Chapter 6:

Stage 6 - The Machina Team

Chikyu No Shugo: Gaojinizer - A super Robot Mecha Story

Gaojinizer, Stage 6-

The Machina Team

Two days later, a large, red ship flew just above the waters of the Pacific. A cargo ship known as the Juzumaru. Now one of the UFE's makeshift carriers. The crisp blue waters splashed across its red exterior plates, as the waves formed around it's thrusters. At the head of the ship was Colonel Ryo. Doing so under the orders of General Watanabe. Though, the other two occupants were nowhere to be found. Though, he had a feeling that, wherever they were, they were probably arguing, or something of the like. Seeing how those two interacted, who knew if that was going anywhere. Ryo sighed at the thought. Who knew what those two were getting into.

Either way, they wouldn't be at it for long. They were almost at their destination, after all. The city of Wonju began to become visible in the distance, the spires of the city's western area towering over the rest of the city. It was certainly an important city, the capital of the Autonomous Korean State. A member of the Sino-Thai alliance, the remnants of the Pan Pacific Federation. With how much of China sank into the sea as a result of the flood, their power was certainly diminished.

His ship began to drift away from the city, as he came upon the base at it's outskirts. THe base was filled with hangar bays, and a runway. Protected by a chain link fence. Along with artillery guns strewn across it. As he came closer, Ryo found himself being hailed by the base. He promptly answered, with the face of a fair-skinned man coming onto his screen.

"State your name and business."

"Colonel Takamori Ryo. I'm here with the fifth Machina, and it's pilot." He responded.

The man on the screen went silent, as his pupils moved, with his gaze going to the left. He continued doing so for a few moments, until he looked forward at the screen once more.

"Identity confirmed. You're cleared for landing."

With that said, the line closed, and his landing information was funneled to him. He promptly tapped on the ship's display once more, activating the intercom. Clearing his throat, before he spoke into the intercom.

"We've arrived at Wonju. Meet me in the hangar bay in 10 minutes." With that said, he stood up, letting the onboard AI handle the rest. The ship began to descend onto one of the many runways located throughout the base, its powerful engines becoming quieter, and quieter, as less power was fed. Continuing, until the ship had touched down.

Elsewhere within the ship, Takeshi walked within the metal-clad hallways, his shoes clamoring across the floor, the sound echoing through the halls. Something that alerted Kyoko to his approach… Apparently, neither of the two had come to enjoy the other's presence, given how she began to quicken her pace. Though they would eventually have to see each other, the less time spent, the better. Her footsteps alerted Takeshi as well. And given that neither closed the distance they recognized that the other thought the same… Good, it wasn't as if they cared.

Within a few more minutes, they made it to the lower corridors of the ship, those that led to the cargo bay.A mostly empty, high ceiling room. save for the Gaojinizer itself, and the catwalks that flanked it on either side. Identical spaces lining the hangar bay. As Takeshi and Kyoko entered, through two different doors, they found the Colonel standing in the center, pacing, as if waiting for them. It was only when the two began to approach, did he stop.

"Alright. Listen, and Listen well. I'll be heading back to Japan after this. Inoue, you are to go to meet the other four members of the Machina team, and begin pilot training. Kyouko, you are to receive supplies. Ammunition, tools, Etcetera. It likely will not be long before you are called into battle." Ryo stated.

"Right!" The two said, In unison.

Just like that, the Colonel began walking off, hopeful that the two would play their part correctly. Kyouko had helped with things like logistics before, even if indirectly. And he'd seen Takeshi pilot. He found that the two followed him as he cleared the exit door, and began descending the stairs that lay just outside. As they reached the ground level, it was only then that they went their separate ways. All three of them were escorted to their destinations by the soldiers stationed at the base. Takeshi made his way to the east side of the building, led by 2 of them, who said nothing to him. Though, as they entered the building, and walked through the hallway. They did glance back at him, quite a bit, at that. Only stopping as they reached a door at the end of the hall. Before they promptly turned on their heels.

