Chapter 11:

On the fly cook-off

Spice of life [Remake]

"I’m Codename: Laks, but you can just call me Mimi," Mimi smiled as she twirled around in her work uniform. Just like Rika and Masaru, she wore dark green pants and sneakers, though wore a red chef’s shirt along with an apron, instead of the white shirts Rika and Masaru wore.

"Looks like she's a big hit with the patrons," Rika smiled.

"She's messed up a few orders already," Masaru glared.

"She's not the brightest, but she's got a cute face. Besides, she'll get the hang of it. If she can master a smartphone in an hour, I'm sure she can easily get into the groove with orders."

"Very well. Is there anyone else you wish to hire?"

"Actually, I got two more in mind that could also cook but will probably be difficult to hire."

"You piqued my interest, but then deflated it all at the end," Masaru sighed.

"The good news though, is that I can easily solve those problems with a simple cook-off."


"And why would I agree to even partake in such an outrageous proposal," Makihara glared.

"Hey, I started out with the easier request," Rika smirked.

"You had another demand?"

"Well, since you're clamming up on the easy one, I'm sure demand #2 is off the table. So, I'm gonna push for demand #1. I'll put my cooking license on the line in order to get Matcha Myouchi as well as all the others that were expelled in your purge at Tabemono Gakuin the right to work in a culinary business, preferably cooking, again."

"I do not restore rights to those that have lost them. Even more so now that Takeda-kun has vanished. My personal lawyer is the best of the best, but even then, I think Takeda-kun was a step above him as both an indispensable legal consultant and chef."

"Afraid everyone that got unfairly expelled will come back with a vengeance? Well then, all the more reason to get ahead of things. Why not offer a remedial course for chefs to get their licenses back?"

"No, I will not-"

"Then we go one on one, and winner gets Itsuki."

"THAT WAS YOUR OTHER DEMAND!? You heathen, she still has not recovered from the drugs you fed her!"

"Drugs!? Wow, don't think American fair vendors are gonna like hearing that."

"And why would I care about what some greasy American slop farmer thinks!?"

"Not just them, if a good chunk of people hear you referring to a simple funnel cake like its cocaine, that's sure to get you massive flak abroad and even domestically," Rika smirked as she stopped recording the video.

"You were recording!?"

"Only started when you flipped out about Itsuki."

"TCH! Very well. If you can best Helga, I'll formalize a remedial course. Though if you lose, you're finished."

"And if I best you too, do I get Itsuki too?"

"Still adamant, well perhaps I should take advantage of your foolishness and ask you to ante up Masaru-kun."

"Alright, though my two conditions are this: (1) For impartiality we pick five judges. Three professional judges, and two civilians from the venue. You can select one judge, while I get to pick the two civilian judges. The remaining professional judges will be called at random. (2) You don't tell Masaru a word about our bet until the results are in."

"Very well."

"Oh, and we've got 5 hours to cook a full course meal and bring it before city hall."

"You heathen! Very well, I recorded everything this time, so there's no chance in you backing out."


"Rika? Why are you cooking so fervently?" Masaru asked?"

"Oh, someone at town hall suddenly asked me to make a full course meal. If his judges like it over the other guy's, he promised to help us get those two people I want hired."

"Is it only allowed to be you?"

"Sadly yes. Though feel free to give some pointers."


"Yep, as expected, that asshole played dirty, well at least he seems to have honored the second condition," Rika sighed as she gazed at the judges. Of the five judges, the two that Rika had picked were impartial, while the two randomly selected professional judges along with the one Makihara chose, were gourmet elitists.

Rika then noticed Makihara arriving in a large catering van. "All finished setting up? Then feel free to go first while I unload my dish," Makihara sneered as he and Helga got out.

"Sure, though come observe the judging."

As Makihara and Helga followed Rika, another Makihara suddenly appeared without anyone noticing and snuck towards the back of the van.

Meanwhile, the real Makihara and Rika watched as the judges tasted Rika's meal.

"Yes, it is... edible," a snobby judge stated.

"Tastes great!" a peppy judge smiled.

"I only ate this filth because I was mandated to," a snarky judge scoffed.

"I like it," a fair judge stated.

The final judge had apparently left to use the bathroom and had yet to return.

"Well, the final judge is the one I was allowed to handpick, so there is no cause for concern. Now I'd better save their tastebuds with my meal," Makihara smirked as he walked away.

"Me and Makihara-sama made the greatest full course meal, for an on-the-fly contest of course," Helga gloated.

"AH! Sorry I just had to use the john, let me taste- Oh! Well, this is...edible," the final judge scoffed as he ate Rika's meal.

Makihara returned shortly with his meal and presented it before the judges. His meal was an extravagant turkey dinner with bread and soup. "Fear not! I shall cleanse your tastebuds of the filth you were fed," Makihara proclaimed.

The judges eagerly dug in as Makihara began to gloat. "You were a fool heathen. I honored your request as best I could, but you should know simply by math that a majority of the professional culinary judges in this nation are under my wing. It seems you got good reception from the peons, but even they will realize that my dish is superior in every way. Perhaps you'd stand a percentage of a chance if it was one on one, but your bravado landed you in a 2v1 slaughter. Farewell heathen," Makihara thought.

