Chapter 7:

Interlude - Far Away Conflict

Chikyu No Shugo: Gaojinizer - A super Robot Mecha Story

Interlude- Far Away Conflict

A myriad of light ways away from the system in which humanity called home, there lies a Blue giant, known as Tisan. Around Tisan, were a number of planets, gaseous and rocky alike. One planet in particular differed from the rest, with oceans of green between the continents, and lights strewn across the surface. It was here that a different battle took place…

Just beyond one of the planet's Satellites, was a fleet of grayed ships that more resembled orbs with guns strapped to them. At the very center of the ship, was a bridge filled with the same Green waters found on the surface of the planet. Something that only made sense with the occupants of this planet. Within the ship were humanoid, scaled creatures. With multicolored scales spread across their bodies. Their long, muscular tails, two large side fins and a long, strong dorsal fin helped them to glide within the water, making their way to their respective stations.

"Avrelsis Icreat! Ahimil Aseih Fsii es Jerphehsh ehi Imioetra's Olfe!" - "Admiral Icreatl! Another Alien Fleet is Jumping into Imioetra's Orbit!" The words came from a brown-scaled Imoetran, as he glanced back at one with more colored scales.

The Admiral tsked as he heard this. It looked like the menace wasn't gone just yet.

""Jillur... Zo ssih' si mir shi sihith helmil, Hisixith Gisils, ie!" - "Dammit… We can't let them get any further, Heavy Gears, Out!"

With his words, in the ships across the fleet, bays within the spheres began to open, revealing a weapon not unlike those used by their enemies, or by earth. Though, it went without saying that they were not the same. There were no arms, or torso, rather, A ball- like frame on long stilted legs. With gun barrels attached to the frame, and a single blue "Eye" Serving as the camera. Much like the species that created them, a dorsal fin, constructed of a flexible metal, was located down the back.

S00n enough, thrusters located just below the machine's fin lit up, as they flew off into the sky, to meet waves of Garsalan fighters, and Armored Battlers. Bursts of Electron beams flew from the gunports as the Heavy Gears fired at their opponent's. However, their efforts looked to be of negligible effect, as their fire was promptly avoided.

From the ship known as the "Meshon", the commander watched from his console, as he saw the fleet's forces cut down time and time again… It certainly didn't bode well, not in the least. As he thought about any way to get his allies out of this, he heard a shout come from one of his subordinates.

"Sel, mi Rusrun Waumear es mili!" - "Sir, the Demon Waumear is here!"

The Commander's blood ran cold as he heard the name… As he looked at the camera feed shared between the ships, he saw it, a virtual speed demon, a white, insect-like fighter with graspers extended from the frame, flying across the cosmos. The frame was both tall, and long alike, in contrast to its humanoid counterparts. As the appearance of the machine was noted by the ships, it was also noted by the pilots of the heavy gears. Who, in the same vein, had fear struck in their hearts by its appearance alone.

"Tacht! Sssiil!"- "Shit, Scatter!" One of the commanders shouted over the comms… However, the man was much too late to save even himself. As he found his machine's ball frame captured between the white machine's graspers before he knew it… And no sooner, did the Mechanical digits close in like a vice. As for the pilot himself, he could only watch as they came into view on his monitor, and alarm klaxons blared, the walls closing in on him. Until the destruction was complete, the pilot crushed within, and the machine exploded, sending the green fluid from the cockpit careening into space. Soon enough, the troops began to spread out, attempting to act on their now deceased commander's orders.

Within the machine, the pilot, a Garsalan, sat. The horn on their head showed that it was a male. His chitin, the color of the desert sand, showed his origin on the homeworld. Though, it was lighter, showing that he was on the younger side, likely not having gone through his final molt yet. As his eyes moved across his holographic display, he began to tap the floating screens, marking the myriad of targets in front of him.

"Fuurairh Psainaidaiyar... Yuis eddanfdr ed el arsefa nael ludhailr! Mairrairar, Sseddas!" - "Foolish Primitives... Your attempts at an escape mean nothing! Missiles, Scatter!"

With his words, metal plates on the back of the machine split up, and, no sooner, did a Maelstrom of missiles fly outward, soon enough, crashing into the enemy machines, and destroying them en-masse. As the explosions lit up the Cosmos, the ships soon began their attempts at a counter-attack, focusing their fire on the approaching machine. But found that it was too fast, dodging around their fire, as its speed increased. This continued, until one ship found itself as the Garsalan's specific target.

"Id'r daina du shelra waefulsirr. Aldai-rhaif Mairrar, fsainan... Nuw , llaar dha fuwas ull G'thera Zu Kalis, eln hair Cyd'Rozen!"- "It's time to change weaponry. Anti-ship Misses, primed... Now , feel the power of G'thera Zu Kalis, and His Cyd'Rozen!".

Two seperate ports, near the back of the machine like the others, launched two missiles, both much larger than those beforehand. And, with their target known, they closed in on the Meshon. Followed shortly by the ship's interior shaking as the warheads exploded on the surface, and subsequently crushed the armor in two places. Something that clearly did not bode well for those inside, the large sphere of water within being spaced, along with its occupants… The Garsalan Looked upon this, before he moved for the next, weaving around the defensive fire, and launching two more AS missiles, blowing two large holes into this one as well. Just like that, 2 ships had been eliminated. Now, he prepared to go for another, At the least, until he heard another voice.

"Hurn ul Zu Kalis, Cunneln her eludhas nairraiul llus irrui..."- "Hold on Zu Kalis, Command has another mission for you…"

Another mission… If it was better than the one he was stuck with now, then it was all the better for him. With no more action, he turned his machine, and blasted off back to the fleet, leaving the rest of the primitives to the other forces.

Extra Notes

Waumear- Large, Predatory Crustacean-Like creature on Imoetra's oceans. Formerly serving as a rival for the primal Imoetrans, before they gained the ability to use tools.

Cyd'Rozen- Custom Machine created specifically for G'thera, much faster and generally more maneuverable than most machines of its size.

Weight:200 Tons

Length:85 Meters

Height:32.9 Meters