Chapter 0:

Nothing special

No sense


This is story is nothing but nonsense its a good for nothing writing and story that strike to author brain which

Come to author brain I choose only one genre zombie and there can be any twist and this is _____]

Hello, my name is Tuarab. I was looking at the sky on the park bench, nobody was near. I felt ugly. I was there sitting with grief over my friend's death. Suddenly, an earthquake occurred. I was shocked as a bright light touched my face. A meteor fell in the city, 100 km far away. The radiation was very dangerous; it was a small but impactful meteorite.

I heard screams from afar, shouting from the crowd. I walked nearer and reached the rooftop through stairs. I saw a man eating another man. I was shocked and said, "OMG, is this a film shooting?"

I thought it was for a zombie genre movie. Bored, I went to my apartment. I slept on the bed peacefully. I woke up suddenly because of the man-eating zombie going berserk. It was the film shooting again, and I ignored it.

I checked my mobile phone. An emergency message popped up. I thought it was another marketing ploy for more views. I saw that several zombies were attacking the city, and the news reports were also in panic. I thought it was a zombie movie show premier and ignored it, going back to sleep.

Suddenly, something banged on my door. I woke up again, very angry. I opened the door angrily and saw a zombie outside. I angrily slapped the zombie and said, "Don't disturb, I'm very busy! STFU!" Then, I closed the door angrily.

I was bored and couldn't sleep, so I thought to cook something, but I didn't know how to cook. I opened the fridge and got the instant noodle leftovers. I ate that and said, "Uwahh, not tasty." I looked outside through the window and saw the zombies attacking people again, but I thought it was just another film shooting and closed the window, mumbling about why the film shooting was happening in my neighborhood only.

I was bored with nothing to do, so I called my friend Ningda to roam outside. I said, "Do you know there's a zombie film shooting going on?" Ningda replied, "Oh, wow, I like zombies too. Wait, I'm coming to your house, Tuarab."

"Ningda opened his door and saw a zombie girl outside. The zombie pushed him against the door, surprising him. He mumbled, finally getting it, he was very happy, and thought he was going to get married. Suddenly, he shouted 'Nohh, pervert!' and ran for the garage. The zombie blocked his way; he tried to go around, but the zombie jumped at him. Instinctively, he tried to uppercut the zombie, but missed, and now the zombie pushed him through the roof. They fell into a construction site; the zombie was buried in the cement, but Ningda managed to fall onto the garbage truck. He blacked out on the truck. Tuarab was angry; why was he so late?"

Tuarab: foot thumb crash on his table leg he shout ouch ahhh nohh mother father I am going to die

He calmed down now he was out of patience. He wear his running and open the door

. The zombie notice him zombies: uwahhh ahh uhh lolololo He thought the film shooting has gone too far and now he will talk to the director

He kicked all the zombies on his way. He sigh what a pain in ass He thought why ningda is so late. He thought they will together to talk to the director. He go to his apartment garage and took his cycle and ride it he passed gate now he was on the road all the zombie run towards him he thought the people were coming after him for the borrowed money he took from them

He kick his cycle paddle as hard as he can . He run from them and hide in the police station.

He met the girl officer there and said officer please help some people trying to stole my money. The girl policer reaction:huh

No sense

Vingo King