists, his jaw tightening in fury. This villainous woman stood before him, her gaze fixed on him with an unsettling intensity.

"Don't worry," she continued, a cruel smile playing on her lips. "We will join your friends soon enough. At least you seem capable of putting up a better fight than them."

Max yelled out in frustration, "You invaded my city, hurt innocent people, and are now hurting my friends. Do you honestly think this is okay? How can you be so relaxed about this? Is this truly the kind of behavior your so-called king approves of?" As he spoke, more and more sparks burst out of his body.

Griselda's finger squeezed the trigger, releasing a deafening gunshot that echoed through the room. But to her shock, the bullet never reached its target. Instead, a crackling surge of electricity erupted from Max's body, deflecting the projectile with a blinding flash.

"Hush your tongue, boy," Griselda hissed, her eyes narrowing in contempt. "Only loyal subjects may speak of our king in such a manner. You are nothing but a lowly worm, unworthy of even breathing the same air as his majesty. Cross me again, and I will not hesitate to feed your tongue to the royal hounds."

"Darling, please do as she said," Ryan said, licking his hand before continuing, "I wouldn't want to dispose of you harshly."

"Then come and try." *Zap*

Max launched himself at Griselda, intent on landing a powerful punch, but Griselda's quick reflexes allowed her to effortlessly sidestep his attack, leaving him off balance and vulnerable.

In a swift act of retaliation, Griselda fired two shots at Max. But to her shock, as the bullets neared him, the electricity within Max's body surged with an unexpected intensity. The bullets were repelled as if by an invisible force, and the metal components were almost magnetically drawn away from him.


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