"OW! Why is the bread hard!?" the snobby judge shouted.

Makihara's eyes went wide with shock.

"The hell is this!? The turkey tastes salty. Ugh!" the peppy judge cringed.

"UMAI! THE BEST THING EVER! AS EXPECTED OF MAKIHARA-SAMA!" the snarky judge laughed as he painfully ate the rock-hard bread."

"BLEH! The turkey smells weird and tastes really salty. What did you season it with!? the fair judge glared.

"Why, the soup tastes just fine. You unprofessional peons must have your tongues corrupted," the final judge scoffed as he finished the soup.

"Oh, before the judges deliver their verdict, allow me to tell all gathered here what is at stake. If I lose, I'm done and Masaru will work for Makihara, but if I win, Itsuki will work for me, and anyone who was unfairly blacklisted from working in the culinary world will have a chance to reverse it in a remedial course offered at Tabemono Gakuin!" Rika shouted.

The crowd roared with excitement as Makihara scowled. Though he quickly joined Hilda in smiling sadistically.

"Three of them work for us. Even if the rabble vote for the bitch, we win 3-2," Helga sneered.

"Indeed. I don’t know why they were cringing when they ate our fine gourmet meal, but it matters not. We win, and nab a big prize," Makihara stated as the judges began to give their verdict.

"I believe Makihara made the superior meal," the snobby judge huffed.

"I liked Rika's best. It just tasted really good," the peppy judge stated.

"Makihara-sama cooked the best meal in ages!" the snarky judge forcefully smiled.

"Makihara's meal, was disgusting. The soup was the only thing that tasted normal. Therefore, I give my vote to Rika who made a pleasantly tasting meal," the fair judge stated.

"Makihara's meal... was amazing. Full disclaimer, I was the judge selected by Makihara-sama, while the two er- "guest" judges were selected by the heathen. My colleagues Hariyama-san, and Shimazu-san were the two randomly chosen judges. With that out of the way, I obviously cast my vote- UGH!" The 5th judge suddenly clutched his stomach in pain and began to look constipated. "I- My vote- UGH! I can't hold it in! Makihara! How could you create such an atrocity! Did you think so lowly of this to just half-ass it all!? UGH! I gotta shit! I vote for Rika! She wins!" the 5th judge shouted as he ran away clutching his stomach.

Suddenly the other 4 judges began to feel the urge to go as well and bolted for the nearest bathroom as Makihara and Helga went pale with horror. "What did you do!?" Makihara glared as he turned to Rika.

"Nothing. I was with you the whole time. Guess you really half-assed it. Oh, and you're following through on the agreement," Rika smirked.


"Boo! What a sore loser!" a crowd member jeered.

"Yeah! Rika won over YOUR chosen judge! She won!" another bystander shouted.


Rika then played the clip of Makihara comparing funnel cakes to drugs, causing the audience to erupt in even greater fury. Makihara now had no choice but to follow through on his promise.

“FINE! YOU CAN HAVE ITSUKI! SHE WAS TAINTED BY YOUR FRIED DRUGS ANYWAY! AS FOR- Ahem, as for the remedial course, yes, I shall make good on that promise," Makihara glared at Rika.

The crowd's anger subsided and was replaced with cheers for Rika as Makihara and Helga angrily shrieked away.


Rika returned to the restaurant to find a shell-shocked Masaru. "Yeah, sorry for not telling you about the high stakes cook-off against Makihara. I selfishly didn't want you to know about it," Rika said.

"I'm too shocked to think. First the bet, but more shockingly, Makihara-sama's meal. Wh- What happened!? It must have been damaged in transport. But he's the best of the best. And how could he claim that delicious funnel cake was drugs!? I- I don't understand!" Masaru stuttered.

"Don't worry, I'll put your mind at ease with a fresh funnel cake to celebrate my victory and our new employee, Itsuki."

"ITSUKI!? Well, she is certainly worthy. But didn't you say we need more servers?"

"Yeah, they'll be coming once they destroy the remedial course and get un-blacklisted."

Mimi stared at the TV before smiling and returning to serving. "Looks like that little brat has grown. I couldn’t even see through his disguises. I only knew he was involved thanks to his signature prank," Mimi thought.


Dastard laughed as he perched atop the town hall. "Such a dastardly plot you thought up Miss Komachi. Plus, it was a delicious way to humiliate Makihara. Let’s recap; first, before anyone got here, I kidnapped Makihara's chosen judge and took his place. Then, I hid in wait until Makihara arrived. While he left the van unattended, snuck in and sabotaged his food. Then I snuck out and simply acted it out my role before handing Rika the victory. Best of all, I successfully hypnotized the judge to believe he was there the whole time, and even gave him the laxative heavy soup for greater authenticity. Well, not like I needed to go the extra mile considering Makihara's own stooges begrudgingly disqualified him after they got out of the bathroom, but I do like to do things thoroughly. Now for my next grand heist, I think I'll steal something from Tabemono Gakuin. That remedial course will provide an excellent opportunity to get in."

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