Chapter 7:

Player 1 Activated

Card Fighters Recreation

The morning hung heavy with an icy chill, as if the darkest night had seeped into the air. A pervasive silence enveloped the surroundings, creating an eerie atmosphere. However, for Kaito, the victorious blue card fighter, this morning was a symphony of triumph and glory. With each step he took, a resonating confidence and pride echoed through his being. The crisp air carried a delicate hint of cinnamon spice, offering a fleeting touch of warmth amidst the chilly atmosphere.
On the other hand, Taki trudged along with a heavy heart, the weight of his recent defeat still clinging to his thoughts. Deep disappointment gnawed at him, and he feared that his dreams were slipping away. Seeking solace, he retreated to the secluded area of the room, where flat-screen TVs and comfortable couches beckoned. As he took a seat alone, a subtle breeze of cold air brushed against his skin, intensifying his sense of isolation.
Lost in his thoughts, Taki muttered to himself, his voice filled with self-deprecation. "I should have been the one participating in the next tournament this year. Losing to Kaito... it's a bitter pill to swallow."
Rena, overhearing his words, made her way towards Taki. Her purse swung gently by her side as she approached, her footsteps creating a soft rhythm that resonated with determination. She couldn't help but chuckle at Taki's determined yet slightly misguided sentiments.
"What do you mean, Taki?" she asked, her voice tinged with amusement. "You lost fair and square to Kaito. It seems like fate had a different plan."
Taki furrowed his brows, narrowing his gaze as he tightened his grip on the sturdy, gray chair beneath him. He could feel the coolness of the material seeping through his fingers, grounding him in the present moment.
"What do you mean, Rena?" he questioned, his voice tinged with confusion.
Leaning in closer, Rena's eyes sparkled with mischief. "Well, you see, Kaito's father is none other than Makito, the renowned card fighter expert who created Card Tower!" she explained. Taki's frustration deepened, and he let out an exasperated sigh, a cloud of warm breath escaping his lips into the frigid air.
"I guess I'm just not cut out to be a card fighter," Taki mumbled, his voice laced with defeat. "Maybe I should accept my losses and embrace the title of the biggest joke in school."
But Rena wouldn't allow him to wallow in self-doubt. She motioned for Taki to hold on as she approached a nearby wall adorned with a list of alternatives. Her footsteps danced lightly, creating a melodic rhythm filled with determination.
"Look right here, bonehead!" she called out, her voice echoing through the room. "This is your name on the list. Your special gift awaits you, traveler."
Taki's eyes widened in surprise, his gaze fixated on the names before him. A spark of excitement ignited within him, causing him to exclaim, "Wow!" The surge of energy coursing through his veins temporarily blinded his vision as a vibrant light engulfed him. In that moment, Taki caught a glimpse of an alternate timeline, envisioning himself standing tall against a different opponent, fueled by determination and strength. The image faded as quickly as it appeared, leaving Taki invigorated and ready to face the challenges ahead.
"I feel great!" Taki giggled, radiating newfound confidence. "This name suits me perfectly. It's time to settle things with Kaito once and for all."
Just as he spoke, Taki noticed Kaito approaching, his footsteps resonating with a hint of arrogance, intensifying the atmosphere. Taki's hands twitched with anticipation as he gestured towards Kaito.
"Hey, Kaito, my man! What's up?" Taki exclaimed, his voice brimming with excitement.
Kaito scoffed, dismissing Taki's attempt at camaraderie, briefly shaking his head before regaining composure. His voice carried a hint of superiority as he addressed Taki.
"I haven't lost to you yet, Taki," he declared, his words laced with a touch of defiance.
Taki's confusion deepened, and he scratched his head, his fingertips grazing against his scalp, sensing the texture of his hair. "What's all that about, Kaito?" he asked, his voice filled with curiosity.
Rena, who had been patiently waiting nearby, couldn't help but chuckle at their interaction. She joined them, her footsteps graceful and light, infusing the chilly room with a touch of warmth.