Chapter 55:

A hair stakes match

En Passant Grandmaster

Iori trembled in shock with her mouth hung open as she stared at her opponent seated across from her.

"Once I win, you'll shave your head in repentance for all the vulgarity you've shown both me and Mimoko-sama," Utami glared.

"Well if I win, your ass is going bald, browless, and getting a lame-ass head tattoo!" Iori retorted.

"Very well. I would be humiliated beyond hell if I were to lose to you now."

"Hmm, but you're the one that's gonna lose. You really think I'd let primo content like your humiliation shave slip through my fingers? Especially since I can effortlessly beat you with the madness you fear?" Iori calmly thought as she maintained a terrified expression on the outside.

Iori opened by moving her pawn to e4 followed by Utami moving her pawn to c5. She then moved her pawn to c4 while Utami moved her knight to c6.

"Knights really are the best piece, they can wreck so much havoc!" Iori thought as she moved her knight to e2.

Utami then moved her pawn to e5 while Iori moved her pawn to g3. "Taking some precautionary measures, but giving up control in the process," Utami thought as she moved her knight to f6.

Iori then moved her b-knight to c3, followed by Utami moving her pawn to d6. "What to do? OH!" Iori thought as she grinned and moved her pawn to d3.

Utami quickly moved her bishop to e6 while Iori moved her queen to b3. Then, Utami moved her knight to d4.

"Hmm, she could screw me if I don't capture that knight. Buuuut, me goin’ bald would get alot clout. Not to mention, Oki-kun seems to have somethin cookin. Me wreckin’ Tami-chan could end up screwing me over in the long term. So let's see how good she really is," Iori thought as she grinned and captured the pawn at b7 with her queen.

Just as Iori predicted, Utami moved her knight to c2, forcing her to move her king to d1 as Utami snatched up her rook at a1 with her knight on her next turn.

"Ya know, I could still win this considering how much Tami-chan sucks," Iori thought as she moved her knight to b5.

Utami took notice and moved her rook to b8.

"Free pawn, YO!" Iori shouted, much to everyone's annoyance as she captured the pawn at a7 with her queen.

"You're definitely getting punished for your disturbance," Utami growled as she moved her bishop to e7.

"You're gonna look good with my grinnin’ face inked on the back of your shiny bald head," Iori snickered as she moved her pawn to d4.

"You would degrade my image with your likeness for a simple video!?" Utami glared as she captured the pawn at e4 with her knight.

"Uh, yeah?" Iori shrugged as she captured the pawn at c5 with her d-pawn.

"Perhaps... I need to rethink things," Utami glared in disgust as she captured the pawn at c5 with her d-pawn.

"Lol, so long queen," Iori snickered as she moved her king to e1.

"I can't believe you... I have decided your punishment, checkmate," Utami glared as she moved her knight to c2.


"It's legit, see the queen has the d-file covered, and the knight has your king in check. Nothing can capture it and there's nowhere to move. You lose, now to the hotel salon. I want this done before the final round starts."

"Well, she's certainly got a dominatrix streak going. Sucks that it's gonna be the end of my hair follicles, but I guess I'd rather lose all my hair for the rest of my life, than a friend," Iori somberly thought as she maintained her streamer facade on the outside.

"Well that was fast. Hmm, guess Utami-chan won. I wonder if Iori-chan threw the game on purpose though. Hmm, it's likely. Well, as long as Utami-chan isn't able to tell, she should be fine," Okisato thought as he began leaving the playing room. Once he was outside, he checked the standings. "Ugh, I should have been watching these more closely. That piece of shit also won his 4th round game and has the same amount of points as Utami-chan. He might try arranging to play her in the final round, which means the WWCF wouldn't fault him for unleashing his DESPER. That's bad. I don't think she'd be able to beat that piece of shit unless she truly draws into both her personas, which she clearly didn't do against Iori-chan. Worst of all, Inoue-senpai doesn't seem to have approached Gorou-san. I guess now, everything rests with Utami-chan," he thought as he watched Utami drag Iori away.


“So what are we doing for you?" Michiko asked as Utami dragged Iori into the hotel salon.

"I want her bald. Her eyebrows too please," Utami glared.

"Oh, perfect. Shaving heads are my specialty. Right this way."


Iori began to scowl as she heard what Utami requested. "NO WAY! That's SO LAME!" she fumed as Michiko let out a heavy sigh and dragged her over to a chair.


Iori scowled as she gazed down at the clean floor then back up at her now bald and browless reflection in the mirror. "So this was your punishment? Lame."