"The rest of the Machina Squad is here…" One began, gesturing toward the door.

"We'll be heading back to our posts now." The other finished, as they walked past him. Takeshi glanced over his shoulder, watching their disappearing forms. As the two left earshot, the one on the left sighed, as he shoved his hands into his pocket.

"So all five of them are that young, Eh? A shame…"

"Nothing we can do about it. Apparently, whatever power source makes those machines so powerful can only be used effectively by people in that age range." Of course, Takeshi, unaware of the conversation, opened the door, and made his way into the room. As he did, he saw a room, mostly lacking in decoration. The only noticeable things within the room were a window, and a large table, with five men sitting around it. as his eyes moved across them, he noted how similar in age they all looked to himself. The first to look toward the door, was a dark skinned man, a small amount of facial hair dotting his chin. He took a drag of the cigarette in his lips, before he exhaled, and grasped it between his fingers.

"Finally, it took long enough for us all to get here. You're Takeshi, Right?" He asked, in a baritone voice.

Takeshi nodded, as he began strolling up to the table.

"Yep.. Who might you be?"

"The name's Andrew. Andrew Howard." he responded.

Soon enough, another within the group began to speak.

"The pilot of the famed Gaojinizer, hm… Even so, I can guarantee your skill doesn't match up to mine, Commoner."

Takeshi frowned at the slight.

"Huh?! Just who do you think you're talking to?"

His gaze flew to the source of the words, a man wearing a rather ornate outfit. A black cloth suit, adorned with gold. Helping to show his status. That much, along with his noble features. High cheekbones, and a strong chin held high. He had a well-groomed head of blonde hair, that stopped just short of his shoulders.

"Clearly, I'm talking to you…"

"Again with this Commoner stuff, Diedrick?" Another asked. The word's came from a large man, his chin rounded as a result of the layer of fat. A head of wild indigo hair, and eyes covered by a pair of sunglasses.

"That's SIR Hohenzollern to you…"

Now his attitude made sense. For what little he knew about history, pre World War 3, he'd heard of the Hohenzollern before. They were in control of Germany since the 1940s'. Even now, still a major force in the USE's government. Out of all people, he had to deal with some random noble now? Between him and that girl… Eventually, the indigo-haired man spoke once more.

"I'm Chen Han, by the way."

Among them, there was a man who remained strangely silent. With a head of white hair, and dark brown eyes. His gaze was focused on his phone, and headphones in his ears. At the least, until he tapped the side, turning it off. Now, removing the buds from his ears as he spoke.

"Well, If we're doing introductions, guess I'm next. I'm Haemon, Haemon Florakis…"

In typical fashion, Takeshi casually strolled to the table, hands shoved into his pockets, taking a seat at Haemon's left.

"Nice to meet ya'" He responded.

Eventually, Andrew would lean back into his chair, as he put his gaze on Takeshi. This was their new teammate, so he supposed it couldn't hurt to get to know him. They'd be fighting on the battlefield together, after all.

"Tell me, Inoue, how did you end up with the Gaojinizer?"

That much was a somewhat touchy subject… After all, he still hadn't figured out who ordered the bomb to be dropped. The reason Tsubasa and Natsuo were dead. He continued to sit in silence for a few moments, before he decided upon telling them.

"I was in Neo-Tokyo when the bombs hit. Tried to escape from some Garsalan and I hopped into the sewers. Next thing I know, I'm coming across some random VA."

Andrew sighed at this, as he thought back to the events in his own past.

"Then it looks like we're similar in a way. Have you ever heard about what happened in Roosevelt city?"

Roosevelt city… The youth sat there thinking for a moment, before it came to him. He'd learned about this during his school days, that was the city that replaced Washington DC as both the capital of the US, and the Atlantic Collective's HQ, following the great flood. But that was about it. Takeshi was not one to mince words, as such, he stayed honest.

"Can't say I have. Mind explaining?"

