Chapter 0:

One Shot

I Want To Disappear

The girl slowly opens her eyes against the light. She tries to speak half-awake.Bookmark here

"A- Ah... It's... So bright..."Bookmark here

She lets her eyes adjust.Bookmark here

"So white... So soft... Is... Is this... Heaven?"Bookmark here

"No, this is the infirmary," a male voice utters nonchalantly. She sees a guy wearing a lab coat sitting by her bedside.Bookmark here

"Oh," she follows with a displeased sigh.Bookmark here

"Sorry to disappoint."Bookmark here

"No. It's okay... Uhm... Doc."Bookmark here

"So," the guy rests his hand on his hip. "What were you thinking jumping into the pool?"Bookmark here

"Ah, yes," she comments as if it was a fond memory. "I was... Just trying to cool off."Bookmark here

"That's why you jumped?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"Even though you can't swim?"Bookmark here

"... Yes."Bookmark here

"You..."Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"Should I send you to the mental institution?"Bookmark here

"Please don't, doc," she calmly pleads. "I already have so much in my mind."Bookmark here

"Oh, really? Like what?" he kindly inquires.Bookmark here

"Like sad memories. And painful memories. And regrets."Bookmark here

"So something happened."Bookmark here

"A lot."Bookmark here

"Could you share them with me?"Bookmark here

"Sure. Let's see," the girl closes her eyes as if to recall the events. She takes a deep breath as she begins her tale. "My toast was burnt just right this morning..."Bookmark here

"How about we skip to why you jumped into the pool?" he interrupts. The girl lifts her head from the pillow and stares at him.Bookmark here

"Please let me finish the story, doc. It's important to me."Bookmark here

"Sorry. Please continue."Bookmark here

"Thank you." The girl rests her head back down and closes her eyes. Once again trying to recall what happened. "Now where was I?"Bookmark here

"The pool," he suggests.Bookmark here

"Right. My toast was burnt just right this morning. A stray white cat followed me to school. When I dozed off in class, a butterfly landed on my nose waking me up just as the class was ending. The sun wasn't burning the side of my face like any other day. My friends are absent so no one was teasing me today. It was..." she opens her eyes and stares at the ceiling with a gentle smile. "It was a great day."Bookmark here

Her smile turns to dread as she continues. "So I thought I'd gather all my good luck and courage today, and confess my love to my crush once and for all. But he..."Bookmark here

"He rejected you," he finishes her sentence.Bookmark here

"Doc. It hurts. How could life be so cruel? I don't want it anymore. I want to disappear."Bookmark here

He places his hand on her arm. "Please don't disappear. It's not the end of the world. There's so much you can still do. Think of all the good memories you can still make. And the people who will be sad when you're gone. Your parents. Your friends."Bookmark here

He looks at her intently, passing hope through his eyes. Her cheeks turn rosy as his hair dances with the wind, and light touches his fair skin. For a moment, she thought he is rather good looking for someone almost twice her age. Maybe... Maybe he will...Bookmark here

"Are you going to be sad when I'm gone, doc?"Bookmark here

"I will be sad."Bookmark here

"Really?"Bookmark here

"Of course."Bookmark here

"Doc..."Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"Do you have a girlfriend?"Bookmark here

"I..." he smiles as he lets go of her arm. "I have a lovely wife and an adorable daughter."Bookmark here

"Oh."Bookmark here

"No more jumping into the pool, okay?"Bookmark here

I Want To Disappear

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