Chapter 6:

i know

as long as its you and me

I couldn't help but doodle a but in class, most of them were just what my random shapes and lines inspired me to draw, these past few days I have been feeling strange, and one person stays in mind. Aiden. Every time I'm around him I can feel my face warm up and my heart beat faster, I love his company but I just feel nervous around him for some reason. He has such a nice voice, it radiates so well when he sings too. Smiling softly I look at my drawing so far, who is it? they look familiar...where have I seen them before? Strange. I shake my head and continue to draw and hum softly.

The bell rang, it was lunch time. I stood up and grabbed my bag walking out the classroom, I was planning to eat outside today, its quite chilly but thats fine. A few students ran by me laughing, I wish I could be that happy. Looking out the window I noticed one of Aiden's friends, well two. Riley and Kyna. They're beautiful, I wish I was as popular as them. I continued my way, going down the stairs. A group of male students passed by chatting, I recognized a few voices, some were people in my class and one, one just made me shiver for some reason. It wasnt deep, It just makes me feel such a...way. Turning my head to look over I recognized a face, a face I wish I didn't see.

I tripped over a step and fell onto my knees. The group of guys looked over, I grabbed my lunch and looked over, the familiar face was looking at me, offering a hand. I backed away a bit trembling, he got closer, "Im not gonna hurt you, come on, your knees are scraped". Hesitantly I take his hand and follow him to the infirmary. 

"Why are you here? How did you find me?" I asked eating my lunch on the infirmary bed. The guy put bandaids on my knees and smiled up at me, "Pipe's I told you, i'll find you some way or another, coming here was the hard part" he said. I glared at him, "Do you think this is alright for you to do Tyler? I don't want the same thing to happen again and you know that right?". He hummed and sat next to me. "I know, which is why I'm not gonna let you escape again".