"Garsalan hit it. I was there with my machine at the time, so we were able to prevent anyone from the brass from dying, but… We couldn't say the same for the rest of the city." A frown grew on his face, and the same could be said for Haemon. To Takeshi, it was quite clear why. Looks like they all had their issues, huh. Eventually, Han spoke up.

"I'm a lot like you three. I was hangin' with my crew in Zhongshi. Next thing you know, Garsalan are getting dropped on our heads."

Zhongshi, huh. Andrew seemed to be right, they really were all similar. All the more reason the Garslan needed to be destroyed… Eventually, however, their conversation was interrupted by the door swinging open, and a well-built man in green Camo strolling in.

" Pay attention to what I'm about to say. We do not have much time, so, for this next week, I will be your trainer. After that, you will be sent onto the field, as you have all been in combat before, even for a short time, that should not be an issue, correct?"

No response. With this much in mind, he continued.

"My name is Dae Jae. Meet me here at 07:00 tomorrow… Show your new teammate to the barracks. Dismissed."

With this much said, the man turned on his heel, and exited, leaving the five alone.

"That guy sure doesn't like talking much, eh." Han noted.

Leading to nods of agreement from across the room, save for Diedrick. The rest of the day passed like any normal one, as Kyoko got acquainted with the maintenance crews within the base, watching them work, and helping as well, the Machina Squad made their way to the barracks. Where they stayed until lights out.

07:00, Vanguard armor Training Field.

As they were ordered to the night before, the pilots to the four machines stood at the hangar bays directly in front of the training field. A large area consisting of a number of areas. One resembling a rocky steppe, another, an urban area. As well as a firing range behind them. While Dae Jae stood in front of them.

"Now then, we'll be starting with a mock battle. You lot will learn to work as a unit. As I understand it, you have fought alone up until now… Well, those days are over. Get in your machines, and let's get started."

Soon after, the five Machina were rolled behind the four, by use of the base's transport trucks. The 1st to arrive was Takeshi's own Gaojinizer. The next was a white machine, with golden highlights. Its appearance resembled that of gothic plate armor. In addition to this, was the cape draped over the machine's back. A large shield was attached to its left arm, and a number of blades were stored within its body.

This was the M-002, Kaiser Valgeogant. The pilot of the machine, Diederick, began to stroll toward it, glancing back at Takeshi as he did so.

"The Gaojinizer may be the first.. But I'll show here that Kaiser Valgeogant is the best…"

Takeshi frowned, he already didn't like this guy… He'd simply have to shut him up, that simple. Soon enough, two more machine's rolled up. Two rather bulky machines, with more width than height. Heavily armored, and with the same general shape. The difference being that one of the two were purple, the other red.

"Those two… Were they built together or somethin?" Takeshi questioned.

Eventually, both Andrew and Haemon came to his side.

"Yup. Mine's the Purple one, the M-003 Great Sanvolner."

Andrew pointed to the red with his thumb.

"Mine's the second, the M-004 Kaisenbuster."

Now, the two began walking toward their machine's, and he did as well, beginning to make his way toward the Gaojinizer. While Han watched as his machine arrived. A machine painted a dark blue, with two mechanical "Wings" coming from its back, that seemingly stored strange hunks of metal below them, their purpose unknown.

"Alright… Let's go, Danzaman."

The final Machina, the M-005 Danzaman X. Now, the Machina team was finally in one place. It did not take long for all five to make it into their machines. Within their respective cockpits, displays went up, as the words of their instructor below them sounded onto the comms.

"Alright… Let's begin!"

And from there… Came the first of a week of their official training, and promptly, their enlistment. All five had been given the rank of Ensign, and attached to the Juzumaru. Which had been outfitted with small amounts of weaponry. Though, the ride wasn't all smooth. Especially with the clashing personalities of two members in particular… Either way, they'd managed to make their way into being an official force. Though, until they got marching orders, the Juzumaru was stuck in its current place. Laying in wait on the sandy beaches. The occupants were only left to question where things would go from here.