Chapter 70:

Second Chance

Sword Quest

Master Valblin stroked his beard as he peered between the bars of a small jail cell, smiling at the blond-headed man who laid back in his bed with his legs crossed.

"Hastor… It's a shame it's come to this."

"Oh, Grandfather," Hastor replied, sneering. "A shame it's come to what? I'm behind bars like always, only this time I actually committed a crime."

"Your unwillingness to play your part was a crime, Hastor. A betrayal to the Teuton Will."

"Oh my, I've heard enough about the Teuton Will; I'll take the morning execution if it's available."

"Hoh, yet you came back to Takanova after escaping," Valblin replied, smiling. "Don't give up yet. You still have a way out of a life in a cell, for you and for the girls you've dragged along."

"Oh? I can't wait to hear what sick game you have in store, grandfather."

"You're going to join me on a voyage," Valblin replied, smiling.

"Huh? A voyage to where?"

"Several islands where certain relics are hidden, and then to Felifica Island, to defeat Shuant and end the war." Hastor blinked at the old man as his jaw hung.