"You should be glad I had mercy on you," Utami scoffed.

"But this was SO lame. Hey stylist! Why the hell didn't you just shave me bald!? I was prepared to unleash an album of screamin’ and cryin’ as ya turned me into Miss bald freako."

"Sorry, but I'm not the kind of woman that goes against my customer's wishes to suit my own agenda," Michiko huffed. "Now that bald cap took a hell of a time to put on without cutting off any of your hair, so you damn well not ruin it until your so-called "punishment" is over."

"Yeah, yeah," Iori grumbled as she hopped out of the chair and pulled out her phone. "KYAAAAAAAAAAH! I'M BALD! MY EYEBROWS ARE GONE TOO! I'M HIDEOUS... PSYCH! It's just a bald cap! My eyebrows are also chillin’ just fine under some latex. Originally, I was prepared to sacrifice all my hair follicles for the views, but Lame-tami decided to half-ass things and ordered me to just wear a bald cap for the rest of the day. Welp, guess I'll make use of it!"

"Maybe I should have had her shave you for real, or at least done something about your vulgar mouth," Utami glared.

"I could sew her mouth shut or just use a gagball if you want," Michiko smiled as she opened a drawer full of gagballs.

"Uh, w- Why do you have so many?"

"Cuz some of my clients just love being humiliated. These ones also come with lock and key, so the victim can't remove it themself. Want one?"

Utami glanced at the drawer of gagballs before glancing back over at Iori. "Well, I wouldn't mind shutting her up for the rest of the night."

Michiko nodded before quickly approaching Iori and gagging her before she could react.


"Sorry, but that's the final part of your punishment. It will also keep you from just ripping off your bald cap so that's another plus," Michiko smirked as she handed the key to the gagball to Utami.

"MMPH NGH MMPH!" Iori tearfully glared as she ran up to Utami.

"You will stay like that for the rest of the night," Utami scoffed as she began to leave.

"Oh, want a leash too? I've got plenty of those as well," Michiko smiled as she opened a drawer filled with collars and leashes.

"What the hell is wrong with your clients!?" Utami nervously thought.


A look of disgust plastered itself on Utami’s face as she walked Iori like a dog through the hotel.

"I only grabbed the leash because it was free. Well, technically the card I'm paying with draws from my father's bank account, but I guess the money is now mine... I just realized I should have gone easier on my wallet and just had her shave you," Utami grumbled.

"Mmph ngh mmph," Iori nodded as she began acting like a dog.

"You're enjoying every second of this, dammit."

"Well hello Utami-tan, what's with the hairless bitch you're walking?" a voice sneered.

A chill went down Utami's spine as she recognized the voice and turned to face Haruki and his entourage. "Wh- What do you want?"

"You. Now, I know you've been having an iffy tournament, but I was thinkin’ of askin’ the officials to have us play in the final round. Believe it or not, we're pretty close point wise and I just so happened to win last round so let's have fun, Utami-tan," Haruki snickered as he flashed his DESPER.

Iori's eyes widened as she zeroed in on Haruki.

"Huh? What with the bald bitch? Her eyes... She's not trembling in fear, but excitement. I have no idea who she is, but she's bad news. Well, I'll still make sure I play Utami-tan," he thought as he smiled and headed off with his group.

Once they were gone, Iori immediately turned to Utami. "Mmpgh ngh mmph!" she glared.

"I- I'm sorry. I can't tell you. I- If I do, th- The others will... I'm sorry," Utami trembled as she headed off, leaving Iori alone.

"That guy's got one of those things! I NEED to fight him! WAIT! I'M GAGGED FOR THE DAY! F***! HOW AM I GONNA ISSUE A CHALLENGE OR BRIBE THE OFFICIALS TO LET ME PLAY HIM!? NOOOOOO! LAME-TAMI-CHAN! F*** YOU!" Iori agonized in her mind as she let loose a series of muffled cries while crying and rolling around on the ground.

The full game:

White: Iori Ishikiridokoro (1144) Black: Utami Enoki (1001)

1. e4 c5

2. c4 Nc6

3. Ne2 e5

4. g3 Nf6

5. Nbc3 d6

6. d3 Be6

7. Qb3 Nd4

8. Qxb7 Nc2+

9. Kd1 Nxa1

10. Nb5 Rc8

11. Qxa7 Be7

12. d4 Nxe4

13. dxc5 dxc5+

14. Ke1 Nc2#

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