Chapter 116:

Strange Coincidences

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

A few hours later Bryson found himself sitting next to Detective Snowberry going through the reports of the crime in the precinct.

“Is this the first time someone’s robbed the museum?’ Bryson asked the detective who was writing down his report.

“Yes, it’s never been broken in before.”

“How did the thieves get away with it?”

“They somehow knew the passcode. Which leads us to believe that at least one of the thieves works here.”

“You mean currently?”

“Yes. The code was changed last month, no one left their position during that time.” Snowberry rubbed his beard before adding, “Curious why it was that one though.”

“Something peculiar about what they stole?”

“It was in storage as the area where it was going to be relocated wasn’t ready, and accessing the storage area takes a lot more effort than taking something already on display.”

“Maybe they were worried about the alarms?” Bryson offered.

“Again, they worked there so they could easily shut the alarm system up and take the items on display. There were other more valuable and less conspicuous items available.”

“More valuable than 5.2 million credits?” Bryson asked surprised.

“You don’t know what this museum is do you?”

“To be honest Mother didn’t bother to tell me anything before sending me here.”

“Duchess Coldwater seems to do that with all her children she sends to me it seems,” Snowberry chuckled, “This museum holds several valuable artifacts belonging to great people in the past, from weapons to toys that they had as children.”

“So this includes items that belong to noble families?”

“Yes, several donate them to the museum. I believe there are a few items from your family that are in the museum as well.”

“Hmm. So why do you think they took the mask specifically when there were more valuable items that were easier to steal?”

“Most likely? A personal vendetta, easier to take something valuable here than it would be to directly steal from the Earl. It does narrow down the list of suspects.”

“Has this been the only time that Earl Blizwarn reported a theft?” Bryson asked as he thought of timeline.

“No, I think this is the third or fourth time now in the past month and a half. He has had a recent string of bad luck, what’s more all those cases have gone cold.” Detective Snowberry said reading through the file.

“Do you think that these crimes are all connected?”

“It is a theory we have. But without any new leads we don’t have much evidence.” Snowberry said with a shrug.

“Has he reported about a missing ring worth around half a million credits?” Bryson asked.

“No, why?”

“Hmm. Interesting.” Bryson said as he began to think to himself.

“What is?”

“Well, do you know the girl with us? The one with silver hair, jumpy?”

“Yes.” Snowberry said recalling the girl he was describing among his group.

“She was originally an orphan living in the orphanage that Earl Blizwarn sponsored.”

“Uh huh.” Snowberry said waiting to hear where this was leading.

“But she was kicked out after he claimed that she stole his half-a-million-credits ring.”

“Did she steal it?” Snowberry asked raising an eyebrow in surprise.

“She claimed she didn’t.”

“You believe her?”

“Yes I do. Did he report a missing ring?”

“No. This is the first time I’ve heard of it. Interesting.” Snowberry said pondering something.

“Does he need to report it?”

“If it was due to a mishap in the orphanage then he doesn’t need to report it.”

“Well she was homeless on the streets in less than a month, so it is unlikely. No one else in the orphanage seemed to have cause, nor did she. Yet he claimed it was stolen. Is there any chance that he could have faked it?” Bryson asked.

Detective Snowberry stopped and pondered for a moment, “It is something that we are considering.”


“Yes. When these reports were made, we looked into his history. He seems to be in debt.”

“What?” Bryson said in disbelief.

“He’s a few million in debt.” Snowberry said nodding his head.


“We were confused as well, considering all his assets. He has rare and exotic animals, statues made of pure ruby and sapphire sculpted in his image.” Detective Snowberry said as he turned his viewing monitor over to Bryson to show him some pictures of Earl Blizwarn’s estate.

“Huh, and he’s hemorrhaging money because of this?”

“Yes, that’s what our investigations say. All the insurance money he is getting would help with his debts.”

“But you haven’t delved deeper?”

“Not enough evidence yet to link them all together.”

“Have you searched his house?”

“No warrant.”

“No evidence?”

“Only footage of a masked hooded figure using magic to disguise themselves. Whoever stole it is either very good or has access to lots of resources. All we have is circumstantial evidence on all our suspects.”

“So that’s why.” Bryson mumbled, “I see why my mother sent me here now.”

“Do you?”

“How much information would my mother have on this current string of robberies?”

“As long as she requested the information she would get it. She is the Duchess after all.”

“I don’t believe it.” Bryson said in disbelief, “She wants to redeem her.”

“I beg your pardon?” Snowberry asked not understanding.

“I trust the girl that Earl Blizwarn claims to be the thief. It appears that mother wants me to back up my belief.” Bryson explained.

“That sounds about right. She did similar things for both of your siblings. I’m sure your other sister will be required to solve one of these cases soon.” Snowberry said with a nod.

“So Blizwarn is your main suspect correct?”

“Only one that makes sense. He never offered much assistance to us on these investigations.” Snowberry said nodding.

“I think I have an idea on how to prove that he’s involved.” Bryson said remembering something, “Could I ask for a request?”

“Of course.”

“Check if the insurance for a half-million dollar ring was paid for.”