Chapter 1:

The villainess Elise switches bodies with an elite male.

Voice Academy Diaries

Third-Person Perspective -

At dusk, a girl wearing a uniform with a musical note pattern let her long bronze hair flow as she fixed a serious gaze on a mischievous-looking boy with black hair.
"I'm sorry for hiding it. You see, I am actually a boy. A day will come when I return to being a boy. So..."
"I am, no, I am!"
The boy clenched his fist and looked down.
He mustered his courage to speak, and the light reflecting in the girl's eyes trembled.
His words were not magic, yet the girl was enchanted by them.
This story is an ensemble drama about three boys and girls who encounter a strange fate.

Elise's Perspective -

I will definitely obtain the body of an elite boy and get my revenge!"
I swore to my deceased father.
Miravenia Magic School is an elite institution that gathers magical apprentices from all over the world.
This year, like every year, those who passed the challenging exams from all over the world have gathered.
I, Elise Oblus, am one of these elites.
In this world, many of the magical elites are born from noble families with the means to provide magical training from a young age.
It is not a world where a commoner woman like me can rise easily.
It is a feudal society run on the pretense of meritocracy, dominated by men.
How many times have I felt frustrated because I am a woman or because I am a commoner?
But those days will soon be over.
Because I will become a noble man.
"Everyone, please gather. The venue for the new students' orientation is this way."
As I entered the venue, adorned with a design reminiscent of a top hat, men and women in magic school uniforms were bustling in conversation.
For commoners, it is greatly comforting to not feel shabby due to their attire.
The battle among the new students had already begun.
Women clustering around a single man, men looking around suspiciously in search of women.
A woman desperately running away at the sight of a man approaching with a bouquet.
It was a match-making battle reminiscent of marriage hunting.
Such an ugly spectacle is rarely seen in this world.
This scene is spread as magical news and sometimes enjoyed as amusing footage.
At Miravenia Magic School, when you enroll, new students pair up with a partner, and these pairs last until graduation.
A female student's grades depend heavily on her male partner's performance, so the girls are truly desperate.
Over three years, the bonds deepen, and one-fifth of the students marry their partners.
Therefore, the girls engrave the photos of noble men in their minds before the entrance ceremony, desperate to become close.
But I had a strategy.
I evaluated the most unassuming men, those who seemed unlikely to succeed, and looked for a partner among them.
I noticed a boy standing alone in the venue, staring blankly and dripping snot.
"Hey, you there! Haven't you decided on a female partner yet?"
"Uh, me?"
"Of course, it's you."
"I haven't decided yet. I was a backup acceptance, and my magical skills are basically at a beginner's level..."
"Great! I've chosen you!"
"I'll make you my partner! Your unkempt hair, your dumb-looking face, your mud-stained shoes—I like everything about you. Let's go register!"
I forcefully pulled him to the front of the venue where partners were registered.
"Come on, aren't you going to write your name?"
"Just like that? If you suddenly tell me, I can't get my feelings in order..."
"Since you couldn't get a partner anyway. I'm offering to become yours, so you should accept a lady's kindness."
"Write it down!"
"Hmm, Akira Suzuki, huh? That's an unusual name. Are you from abroad?"
"There's a long explanation behind this name..."
"Well, it doesn't matter. Anyway, you'll be saying goodbye to your current self soon enough."
"What do you mean?"
"It's nothing you need to worry about."
Thus, I, paired with Akira Suzuki, faced the entrance ceremony at Miravenia Magic School.
Even though I had a partner, the boys' and girls' dorms were separate, and I was to stay in the girls' dorm.
I was roommates with Clara Norman, a girl from the countryside with no manners.
She was an eyesore, so I decided to torment her thoroughly.
"What's with that tacky bracelet? Is that fashionable in the countryside?"
"This is a keepsake from my mother."
"Really? It suits a country bumpkin like your mother."
"That's horrible..."
"And so, sometimes, I made her cry just to relieve my stress. However, these dull days of relieving stress will soon end. After the first week of school, I sent a letter to a noble boy, Eric Morris. He was a top student, ranking second in the school year. Using the name of his partner, Clara, I summoned him to a secluded spot under a cedar tree. As expected, upon seeing me, he looked puzzled.
'What? You're not Clara... Have you seen Clara, the girl?'
'I called you here using Clara's name.'
'You did? Why? Who are you, exactly?'
'My name is Elise Oblus. And that will be your name for the rest of your life.'
I then began to chant a spell.
'Aini, Soeto, Fwan, Tato, Morse, Egani.'
'What kind of magic are you chanting?'
(It's a forbidden spell I acquired through a secret route—a body-swapping spell!)
After finishing the chant, I directed both hands towards him.
'!? What, what is this... I was caught off guard...'
My consciousness drifted away for a moment, but soon after, I opened my eyes.
The cedar tree next to me seemed smaller.
I realized that my height had increased.
'Ah, what a great voice. This deep tone is thrilling.'
I had acquired the body of Eric Morris, the elite boy I had dreamed of.
From now on, I would lead a successful life as an elite man.
'This is...'
The face of Eric Morris, now on me, was filled with confusion.
'Good morning, Ms. Elise Oblus.'
'So, you used a forbidden spell, didn't you! How dare you! Change me back.'
'No, I won't.'
'I’ll report this to the magic police...'
'Ah, one more thing. If anyone finds out that your soul and body are mismatched, you'll die instantly.'
'That can't be true.'
'It is. Enjoy your miserable life as a common woman. I picked the most miserable partner I could think of for you.'
With that...'
Overwhelmed with a sense of superiority, I left her there, crying. I went to the plaza and tried casting magic with my new body. It was a powerful fire spell that only men could cast.
'Muahaha! Now, I, or rather I am, have obtained the greatest power. From here on, I will rise as a grand sorcerer!'
My brilliant life starts now.