Chapter 0:

One Shot


She jolts forward as she awakens from a painful nightmare. Gasping for air. Her eyes are wide open. Balls of sweat are forming on her forehead.Bookmark here

It takes her a while to catch her breath and calm down.Bookmark here

"A dream... What a horrible dream..."Bookmark here

She rests her head back down.Bookmark here

Eventually, she starts to feel her body. Everything feels heavy. She tries to raise her arms but they're stiff.Bookmark here

There's not even a glint of light around to let her see anything. She moves her eyeballs but it's as if she has been blinded.Bookmark here

When she's finally able to move her arms, she raises them up forward until it hits a wall. Wall that is strangely only a foot from her face, maybe even less.Bookmark here

"What is this?"Bookmark here

She examines the wall by running her hands on its surface. It's made of wood, and it feels quite elegantly carved.Bookmark here

She starts to get out of breath again, and it feels warmer.Bookmark here

She needs air.Bookmark here

Bang. Bang. Bang.Bookmark here

She pounds on the wall.Bookmark here

"Hello? Can you let me out, please?"Bookmark here

Her arms raise sideways, but there are yet more walls, completely enclosing her. It's so tight that air can't circulate properly.Bookmark here

"Hello?!"Bookmark here

Bang. Bang. Bang.
Bookmark here

She starts using her legs to push the wall, but the space is too narrow to fully bend them.Bookmark here

"Is anybody there?! Anyone?!"Bookmark here

Desperate, she starts to scratch the wooden wall. Pieces of it fall off, but it's too thick.Bookmark here

"Help!! Please!!"Bookmark here

She bangs, shakes, and screams. Nothing seems to work. No one seems to notice.Bookmark here

"Somebody!! Anybody!!"Bookmark here

She feels a light tug on her hair. Then another on her left shoulder.Bookmark here

She runs her right hand from the left side of her neck down. She grabs onto what feels like a thick, slimy thread.Bookmark here

It moves. It squirms.Bookmark here

She didn't need to see it to know what it is.Bookmark here

Worms.Bookmark here

She flicks it down her feet in panic as she yells.Bookmark here

"Ahhhhh! Oh my god! Please!! Somebody!!"Bookmark here

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.
Bookmark here

She continues to scratch the wall desperately. As hard as she can. As fast as she can. Her nails shatter and blood drips.Bookmark here

"NO! PLEASE!! HELP!! HELP MEEE!!"Bookmark here

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.
Bookmark here

She continues to pound and scream as loud as she can. She starts to cry and her voice starts to crack.Bookmark here

"PLEEEASE!!! HEEEEEELP!!!"Bookmark here

But outside, there's nothing around.Bookmark here

Quiet and unsuspecting. Pristine.Bookmark here

The night sky is clear. The wind is calm. Every gravestone stands upright.Bookmark here

Nothing out of the ordinary, if not for the unusual noise she's making. However, even that is not enough to catch the attention of even the animals around.Bookmark here

Her screams and scratches and bangs are barely audible from above. Nothing but a low-frequency buzz.Bookmark here

"SOMEBODY!!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" She continues screaming inside.Bookmark here

Six feet of soil press down the lid keeping her small, weakened body from budging it open.Bookmark here

She calls and calls for as long as she can.Bookmark here

But there is no one around to answer.Bookmark here

Not a single soul.Bookmark here


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