Chapter 1:


The End That Started The Beginning

Sounds of swords clashing and cries of war filled the air. "Captain! We are losing ground!" shouted a soldier. "Have the mages ready to fire!" The mages quickly charged up a powerful attack, aiming to push back the enemy forces. Among them was Zephyr, his determination shining through his eyes. As the mages managed to hold off the advancing forces, a lone enemy warrior broke through their defenses, heading straight for one of the mages. "Watch out!!!" Zephyr yelled, springing into action. He intercepted the enemy's strike meant for his comrade, taking the blow directly to his heart. Zephyr fell to the ground, the pain searing through his body. "Dammit, So this is how it ends, huh?" he thought, feeling the color fade from his vision as darkness engulfed him.

 Suddenly in his darkness he hears a women say "You will not die here." Zephyr then hears what sounds like trees rustling in the wind. He gets back on his feet in shock and confusion. "W-What is this place!? There's no hole in my chest. What's going on?" Zephyr wanders around the forest, his mind reeling from the strange turn of events, he stumbled upon a sight that made his heart skip a beat. Before him stood a towering, shadowy figure with long, slender fingers, each about 10 inches long. The figure seemed to be feeding on a large bear, its form shrouded in darkness and its eyes glowing with an otherworldly light. The monster turned its head towards Zephyr. Suddenly, the beast let out a guttural growl, its mouth twisting into a menacing grin. It took a step towards Zephyr, its movements slow and deliberate, as if savoring the fear it instilled in its prey.

Zephyr knew he had to act fast. With a surge of adrenaline, He puts his hand out towards the beast. Trying to send out an attack. Nothing happens. "Why is it not working!! Work dammit!!" Zephyr finds the strength to run away. The beast laughing taunting his escape. A gut wrenching roar then comes from the magic beast. It charges toward him with terrifying speed. Zephyr runs for his life, his heart pounding in his chest, but just as the beast is about to reach him, it is struck in the back by what seems to be a stream of fire. The beast lets out a deafening roar of pain and anger, stumbling as the flames engulf its form. As Zephyr watches in awe, a figure emerges from the shadows. The man has long, orange hair that flows behind him, matching the color of his intricate orange armor. In his hands, he carries a great sword, almost the size of him, its blade glowing with fiery energy. 

"Are you alright?" The man says reaching his hand out. "Y-Yeah" "The name is Kairos. Say, what are you doing all the way out here? You know this forest is filled with magic beast don't you? Zephyr nodded, still trying to catch his breath. "I... I didn't have much of a choice. I was exploring and got lost. Thank you for saving me. The names Zephyr" "Those clothes your wearing. Where are you from?" Kairos says. "I'm from the kingdom of Eldoria." Zephyr says nervously. Kairos narrowed his eyes, a puzzled look crossing his face. "Eldoria? I've never heard of such a place. Are you sure you have the right name?" Zephyr hesitated, realizing his mistake. "I... I must have misspoken. My apologies. I come from a land far from here, a land that is... not known to many." Zephyr thinks to himself "I can tell that this is not the same world I know."

Kairos studied him for a moment, then nodded understandingly. "I see. Well, you're safe now, Zephyr. Let's find somewhere to rest. We can talk more about your homeland later." With that, Kairos led Zephyr deeper into the forest, leaving behind the mysterious kingdom of Eldoria that existed only in Zephyr's past.