Chapter 0:

' Opening '

Neon Code

April 27 , 2024 in Antarctica a worm hole opened up connecting this world to another out of that wormhole appeared anomalies with unheard of levels of destructive abilities the council of nation's sent their joint forces to counter this new threat , after arriving in Antarctica the entirety of their joint forces were slaughtered in less than 2 days and Antarctica became a continent completely under the control of the anomalies.

Although the public was frightened for months after these events the panic eventually died down because the anomalies did not seem to have any intentions of moving from Antarctica.

The government in an attempt to prepare for combat against the anomalies used crispr to genetically engineer a new sub-species of humans scientifically termed as Neosapians called by the public by the common name new-humans. These neosapians were made to integrate themselves into the society and breed with normal humans to increase their numbers and also to create the next generation which would be even more powerful than the last. This process continued for 56 years as the human race ushered in an era of peace while the number of neosapians continued to rise. Everyone thought maybe the anomalies will never attack but unfortunately this was simply their optimism thinking.

July 28 , 2080 in the united federation another wormhole opened and yet another world became connected to ours , anomalies filled the sky but this time the government was prepared and for the first time the neosapians were deployed after 3 months of terrifying bloodshed the neosapians won and almost all the cities in the united federation was filled with anomaly corpses. This war between the neosapians and anomalies became known as the First Anomalous War or Anomalous War 1 , after this wormholes started opening throughout the world and the neosapians were now viewed as heroes that face the anomalies by the public.

January 6 , 2084 Antarctica was invaded by an army of elite Neosapians assembled by the council of nation's the army had 100,000 neosapians the following war lasted for 5 months and in the end the neosapian army had been victorious although out of their original 100,000 strong number only 1 neosapian survived and she was found at the center of over 3 billion extremely mangled anomaly corpses. This became known as the Anomalous War 2 , and being the one to lead the neosapians to victory against the anomalies in Antarctica despite being vastly outnumbered and killing over 3 billion anomalies out of the entire 9 billion anomalies that were present in Antarctica at the time on her own as well as sealing the wormhole , she gained the post of the first Neo-general in history known to the public at large by the code name ' Code-Azriel ' or the Angel of Death.

Neon Code